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This article discusses the importance of prioritizing your happiness and mental health over pleasing others, offers tips on how to start living for yourself, and helps you create a happy life. We all know that one person. The one always puts others first and seems to have no time for themselves. They always put their

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What does it mean to start living for yourself? How do you let go of other people’s expectations of you and live a life that’s authentic to who you are? We’re taught from a young age that being selfish is a negative trait. We should instead think of other people’s feelings and, at times, put

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We all do it. Some of us daily. Overthinking your every move, every thought, decision, or past events is the source of much of our unhappiness. Phycologists link overthinking negative thoughts to depression and anxiety disorders. When our mind is focused on the past or worrying about the future, we are more likely to feel

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It’s time to leave your emotional baggage at the door, but first, we have to address some cold, hard facts: healthy coping mechanisms are the tool to success. Introduction As human beings, we’ve all experienced some event that has stuck with us. And the older we get, or more traumatic the experience is, or inefficient

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Introduction Being in a relationship with a narcissist is filled with gaslighting, stroking their ego, and always being last in the relationship. It’s no wonder you got out of that toxic relationship, but how do you get over a narcissist? Unsurprisingly, there’s been plenty of people that have been in, and thankfully gotten out of,

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