woman in a white bikini standing on the beach

The days are longer, the sun is hotter, and now that it’s summer, you’ve got one thing on your mind: Hitting the beach or pool with your friends and family and soaking in all the vitamin D you can get before the overcast sets back in. But first, you need to get the perfect sexy

The Happy Baby yoga position is a popular yoga position among young and old Yogi’s alike. If you’re new to yoga, it’s a spiritual journey that starts with the mind. The mind then alerts the body of what it wants to do. The actions of the body feed the spirit, and the energy enables life

Young sporty couple working out together in a gym . Doing plank exercises while holding each other for one hand.

The idea of being a super-fit fitness couple seems like a romantic way to spend time together and maximize your health as a person and as a couple. After all, exercising together is a great way to spend time with one another while you get in shape. However, there are times when exercising together can prove challenging…

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