Doggy Sex Position Explained

Sex is a primal act, and dare we say, animalistic. After all, every living thing in the animal kingdom engages in sexual intercourse for the sake of reproduction. Well, except for humans. We have sex for reasons other than a means of procreation. Humans are a lot more creative when it comes to sex positions too. You won’t find unique moves such as “Pinball Wizard” or “Ballet Dancer” in a penguin’s repertoire of sex positions. And only humans would be creative enough to lodge a pink softball in their anus during sex accidentally. But while humans may be at the top of the food chain in the animal kingdom, at our core, we’re still primal creatures with animalistic instincts. This is why the doggy sex position is so enticing.

Doggy sex position

What Is the Doggy Sex Position?

In case you were wondering (we hope you weren’t, but just in case you were), the doggy sex position does not involve an actual dog. Neither does it involve one or both partners dressing up in a furry dog costume (Although, if that’s what you’re into, go for it.) In ancient Rome, doggy sex position was known as “coitus more ferarum,” or "sexual intercourse in the manner of wild beasts." But precisely what is the doggy sex position? The doggy sex position involves the receiving partner kneeling on all fours and the giving partner entering from behind. The doggy sex position is only applicable to couples where at least one partner has a penis. You could use a strap-on to replace a penis, but for the sake of this article, we will just be referring to penile penetration. And although the doggy sex position can be used for both vaginal or anal sex in either gay or heterosexual couples, this article is written with a male and female couple in mind.

The doggy sex position gets its name from our canine friends' preferred (and only) method of sex: Giving and taking it from behind on all fours. The doggy sex position is the most animalistic way of getting it on. And there is nothing wrong with things getting a little wild in the bedroom. The doggy sex position comes in at number one in a survey on the most preferred sex positions in the UK and US. Although the basic style of the doggy sex position requires the female to be on all fours while her male partner penetrates, some slight variations make it a little more fun. For instance, you and your partner can take the doggy sex position off the bed and onto a table, chair, or bent over a couch. The doggy sex position can also be done standing up while the female partner is bent over and placing a hand on a wall or chair for balance. The female partner can also lie flat on her stomach while doing the doggy sex position if she finds that to be more comfortable. The male partner will likely see his positioning as relatively easy, but if his knees need extra cushioning, he should feel free to place a pillow underneath them. This is likely to be his only complaint since most men love doing the doggy sex position. It is the favorite among sex positions for 31 percent of men, according to one survey. But why exactly is it that they love getting it on doggy style so much?

Men Consider It Raw and Primal

As we said, the doggy sex position is animalistic. It’s quite literally in the name. Sometimes a man wants to let his inner caveman make an appearance, and the primal act of taking one’s partner from behind feels damn good. Sex doesn’t always have to be romantic. Sometimes you want to, well, fuck. The doggy sex position is the most basic way of doing that.

Cropped view of nice chic gorgeous attractive married spouses ho

Men Love a Nice Butt

The doggy sex position gives men an unobstructed view of their partner’s well-formed derriere. That, coupled with the sight of his partner’s elegantly arched back, excites his visual senses. And we all know men are more visual when it comes to arousal.

It’s a Dominant Position

Most men like to be in a position of power, both in real life and the bedroom. The doggy sex position puts him in a position of dominance over his partner, as the female is less active and more vulnerable in this sex position. The doggy sex position allows him to control the pace and do all the work.

It Avoids Eye Contact

While no eye contact during sex may be less romantic, sometimes couples aren’t looking for romance. Again, sex is a primal act. Staring intensely into the eyes of your loved one and whispering sweet nothings into their ear is cute. But let’s face it, sometimes we want to bang. Also, some men make weird orgasm faces. That’s not always pleasant for a male’s partner. He might also feel self-conscious about it, which could hinder his sexual satisfaction. Sex positions where neither partner is facing one another eliminates the pressure of worrying about facial expressions. While gazing into your partner’s eyes during sex can be highly intimate, it’s not always necessary.

Women also like getting down and dirty in the doggy sex position. As mentioned previously, it is among the top-rated sex positions for both men and women in the US and UK. But while it may be easier to understand why men prefer the doggy sex position (great view of butt, dominance, caveman-like), women thoroughly enjoy it as well. Why is it also a favorite amongst sex positions for women?

It Gets Deep

The doggy sex position allows for the deepest penetration. With her back arched and hips lifted slightly in the air, the angle helps her partner get deep. Going deeper feels suitable for both men and women for different reasons. For women, it’s because the doggy sex position allows her partner's penis to stimulate the front walls of her vagina more. This has the most significant possibility for stimulating her G-spot, which is part of the clitoral network located along the upper walls of the vagina. The doggy sex position done right could hit the G-spot, therefore potentially leading to an orgasm for her. Rear entry sex positions, in general, are better for potentially stimulating the G-spot because of their positioning.

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Both Partners’ Hands Are Free

In the doggy sex position, both partners' hands are free to roam wherever they choose. Although you are more limited as a woman (as you must have at least one hand down for balance in rear entry sex positions), you still have one free hand to reach back and engage your clitoris for more sexual stimulation. Your partner has a better advantage in the doggy sex position to get a little handsy. Your partner's hands-free position from behind allows him to grab your butt, rub your clit, pull your hair, or give you a sensual back massage. Lastly, he can reach around and massage your breasts for a bit of nipple action.

sensual woman in sexual position lying on white fur

It’s Submissive

Just like men typically prefer to be the more dominant partner, women usually prefer to be more submissive in sex positions. Being dominated in the bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean feeling degraded or used. For some women, it just means they like their male partner to take the reins and call the shots. Most women agree that they are attracted to strong men. And what’s hotter than a man showing off his strength in the bedroom? Being submissive in sex positions means handing control over to the other person. For women who like being submissive, it just means they don’t have to work as hard. It’s nice to let the men do all the work for once.

There Is Less Room To Feel Self-Conscious

While every woman has the right to feel powerful and sexy no matter her body type, the reality is many women are self-conscious about their bodies. There is more pressure on women to look a certain way than there is for men. As a woman, not feeling sexy or confident can hinder your sexual experience. It is hard to enjoy (and even more difficult to orgasm) if you are worried about what your partner thinks of your body in the back of your mind. While certain sex positions leave you feeling exposed with your jiggly bits on full display (like the Cowgirl sex position, for example), doggy sex position only gives your partner a view of your backside. Most of the jiggly bits women worry about are in front (namely our bellies) while performing most sex positions. In the doggy sex position, the only thing jiggling is your butt, and we're sure your partner is A-OK with seeing that.

Tips for Doing Doggy Sex Position

As with all sex positions, some will work better for you than others. It depends on what you and your partner prefer. But if the doggy sex position isn’t doing it for you, try a few of the following tips to make it even better:

Get Low

While typically, the doggy sex position instructs the female partner to be on hands and knees, the penetration can feel deeper if she gets lower. Try having the female partner lower down onto her forearms instead. This angle will allow for better penetration and an even sexier back arch.

Make It Tighter

Next time you’re doing doggy sex, position the female partner’s knees closer together. Bringing her legs closer together will create a tighter entry, thus allowing for more friction. More friction during sex positions means more pleasure for both of you.

Add in Some Extras

The doggy sex position doesn’t require both partners to be so close together. Therefore, it allows more room to add in a little extra fun if desired. The doggy sex position is great for trying out toys, as one or both partners can free up their hands for a little additional action. It’s one of the best sex positions for incorporating double penetration using a dildo or vibrator. And, of course, any toy that helps stimulate the clitoris is a bonus for her.

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Take Control From the Front

Generally, the doggy sex position requires only the male to do the work, which can easily be switched up. If the female partner is in the mood to do a little more work, she can control the tempo by sliding back and forth on her partner's penis herself. This is great for when her partner needs a break from thrusting. It also lets her control the depth and speed of penetration, making the doggy sex position more enjoyable.

Similar Sex Positions

If you discover that doggy sex position is your thing, you might be interested in learning a few variations to spice things up once in a while. With a few slight changes, the doggy sex position can be even more exciting. If you and your partner are up for being more creative, try incorporating a few of the below various doggy sex positions into your nightly romp:

Turtle sex position

The Turtle

The turtle position requires the female partner to start on hands and knees, much like the original doggy sex position. The difference begins with the female partner lowering down further so that her buttocks are resting on the back of her heels. She will then lean forward and reach behind her with both hands and grab onto her ankles or calves. Her partner will then thrust into her from behind, like in the doggy sex position. This move requires a little flexibility on the female partner's part, but if she can pull it off, it will result in deeper penetration.

stairway to heaven sex position

The Stairway To Heaven

The stairway to heaven is essentially the doggy sex position but on a staircase. To perform this sex position, you’ll need to find stairs that are comfortable for you and your partner to arrange yourselves on. Use carpeted stairs, as carpet will be easier on the female partner's hands and knees. To make this sex position work, the female partner needs to position herself with her knees on a lower step and her hands placed on a higher step. Her partner will then enter her from behind, like in the doggy sex position. This may be a little trickier for him as he will have to find the right step to stand on to enter his partner comfortably.

bulldog sex position

The Bulldog

The Bulldog is only a slight variation from the doggy sex position that requires the male partner to be standing on his feet rather than thrusting from a knelt position. His partner will be on her hands and knees like in a doggy sex position, with both legs pushed together. He will then enter her from a slightly squatted position, resting his hands on her backside or grabbing her waist for balance. The closer the female partner keeps her legs together, the tighter it will feel for both partners. This can help compensate for a smaller size penis.

Frogleap sex position

The Frog Leap

The frog leap sex position is commonly confused with the leapfrog position due to their similar names. Although, both sex positions are quite different. In the frog leap, the female partner will squat down low while placing her hands down on the surface in front of her for balance. It is called the frog leap for how similar this looks to a frog about to leap. Her partner then kneels and enters her from behind like in a doggy sex position. The hardest part about engaging in this sex position is keeping her balance while her partner penetrates her from behind. Her partner can help by holding onto her hips or waist while he is thrusting.

Safety Tips for Doggy Sex Position

As with any sexual experience, make sure you and your partner are practicing safety measures to ensure a pleasurable experience for both of you. Although the doggy sex position is relatively safe, it is the second position most likely to cause a penile injury. Make sure to start slow and ensure both partners are comfortable to avoid any possible injury. Because the doggy sex position allows for such deep penetration, this can sometimes be painful if the female partner is not warmed up enough. And if her partner is well endowed, going too deep in rear entry sex positions might cause some discomfort. It’s best to frequently communicate with your partner to find a depth suitable for both of you. If you’re into alternating between anal and vaginal sex, one last thing to keep in mind is the potential risk for infection. Mainly, switching from anal to vaginal sex positions without changing condoms enhances the risk of transferring bacteria into the vagina. This could lead to uncomfortable yeast infections. Be sure you and your partner discuss health and safety before attempting different sex positions.

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