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Cuddling is one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have with another person. It’s not something unique to humans either. Animals enjoy cuddling too, for much the same reasons we do. And of course, cuddling with your fur baby is just as enjoyable as cuddling with another person. Finding comfortable cuddle positions with your

Kinky porn is a difficult subject. Some people love it, and some hate it. Some have no problem with it, while others think it’s the devil’s work. Porn can be one or all of these things simultaneously. There are a lot of unsettling aspects of porn, but there are just as many misconceptions. Like any

Giving your man a blowjob is exactly that, a job. Even if you thoroughly enjoy going down on you man, there’s no denying that it can be work. Every man is different. Some orgasm quickly from penile stimulation while others take a bit longer. A fast blowjob will benefit both you and your partner. He’ll

Finding what lesbian sex positions work for you and your girlfriend is tricky. Women are more complicated than men when it comes to receiving pleasure from sex. We need to learn what works best for our bodies to achieve orgasm. Even as a woman who likes other women, you may be curious about the best

Human sexuality is an ever evolving and expanding part of the human experience. Sexuality plays a role in the biological evolution and expansion of the human species. Sexual attraction is natural for us all and we can’t help who we like. There are various terms for describing one’s sexuality in regard to who we are

People are becoming more comfortable embracing their kinks and fetishes, opening the door to better and more frequently satisfying sexual encounters. Even people who’ve never really dabbled in debauchery are becoming more open to the idea of pushing their comfort zones by trying some of the seemingly more harmless kinks. And in most cases, it can