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A beginner’s guide to using nipple clamps for maximum pleasure and a review of the five best nipple clamps for beginner use: Have you heard of the term BDSM? It’s a major umbrella for sexuality, and even if someone doesn’t consider themselves into kinks, they can find some use in these sex toys. As BDSM

Fashion has a history of repeating itself — which means that styles can come and go. What was in ten years ago is now out, and what was out ten years ago is now in. Today, we see a bigger mix of all different types of styles at any given time — which is great

Alright, so masturbation has definitely taken a few different turns throughout the past few centuries. Although there have been claims of masturbation being used in the past, none of them are necessarily proven. Apparently, Cleopatra used to use a gourd full of bees to stimulate her clit! Do you believe that?! To be honest, it’s

When it comes to achieving the big “O” (orgasm), women have a more challenging time getting there than men. Especially during intercourse. There’s even a term used to describe the orgasm disparity between men and women, and it is too familiar to most women. The female clitoris is responsible for most women’s orgasms, yet few

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have the sex of your dreams without any restrictions? You’d have unlimited flexibility to try out new positions. Gravity and weight limits don’t exist, and you can just enjoy your sexy times exactly how you want it when you want it. If that sounds like

Do you want to get the most out of your sexual life? Do you want to get better at pleasuring yourself, or are you or your partner struggling to orgasm during sex? Switching it up in the bedroom can lead to a happier and healthier relationship, but adding a sex toy or two can make

Roses are romantic, the flower of choice for loving couples. Red roses are passionate and aromatic, an aphrodisiac that you can sprinkle on the bed for even more fun or hand to your partner to declare your feelings. Roses are synonymous with love, but there’s a new type of rose in town – the Rose