Pole Position Sex Explained

Sometimes you need to try a new take on your favorite moves in the bedroom. The missionary and doggy-style sex positions, while being the two top favorite sex positions among men and women, can get old after a while. The "woman on top" sex positions might be a nice change from your go-to moves in the bedroom. While you've likely heard of the cowgirl or reverse cowgirl sex positions, we're betting you haven't heard of pole position sex. That's a shame because pole position sex can be a lot of fun for both male and female partners. But pole position sex may be incredibly gratifying for the female partner, as pole position sex allows for greater stimulation for her clitoris. Most women need clitoral stimulation to climax during sex. Sex positions, like pole position sex, provide a greater chance for the female partner to achieve orgasm. If that's got you itching to hop into bed right now and give pole position sex a try, keep reading to learn how you and your partner can make the most out of this orgasm-inducing woman on top sex position.

pole sex position

How Do You Do Pole Position Sex?

"Woman on top" sex positions, like pole position sex, are generally more conducive for female partners to achieve orgasm. As mentioned, this is because they allow better opportunities for her to stimulate her clitoris. "Woman on top" sex positions also provide the female partner the chance to control the pace and depth of penetration. The unique positioning of pole position sex gives female partners a better opportunity at clitoral stimulation than in other "woman on top" sex positions. So, how do you do pole position sex? To do pole position sex, the male partner will lie flat on the bed while his female partner climbs on top and straddles him backward. At first, this may feel very much like a reverse cowgirl, except the male partner will have one knee bent. The female partner will then turn slightly towards that knee to grab onto her partner's leg while slowly guiding her vagina down onto his penis. From here, she will use her partner's leg, much like a pole, as leverage for controlling penetration.

In pole position sex, the female partner has all the control. If she wants to change the angle of penetration in pole position sex, all she must do is lean slightly forward or backward onto her partner's chest. This will change the spot where her partner's penis hits her vagina. She may even have an opportunity to stimulate her G-spot in pole position sex. The G-spot is part of the clitoral network in the female vagina that is said to be responsible for earth-shattering orgasms when stimulated. There is no exact location for the G-spot as it differs from woman to woman. However, its general location is said to be in the front upper wall of the vagina. Straddling her partner's erect curved penis backward in pole position sex provides a decent chance of hitting this exact area.

Tips for Doing Pole Position Sex

With her partner's leg bent, the female partner can grind up against his thigh as she glides up and down along his penis. This will give her better clit stimulation than she would get from other "woman on top" sex positions. Pole position sex also gives her a leverage point for better penetration control. She will likely find that having something to hold onto will make being on top easier. Pole position sex primarily benefits the ladies, but that's not to say that her male partner won't enjoy the excellent view of her ass as she bounces up and down on his penis. While he doesn't have to do much but keep his knee bent in pole position sex, the male partner might find it hot to play with his partner's ass while she's on top of him. He can do this by either enjoying handfuls of her butt cheeks or even using his fingers to penetrate her anally. This, of course, should be talked about beforehand as not everyone may be interested in anal penetration.

Couples could also use pole position sex as an opportunity to try out dominatrix fantasies or BDSM sex positions. "Woman on top" sex positions offer opportunities for female partners to be in control in the bedroom. Even if you and your partner are into typical dominant versus submissive roles (where the male partner acts as the dominant and the female as submissive), that doesn't mean you won't enjoy reversing the role play. You can do this by adding in some sexy dominatrix gear, like leather whips, blindfolds, or restraints. Pole position sex gives the female partner the perfect opportunity to restrain her man to the bed and have her way with him. Couples might find this role reversal a fun change from the norm and might even want to incorporate it into other sex positions. The only real drawback about being on top and in control is that it gets tiring, especially for the female partner's thighs. Suppose she does get tired of riding her man like a stripper pole. In that case, couples can always switch to doing a different variation of pole position sex. Read on to learn about similar sex positions that will be just as satisfying as pole position sex for female partners to get their grind on.

Similar Sex Positions

reverse cowgirl sex position

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Reverse Cowgirl

Likely the easiest transition move from pole position sex is the reverse cowgirl. While in pole position sex, all the male partner must do is put his leg down to transition into reverse cowgirl. The female partner can stay exactly where she is. The only slight change she may have to make is shifting her positioning so that her legs straddle both of her partner's hips instead of his one knee. She will be facing directly away from her partner as she continues to move up and down along his shaft. Her partner will still get a fantastic view of her ass, and she will still get some clitoral stimulation, though possibly not as much. Women who are fans of the reverse cowgirl sex position may like that they don't have to face their partner. It can help take away sex performance anxiety or any self-consciousness they may feel about their breasts or stomach jiggling while being on top. Women who report feeling uncomfortable with their bodies are less likely to initiate sex or enjoy it. Body image problems can also make it harder for women to achieve orgasm, which is enough of a problem for women. Reverse cowgirl may take away some of the pressure she may feel doing women on top sex positions.

reverse missionary sex position

Reverse Missionary

Unlike reverse cowgirl, you will be facing your partner in the reverse missionary sex position. This means you will be in the reverse direction as you are in pole position sex (still with us?) It's called reverse missionary because typically, missionary position is performed with the male partner on top. In this missionary sex position, the female partner will be on top, much like she would be in a cowgirl sex position. From here, she will lean forward while straightening her legs out behind her on either side of her partner's hips. She'll use her arms to support her weight as she grinds against her partner's penis. It will look like she is doing a missionary position just in reverse of the usual penetration method. The reverse missionary position can provide some clitoral stimulation, though not as well as the fire hydrant or pole position sex positions. It is, however, a very intimate sex position that will allow you to be super close to your partner. It's great for kissing and staring intensely into each other's eyes. The female partner will still be in control of penetration in reverse missionary, which she may enjoy. Her partner doesn't have to do much in reverse missionary, but he could use the intimate positioning as an excuse to caress her back or play with her breasts.

fire hydrant sex position

The Fire Hydrant

The fire hydrant sex position doesn't require the female partner to be on top. She'll be on all fours instead. However, like in pole position sex, she will have an excellent opportunity to grind her clit against her partner's knee, possibly inducing a clitoral orgasm. The fire hydrant might seem a little more awkward than pole position sex, but if both partners have a little bit of balance and flexibility, it should be easy to get the hang of. Start by getting into a doggy-style sex position with the female partner on all fours on the bed. Her partner will then kneel behind her hips and place one knee between her legs so that his foot is flat on the bed. In doing so, the female partner's leg will be lifted off the bed to rest on top of her partner's thigh. The female partner will look like a dog lifting its leg to pee on a fire hydrant, hence the name.

The male partner will penetrate his partner from this position like he would in doggy sex. For more leverage, he can grab his partner's hips while he thrusts in and out. The movement will create friction between his thigh and his partner's groin. The female partner will love the combination of deep penetration doggy sex with the clitoral stimulation she gets from his knee grinding on her clitoral area. The only issue either partner will possibly might be a balance issue, as the fire hydrant sex position might be awkward at first. Performing this sex position on a sturdier surface might be easier for that reason.

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Betty Rocker

The Betty rocker sex position will start with the female partner in reverse cowgirl position. She'll straddle her partner with her butt in front of his face and her knees on either side of his hips. She'll then slide onto his penis and then tilt her upper body forward. She can place her hands on either the bed or her partner's legs to push off from as she moves back and forth onto her partner's penis in a rocking-like motion. The female partner should be careful not to rock too far forward as this could lead to penile injury. For her best chance at stimulating either her clitoris or G-spot in this position, she should gyrate slowly and deeply while rocking back and forth. She could also try switching up the motion to more circular movements while her partner is inside her to better stimulate her vaginal erogenous zones

If the male wants a more active role in this position, he could thrust up into his partner as she rocks back and forth on his penis. And if the female partner needs a break, she could stay still with her hips hovering over her partner's hips as he takes over the thrusting. For deeper, rougher sex, the male partner could grab his partner's hips and force her up and down on top of him. He should be wary of going too rough, as deep penetration can sometimes cause pain during sex for some women.

irish garden sex position

Irish Garden

The Irish garden makes for a quick transition move from the Betty rocker. In the Irish garden, the female partner will be straddling her partner's penis in reverse. She'll then lean forward like in the Betty rocker, except this time she will bend all the way forward until her head and shoulders can comfortably rest on the bed in front of her. Her legs will be behind her, with both knees on the bed on either side of her partner's hips. Now, she will either rock back and forth on her partner's penis, like in the Betty rocker, or thrust up and down. Most of the thrusting movement must come from her as her partner will have limited capability in this position. She might find it easier to hold onto her man's legs while thrusting to get more leverage. The Irish garden doesn't allow for deep or vigorous penetration, but it is ideal for couples looking for something more sensual and slower.

Tips for Doing Woman on Top Sex Positions

As a female, being on top during sex might be new for you. "Woman on top" sex positions are generally not most couples' go-to positions, so it's understandable. You might not feel as comfortable being on top if you've not done it very often, and that's okay. Many of the sex positions mentioned in this article sound a lot more complicated than they are. But to help ease any anxieties you might have about being on top, we've got a few tips for you.

Focus on Your Pleasure

While sex should, of course, be pleasurable for both partners, "woman on top" sex positions are more about getting yours. Male partners have plenty of other sex positions to get them off. There is nothing wrong about being selfish in pole position sex or any position with you in control. That being said, don't worry so much about your performance while you're on top. Porn stars in porn movies might be bouncing all over the place while riding their partner, but that doesn't mean you have to. Do what feels good for you. If that means bouncing up and down or slowly grinding on your man for more clit stimulation, don't be afraid to go for it.

Practice Alone

If you are feeling unsure of what to do while on top, why not practice first by yourself? You can do this by putting a pillow between your knees and practicing your grinding movements. You could also practice with a dildo or vibrator to get a real sense of what controlling penetration on top feels like. Having some experience with the movement beforehand might help you feel a little less anxious about it when you try it with your partner.

Get Comfortable

The best way to ease anxiety over being on top is to do it with someone you trust and are comfortable around. This is true for any sex position, not just "woman on top" sex positions. Sex is about fun and pleasure. It would be best if you didn't have to worry about embarrassing yourself in front of your partner. Sex is sexy, but it's also awkward and messy. Having a partner, you can laugh with and not feel silly around will make the mood more relaxed. If you are self-conscious about being on top, be honest with him. Ask him to help guide you through it or have him tell you what he likes while you're doing your thing. Sometimes a few words of encouragement will be all you need to let your inhibitions go and have fun with it. Because if sex isn't fun, then what's the point?

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