couple about to engage in intimacy

Well, this is a tough one, considering the female orgasm can be an entirely complicated system on its own. No matter the situation, if you’re looking for a quickie or are just overall sick of taking your time to reach full climax, you’ve come to the right place. Yes, patience is definitely a virtue when

Woman's hand clenching bed sheets about to orgasm

Sex is fun. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to getting off. Everyone has their own desires, kinks, and fetishes. To each their own, right? But the common denominator is eventual orgasm. So, how is a ruined orgasm classified as a sexual kink? A better question could be, how is it possibly enjoyable? A

Man spanking woman on butt with whip

What is Erotic Spanking? Let’s break down what Erotic Spanking actually is before leaping into how to bring it into your bedroom (or bathroom, or kitchen, or maybe outdoors??). Wherever you and your partner are the most sensual, we got you! In essence, erotic really just means sexual. Merriam Webster gives the definition as: “Of,

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