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Tantra massage, also known as tantric massage, is a style of massage that traces its origins back to China and Southeast Asia. While this style of massage incorporates traditional physical massage techniques, it also involves physically massaging the external sexual organs, including the penis and the vulva…

Sex is a primal act, and dare we say, animalistic. After all, every living thing in the animal kingdom engages in sexual intercourse for the sake of reproduction. Well, except for humans. We have sex for reasons other than a means of procreation. Humans are a lot more creative when it comes to sex positions

Sometimes you need to try a new take on your favorite moves in the bedroom. The missionary and doggy-style sex positions, while being the two top favorite sex positions among men and women, can get old after a while. The “woman on top” sex positions might be a nice change from your go-to moves in

While the missionary position is still widely popular among both men and women alike (missionary is one of the top preferred sex positions among women), most couples would agree that it’s fun to switch things up in the bedroom now and then. Trying new sex positions can make your love life more exciting, and learning

Contrary to what is in Hollywood and the media, fat girls are having sex too. Yes, bigger ladies are getting it on just as much as their thinner counterparts. While it shouldn’t surprise anyone, larger women are desirable and worthy of love and attention. Big, beautiful women (BBW) have the right to enjoy sex just

Sex positions don’t necessarily need to involve penetration to get either partner off. Oral sex can be just as gratifying if done right. Most men and women agree that both giving and receiving oral sex can be very pleasurable. In the jack hammer sex position, one partner will be receiving oral sex most creatively. The

Maybe you’ve always fantasized about it, or perhaps you and your partner are ready to try something a lot more exciting in bed. Either way, you’re prepared to try some sex positions tied up, and you’re prepared to get the details. You’ve heard of BDSM before, made famous by the oh-so-well-written novel and movie “Fifty

We all must start somewhere, and sex is no exception. Sex can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss, especially for beginners. There is a lot of misinformation in Hollywood and the media about what sex is and what to expect your first time. It causes a lot of anxiety for many of us starting, especially

There is good news for those who like the doggy sex position, which according to a survey done on men and women in the US and UK, it’s quite a lot of you. Rear entry sex positions are sexy for many reasons. For men, it’s mainly about that primal feeling of taking their partner from

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