Banana With Kisses Covered in Lipstick Kisses

Let’s talk about oral sex. In many cultures, oral sex is seen as taboo. Even in Western culture, oral sex was deemed inappropriate in the not-too-distant past. Using one’s mouth to please their partner sexually was “gross” or “immoral”. Fortunately, times have changed (“fortunately” can’t be stressed enough). Surveys show that most adult Americans have

Woman Meditating Naked

We all know of yoga as the Om experience of calming one’s mind through meditative poses that challenge your flexibility and strength. The benefits of yoga are numerous, from reducing stress and anxiety to lowering blood pressure and even weight loss. Yoga is a spiritual practice and a form of low-intensity exercise. But what might

Attractive Couple Embracing in Bed

Passionate sex is often portrayed in the movies as two beautiful lovers lustfully ripping one another’s clothes off and engaging in wild, desire-fueled sex-and then orgasming at the same time, of course. In real life, sex is more complicated. It’s not always sexy, easy, or without its hiccups. Sex can sometimes be awkward, messy, and

Attractive Woman Sitting on Bed in Underwear

There’s oral sex, and then there’s facesitting. Facesitting is superior to your typical oral sex routine and will likely lead to a more explosive orgasm. There has been more of a theme of female empowerment in porn in recent years. Porn categories like femdom (female domination), topping one of the most searched for porn categories

Sexy Woman Smiling on Bed Awaiting Man

Have you ever wanted to “do it how they do on the Discovery Channel”? If you didn’t catch that reference, don’t worry about it; you’re too young. For those of you who got that reference, you’ll know we’re talking about sex. But we’re not just talking about any kind of sex; no, we’re talking about

Manual Car Gear Sticking Out of Man's Pants

When we think of car sex, vivid memories of thrilling first-time experiences may come to mind. Back when you were a teen, car sex was fun, exciting, and sexy. You may be well past your adolescent teen years of racing hormones and trying to sneak in a quickie in the car with your boyfriend or

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