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When it comes to achieving the big “O” (orgasm), women have a more challenging time getting there than men. Especially during intercourse. There’s even a term used to describe the orgasm disparity between men and women, and it is too familiar to most women. The female clitoris is responsible for most women’s orgasms, yet few

Sexy Woman With an Open Robe

Real Female Nudity, The Virtual Naked Woman Thing, a Topless Gender Equality Thing, and the Occasional Naked Man It may seem like a no-brainer to some people, but there may be some excellent points that make you want to stick around. You can be the judge of whether we cleared every last one here. So,

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When we think of car sex, vivid memories of thrilling first-time experiences may come to mind. Back when you were a teen, car sex was fun, exciting, and sexy. You may be well past your adolescent teen years of racing hormones and trying to sneak in a quickie in the car with your boyfriend or

Banana With Kisses Covered in Lipstick Kisses

Let’s talk about oral sex. In many cultures, oral sex is seen as taboo. Even in Western culture, oral sex was deemed inappropriate in the not-too-distant past. Using one’s mouth to please their partner sexually was “gross” or “immoral”. Fortunately, times have changed (“fortunately” can’t be stressed enough). Surveys show that most adult Americans have

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