Sex Positions Tied Up Explained

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Maybe you’ve always fantasized about it, or perhaps you and your partner are ready to try something a lot more exciting in bed. Either way, you’re prepared to try some sex positions tied up, and you’re prepared to get the details. You’ve heard of BDSM before, made famous by the oh-so-well-written novel and movie “Fifty Shades Of Grey.” While the book and film may have made BDSM more mainstream, it is a sexual experience that has been popular for a very long time. According to one survey, 93% of men and 96% of women have fantasized about some aspect of BDSM before. You’re not alone in wanting to get freaky. But if you’re getting your feet wet in the world of BDSM, the first place to start is with “B,” or Bondage. What does bondage mean? Bondage, concerning sex, is the act of consensually tying, binding, or restraining one’s partner for erotic, sexual stimulation.

Experimenting with sex positions tied up turns people on for different reasons. The most common is the sense of control (either having it or giving it up) that arouses people sexually. It ties (no pun intended) into the dominant and submissive role play many couples enjoy during sex. Engaging in sex positions tied up invokes a play struggle for the submissive partner, building an exciting adrenaline rush. In addition, couples can also add on the blindfolding element, making for a complete loss of control for the submissive partner. Being blindfolded heightens the senses in the body, meaning anything your partner does will feel that much better. Doing sex positions tied up is, well, hot. As long as both partners are comfortable with it, it can add a spicy new twist to your sex life.

How To Do Sex Positions Tied Up

If you’ve never engaged in any kink before, doing sex positions tied up might seem a little intimidating. You might have seen some examples that look like they require a lot of flexibility or a hell of a lot of tying. But don’t let those scare you off. As with anything, there are sex positions tied up that are beginner friendly and open to modifications. You don’t have to be an expert at tying knots to get sexual satisfaction from bondage. Although a lot of advanced sex positions tied up require sophisticated knots, most of them can still be performed with modifications. This brings us to our next point: ropes and restraints. To do any sex positions tied up, you’ll need something to be tied up with (or to tie your partner up with). Household items like dress ties or pantyhose might seem like an easy solution, but they may cause discomfort or break easily. You will want to stick to something that is made specifically for sex positions tied up. There are plenty of ropes, play-handcuffs, and even Velcro restraints available in most sex stores that will suit your purpose. Do your research and consult with your partner to determine which types of restraints are suitable for you. When you’re ready, check out this list of sex positions tied up for a wild night for you and your partner:

Bondage doggy sex position

Bondage Doggy

The bondage doggy is like the traditional doggy style but tied up. Start by having the submissive partner position themselves on hands and knees. They should then lower their chest flat on the bed while pushing their butt up in the air. Now gently pull their arms back and tie their wrists together behind their thighs and then to their ankles (later, we’ll get into where you can learn how to tie bondage knots). The dominant partner is now free to penetrate them either vaginally or anally. Sex positions tied up like the bondage doggy can also work well for stimulating the submissive partner orally or incorporating a little spanking into the mix. Light back or butt scratching may also add a little more to the BDSM experience of the bondage doggy.

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Crab sex position

The Crab

To perform this sex position tied up, the submissive partner can either be sitting or lying down. Their partner will then bend the submissive partner’s leg and tie their ankle to their thigh, repeating the action on the other leg. The submissive partner’s legs will be forced open and looking much like a crab, hence the name.  It is optional then to tie the submissive partner’s wrists to their ankles or restrain the wrists with handcuffs for complete bondage domination. The submissive partner will be utterly helpless in this position while their partner has full access to all their naughty bits. This level of vulnerability is a significant turn-on for some couples who are into doing sex positions tied up. 

Puppy sex position

The Puppy Style

You and your partner will need a pole of some kind for the puppy style (likely named for the submissive positioning resembling that of a puppy). It’s best not to use anything wooden to prevent getting splinters. Something like a PVC pipe could work, or the handle of a boom. The submissive partner will begin on knees and forearms, with wrists tied together. The dominant partner will then spread their partner’s legs as wide as they desire and tie each ankle to the pole. The puppy style is a highly submissive sex position that allows the dominant partner to do as they please. It’s one of the many sex positions tied up that are great for rear penetration and giving or receiving oral as the dominant partner can easily position themselves next to their partner’s face to be orally stimulated.

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Hogtie sex position


While it doesn’t have the sexiest name, the hogtie is a classic bondage move that requires total submission. It’s one of those sex positions tied up that will require a little flexibility as it is probably not the most comfortable. The hogtie starts with the submissive partner laying on their bellies. The dominant partner will then tie their ankles together and their wrists together behind their back. They’ll then tie their bound ankles to their wrists, being careful to ensure their partner’s comfort. If done right, the submissive partner will resemble, well, a hogtied up for a barbecue. Yes, it is not the sexiest imagery, but it works for some people. This position is not great for penetration but works well for receiving oral as the dominant partner. Sex positions tied up, like the hogtie, are great for teasing the submissive partner. Be sure to check in on the submissive partner, though, as the hogtie can be pretty strenuous on their back and shoulders.

Interrogation chair sex position

Interrogation Chair

Some sex positions tied up require props, like the interrogation chair. As you might have guessed from the name, this position involves a chair. Begin with the submissive partner sitting in a chair. Any chair will do, as long as it’s sturdy. The dominant partner should then tie their partner’s ankles to the two front chair legs. They can then tie the submissive partner’s wrists to the chair arms (if it has them) or behind their backs. The submissive partner will now be bound to the chair subject to their partner’s will. This is one of those significant sex positions tied up that’s great for using sex toys or interrogation room role play. Please make sure the back of the chair is against a wall or something stable so that it cannot be knocked over while you’re having fun.

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Spread eagle sex position

Spread Eagle

The spread eagle gets its name from the way the submissive partner will be tied up, spreading both their arms and legs. It’s one of the most accessible sex positions tied up for beginners to try because it doesn’t involve any elaborate knots or positioning. The submissive partner lies on their back on the bed spreading their arms and legs out in a “V” form. Their partner will then tie their ankles and wrists to each corner of the bedpost. If you do not have a bed with bedposts, you can either tie them to the bed legs or find an under-the-bed restraint to do the job. Make this position even hotter by putting a blindfold over the submissive partner’s eyes. They will find the feeling of being exposed and blindfolded, an ultimate vulnerable position. Adding blindfolds to sex positions tied up will add to the “dangerous” feeling of BDSM as the vulnerable partner can neither move nor see.

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Yogi sex position

The Yogi

This is a great transition position from the spread eagle as it only requires making one positioning change. Like in the spread eagle, the submissive partner should be lying on their backs with their wrists bound to the two corners at the top of the bed. Instead of their ankles being tied to the bottom corners, they will now shift their legs backward above their head, and their ankles will be tied to the top corners of the bed. If it is too much for the submissive partner to keep their legs straight in this position, they can instead have their thighs tied to the bed.  The yogi is both great for oral and penetration.

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Wide open sex position

Wide Open Position

The wide-open position is a quick transition from the yogi. Keeping the submissive partner’s ankles tied to the top bedposts, the dominant partner will then tie the submissive partner’s wrists to the back of their calves or thighs. You can achieve the same position without tying the submissive partner’s ankles to the bedposts if a couple prefers. Couples can introduce a blindfold or ballgag for added fun with this and other sex positions tied up. A ballgag will lead to complete domination, as the submissive partner can’t speak as well as move.

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Bent bondage sex position

Bent Over Bondage Position

The last of the sex positions tied up we have for you is the bent over bondage position. This one is a little more advanced, so if you’re new to doing sex positions tied up, maybe hold off for a while. As the name suggests, the submissive partner will be standing bent over with their arms hanging down in front of them. The dominant partner will first tie each ankle to a pole (or broom handle as mentioned earlier), then tie their wrists to the pole. With this position both partners should be cautious of the submissive partner’s balance as it can be easy to topple over. The submissive partner should try to keep a wider stance, while the dominant partner needs to be wary of their partner’s unsteadiness. With the submissive partner bent over and tied up like this, they are completely at the mercy of their partner. Light spanking and doggy style sex are perfect for this position.

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Tips for Trying Sex Positions Tied Up

For beginners doing sex positions tied up, the actual act of tying someone up might be a little intimidating. Sure, it is a basic concept, but you’d be surprised to know that there is actually an art to bondage knots for sex positions tied up. It might be useful to take a course in tying bondage knots (or watch a YouTube video) so that you can feel more comfortable doing so in the bedroom. Learning how to tie a proper bondage knot will be more effective in the bedroom and also pose less risk to hurting your partner (rope burn is nasty). But while there are more sex positions tied up that require rope, Velcro restraints and play-handcuffs can usually be substituted. Both options are useful for partners who might be less comfortable with the idea of using ropes. They are easier to use and, in the case of the Velcro restraints, easier to break out of should the submissive partner want to. Also, fluffy pink handcuffs are a lot less intimidating than coarse, wiry rope.

Once you and your partner get the rope tying down, don’t be afraid to switch up your roles. If you are always the submissive partner, why not take a shot at being the dominant one? It could be interesting and fun to switch up the roles you and your partner usually subjugate yourselves to. That’s what trying sex positions tied up is about anyway, having fun. If it doesn’t work out for you, then no big deal, at least you tried. There are plenty of other ways to experiment with bondage, like using sex toys. The vulnerability the submissive partner will be exposed to is a great way to tease them. Dildos, massagers, nipple clamps, and blindfolds come in handy for titillating your submissive partner’s every erogenous zone while they’re tied up. Talk to your partner about which toys they’d be comfortable using and bring them out next time. They could lead to an even more orgasmic experience.

Sex Positions Tied Up Safety Precautions

Any sexual experience could have potential safety concerns but trying sex positions tied up has a lot more room to be risky. First and foremost, remember that bondage is the consensual act of tying one’s partner up to perform sexual acts. The submissive partner MUST be comfortable with being restrained. If they are not, the dominant partner must untie them immediately. This leads us into our next point; don’t try doing sex positions tied up with someone you don’t know very well. Bondage sex is a very intimate and vulnerable sexual experience that requires full trust between partners. As a submissive partner, you are at the will of your partner, so you must trust and feel comfortable with them in order to feel safe. Bondage sex can potentially come with a lot of risks. If you use ropes to tie someone up improperly, you could potentially cut off their circulation or chafe their wrists or ankles. For this reason, it is always recommended to keep a pair of shears (or something able to quickly cut through rope) nearby in case you need to cut your partner free. And NEVER tie ropes around a submissive partner’s neck as this could lead to asphyxiation.

Be sure you and your partner also incorporate a “safe word”, or a word you will say when you want your partner to stop what they are doing. Although in normal sexual activities the “safe word” is either “no” or “stop”, sometimes in bondage play those words might be part of the fantasy. Establish what your safety word is before you and your partner begin trying any sex positions tied up.  Lastly, be sure that you and your partner have complete trust and honesty before experimenting with bondage. It takes a while to figure out what each partner likes and dislikes. Being honest with your partner about what you want or don’t want will only help intensify your sexual experience. You should never feel pressured to try something you’re not comfortable with, just as you should never pressure your partner to either. Sex should always be about safety and honesty, but with doing sex positions tied up it’s even more so. Have fun experimenting, just make sure you’re doing it safely.

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