The Satisfyer Endless Fun for Any Couple’s Pleasure

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Key Points

  • Incorporating a sex toy into your relationship opens the doors to better communication, greater intimacy, and enhanced pleasure.

  • There are countless toys on the market for couples to use together, including cock rings, double-ended dildos, and BDSM restraints.

  • Treat yourself and your boo to the Satisfyer Endless Fun: a gender-neutral toy to use together or solo.

  • Get creative with your new toy and explore the endless combinations of pleasure it can inflict in the bedroom.

Everyone deserves to find pleasure. By themselves, with a partner, at an orgy, or literally however they want (as long as everyone consents, of course). The sex toy industry is here to enhance pleasure for all and help people find new ways to pleasure themselves. According to statistics published in July 2023, about 82 percent of American women own a sex toy. Lovehoney, a popular sex toy distributor, estimates that 70 percent of its customers are in a long-term relationship. 

Amazing! So many people are finding pleasure through sex toys, whether it's on their own or with a partner. Do you use sex toys with your partner?

Sex Toys for Couples

When it comes to enhancing your relationship and deepening your connection with your partner, there's an exciting and often overlooked avenue to explore together — the world of couple's play with sex toys. By incorporating these intimate accessories into your relationship, you unlock a new level of pleasure and connection that can transform your bond.

According to doctor of human sexuality and sex coach Dr. Emily Morse, "A common misconception is that sex toys are purely for solo play. And while it’s true that toys can amp up your masturbation game, there are a ton of sex toys for couples that can take partnered sex to the next level. 

"Here’s why: Sex toys are all about expanding your sexual pleasure. Many clitoral toys can help externally stimulate the vulva, while a finger, penis, or dildo can provide internal stimulation. Butt plugs are another great choice, as the wearer can experience some fun sensations while still having other parts of their body teased and tantalized."

Fostering Open Communication

One of the most remarkable benefits of incorporating sex toys into your relationship is the level of communication it encourages. Opening up a dialogue about your desires, boundaries, and fantasies is crucial to maintaining a healthy, thriving partnership. Choosing a sex toy together offers a platform to discuss your intimate needs openly, allowing both partners to feel heard and understood. This act alone strengthens the emotional connection between you, as it requires trust and vulnerability.

Intimate toys are more than just tools for physical pleasure; they also deepen your emotional connection. By exploring new aspects of your sexuality and engaging in open conversations about your desires, you create a safe and trusting space for vulnerability. This level of emotional intimacy has a profound impact on your relationship outside the bedroom, fostering deeper understanding and trust.

Enhanced Pleasure and Variety

Over time, relationships fall into routines, and passion may wane. Sex toys rekindle the spark by introducing excitement and novelty into your intimacy. Experimenting with different toys and techniques keeps your connection fresh, renewing the sense of adventure you felt when you first fell in love. Using sex toys early in your relationship fosters early comfort and vulnerability. Heighten your pleasure from the beginning and keep the spark burning for years. 

Sex toys introduce a whole new dimension of pleasure and variety into your intimate moments. They're not a replacement for your partner but a delightful addition to your shared experiences. Whether you're looking to explore new sensations, spice things up, or simply intensify your connection, there are various types of toys to consider.

Creating Shared Experiences

Ultimately, sex toys offer an opportunity to create unforgettable, shared experiences. Whether it's a spontaneous night of exploration or a planned romantic rendezvous, the memories you create through these intimate moments strengthen your bond and deepen your connection.

Incorporating sex toys into your relationship as a couple is a thrilling journey that brings you closer on both physical and emotional levels. By fostering open communication, enhancing pleasure and variety, and deepening your emotional connection, you truly experience the full potential of this adventure together. Remember that consent, communication, and trust are the cornerstones of any successful exploration, ensuring that both partners feel valued and cherished throughout the journey of discovering new heights of intimacy.

Available Toys

Sex toys for couples range from a simple vibrator to bring clitoral pleasure to a woman to full-on masturbation machines for penises, controlled by a partner via an app connection (which is amazing for long-distance relationships). If you and your partner discuss the use of sex toys and decide to introduce one, explore options including cock rings, remote-controlled toys, massage wands, BDSM gear, and dual vibrators. 

The couple's sex toy industry has adapted to be inclusive of same-sex couples, recognizing the importance of catering to their unique needs and desires. Diverse product offerings such as vibrators, dildos, and strap-ons are perfect to enhance the pleasure and intimacy of partners of the same gender. Furthermore, this industry has a commitment to inclusivity and representation, often featuring same-sex couples in advertisements and promotional materials, acknowledging the diversity of love and desire. 

These products offer versatility and customization, allowing same-sex couples to explore and enjoy their intimacy on their terms. Overall, the couple's sex toy industry strives to create a more inclusive and welcoming space for LGBTQ+ couples, reducing stigma and celebrating love in all its forms. However, different genitals still find pleasure in different ways. This makes it difficult to create non-gendered toys or toys to use in any relationship dynamic.

Partner MultiFun 3 Multi-Use Vibrator
$35.95 ($35.95 / Count)

by Satisfyer 

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The Possibilities are Endless

Finally, it is a gender-neutral toy that's suited for couple or solo sex sessions. The Satisfyer Endless Fun has a long handle for penetration or other stimulation and an open loop that swivels in different directions according to your imagination. It has three separate, high-power motors to find the perfect combination of stimulation for you (and potentially a partner). Thanks to three motors, a rotating head, and adjustable vibrations, there are over 100 combinations of stimulation to make with this toy.

So what can you do with it? 

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Nipple Stimulation

If you and your partner enjoy nipple play, try using this toy in the mix of pleasure. Use the open loop to stimulate the nipple and the surrounding tissue by looping the nipple or breast with the flexible head. Use the open part to pinch your nipple a bit, or leave the ring around your nipple to vibrate surrounding tissues. While this increases your sensitivity, have your partner lick or pinch your nipple. This is perfect for anyone with nipples!

Clitoral & Vaginal Exploration

Use the long handle to penetrate the vagina or to vibrate the vulva and clitoris. Play with different settings, angles, speeds, and techniques to see what's most pleasurable. Use the open loop to explore different ways to play with the clitoris and vulva. Rub one open end for light vibrational play. Rub the two symmetrical nubs up and down, stimulating the area around the clitoris. Pinch the loop closed for direct stimulation to the clitoris. There are endless options and angles to try here! Get creative.

Penile Play

Use the open loop to hug the shaft of the penis, letting the two open ends stimulate you or squeezing the loop tight for full vibrational power. Stroke the toy up and down with one hand while using your other hand on top. Hold The loop around the base to vibrate away while you stimulate the head in another way. Use the loop to play with your testicles, hugging them inside or choking the top of your sack a bit. Think outside the box and discover what feels good for you.

Anal Fun

Explore how vibrations feel on the outside of your anus with the long handle or the open loop. If you're experienced with a bit of anal play, start exploring penetration with the handle and see what feels best for you. Be mindful of which direction you insert it, as one side has a thick bulb, and it is better to face the pleasure points towards the belly button. If all goes well, lube it up and use it for anal penetration and pleasure. 

Yours + Mine Couples Lubricant
$13.70 ($4.57 / Fl Oz)

by K-Y 

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Couples' Pleasure

Use this toy with your boo any way that you could each use it on your own! Explore different ways to find pleasure from the toy at the same time and elevate your sexual experience. Wrap the loop around the base of your penis or around your balls while using the handle to double penetrate your partner. Have one person use the handle for penetration while the other uses the loops for clitoral pleasure. Use the loop to stimulate the balls or base of the penis during other activities. Use the tip of the handle as a clitoral vibrator in just about any position.

Start getting it on with your partner and see where your desires take you. There are so many possibilities with this toy; you simply need to find what caters to your body best!

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User Reviews

Users are overall very pleased with the Satisfyer Endless Fun, likely due to its versatility and countless possibilities. Many users love that this toy is so affordable, making it an easy decision to make. The option of two separate buttons for each partner to adjust the vibrations to their preference is huge. This provides versatility and a customized experience for both people.

There are countless reviews stating that this toy is the new favorite in their collection. It's so versatile and is enjoyable for solo, coupled, any gender combination! It's a must-have for couples. 

The Endless Fun is surprisingly quiet for how powerful it is. Enjoy a bit of discretion (if you can keep quiet), and don't worry about distractions from loud motors or mechanics. Some users love the rigidity of this toy, but others find it too stiff for comfort. Some users find the vibrations too intense; others find them too weak. These polar opposite impressions lead me to believe that the toy sits just in the middle of the rigidity and intensity range — making it widely enjoyable by many.

While there are endless possibilities to explore pleasure with this toy, it's not likely that every option works for you and/or your partner. Stay open-minded and find what enhances your pleasure the best!

Amazon customer review of Satisfyer Partner Sex Toy

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My Experience

I spontaneously bought this toy after stumbling upon it at a sex shop with my partner. We loved that this toy has something for both of us! That evening, we cleaned it, charged it up, and tried it out. I quickly realized that your satisfaction with this toy is totally dependent on your imagination while using it. I took it for a spin during a masturbation session to get an idea of exactly what I like with this toy. I then incorporated this into partner play and explored how to please my boo, too.

I'm pretty satisfied with how fast the toy charges and how long the battery lasts — I haven't had any incidents so far. However, I'm not personally a fan of the magnetic charger. I understand it's easier and more convenient for many, but this just means one more charger tangled into my messy drawer of cords. Plus, it sits a bit fragile on the charging port. You have to be quite careful and exact when placing it down to make sure it keeps charging.

Since this toy has possibilities from every angle you could imagine, the waterproof design is a piece of mind while playing and washing. Unfortunately, I find the handle too thick for anal penetration. Perhaps if you're more versed in anal training and can handle a larger toy, this is no problem for you. I wish it worked for me to use this toy to its full potential, but for now, it has to find other uses.

Over a year after buying this toy, I'm still excited by it and ambitious to add it to the bedroom. My favorite way to use it is quite simple: My partner wraps the loop around his shaft, and the handle reaches my clit to provide external vibrations during sex. Sometimes, from here, my partner lays on top of me and intensifies the vibrational feeling. Our bodies gliding together adds an additional element as the vibrator moves. I also really enjoy playing with it on my nipples when I masturbate or playing with the loop on my vulva. 

I would recommend acquainting yourself with this toy during a masturbation session and taking time to explore the possibilities with your partner. If you don't find amazing pleasure right away, take a bit more time to process its power and come up with creative techniques to find pleasure. 

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Start Playing

The Satisfyer Endless Fun isn't your average toy — it's a gateway to a world of pleasure and connection for couples. With its versatility and endless possibilities, this gender-neutral gem is sure to spice up your love life in ways you never imagined. Grab your partner(s) and get ready for a wild ride of pleasure and exploration.

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