Jack Hammer Sex Position Explained

Sex positions don’t necessarily need to involve penetration to get either partner off. Oral sex can be just as gratifying if done right. Most men and women agree that both giving and receiving oral sex can be very pleasurable. In the jack hammer sex position, one partner will be receiving oral sex most creatively. The jack hammer sex position is one of the many sex positions that can be performed by both male and female couples and gay couples. But at least one partner must have a penis to do the jack hammer sex position so that it won’t work for all LGBTQ couples. Couples looking for more exciting sex positions to explore might find the jack hammer sex position to be just what they desire.

Jack hammer sex position

What Is the Jack Hammer Sex Position?

So, precisely what is the jack hammer sex position? The jack hammer sex position involves the receiving partner, the male, standing over his partner for oral stimulation. The giving partner performing the oral sex will be on their knees, facing away from the receiving partner. They will then tilt their head back underneath their partner’s penis to, well, you get the idea. The receiving partner will then slightly bend his knees up and down (almost as if he were squatting) while his penis is inside of his partner’s mouth, imitating a jack hammer, hence the name, jack hammer sex position. The giving partner may need to use their hands to gently guide their partner’s penis into their mouths to get the positioning right. The receiving partner can help by slightly adjusting his straddling position until his penis is comfortably inside his partner’s mouth.

Tips for Doing the Jack Hammer Sex Position

Couples should be wary of where they do the jack hammer sex position as both partners could be uncomfortable if not done in the right setting. Sex positions where a partner’s knees are on the floor should have their comfort taken into consideration. If performed on a more rigid surface, the giving partner’s knees could take a beating. Placing a pillow underneath the giving partner’s knees in the jack hammer sex position will prevent them from getting bruised or hurt. The receiving partner should also be wary of the surface he is standing on while doing the jack hammer sex position as an uneven or less sturdy surface (like a bed) could cause him to lose balance and hurt himself or his partner. Couples performing oral sex positions will also need to be careful of the giving partner’s gag reflex. If the receiving partner in the jack hammer sex position bends his knees too low or too fast, he could force his partner into deep throating his penis. This might be a fun sex trick in porno cinema, but it could cause the giving partner to vomit in real life. Yeah, not very sexy, so be careful. There are some techniques you can learn to be able to deep-throat your partner’s penis. But they take time to learn, and deep-throating is not considered sexy to everyone.

As the giving partner, tilting your head back in the same position can be a strain on your neck after too long. If the giving partner finds they need a break during the jack hammer sex position, they can always reach up and use their hands to stimulate their partner’s penis instead. It will give their mouth (and neck) a bit of a break. Many men enjoy a hand job just as well as a blow job, so there will likely be no complaints. Just be careful not to please your partner too much if this is one of the first sex positions of the night. The receiving partner may need to take a break as well to keep from ejaculating too soon. The jack hammer sex position doesn’t leave much room for the giving partner to get any sexual stimulation out of doing it. However, the giving partner can reach down and attempt to stimulate their naughty bits during the jack hammer sex position if they want. This is the only way the giving partner will receive any sexual stimulation in the jack hammer sex position, as the giving partner has no way of doing it for his partner himself. Most oral sex positions are one-sided in this way.

For this reason, the jack hammer sex position is better for either a pre-penetration warm-up or as a finishing move. The jack hammer sex position allows for prime positioning for the giving partner to receive a facial if comfortable with it. This should be discussed with your partner beforehand, as not every giving partner appreciates their partner ejaculating over their face while experimenting with sex positions.

Tips for Oral Sex Positions

Whether or not deep-throating is your thing, the jack hammer sex position does allow the giving partner to practice their oral sex techniques. Going down on your partner (in the case of the jack hammer sex position you’ll be going up) should not be as basic as simply putting your partner’s penis in your mouth and hoping they like it. Experimenting with different rhythms and tongue-waggling motions can significantly impact your partner’s oral sex experience. While doing any sex positions, you should pay attention to what your partner likes or dislikes. The jack hammer sex position is no different. While taking your partner in your mouth, pay attention to how his penis responds. Jerking motions and your partner’s moans are general signs that what you are doing is working, so keep doing it. If you are not getting much of a response, that’s a sign you should switch up your movements. Maybe try more tongue motion or harder sucking. And don’t shy away from playing with his balls. For some men, having their balls paid attention to feels excellent.

Another tip for oral sex positions is to target the male partner’s frenulum. The frenulum is the underside of the tip of the penis that is very sensitive to stimulation. Try lightly sucking on it or flicking it with the tip of your tongue to make your partner squirm with pleasure. The tip of the penis, in general, is where the majority of men feel the most sensation. Spend more time circling your tongue around the tip if you want to drive him wild. You could also try sucking on a mint before doing the jack hammer sex position to transfer over the icy-hot sensation from your tongue to your partner’s penis. The minty feeling of going from cool to hot will feel different to him, and he may find it exciting. The same technique could also be used with sucking on an ice cube before attempting the jack hammer sex position. He’ll like the unexpected feeling of your cold tongue that quickly switches back to warm.

Oral sex positions can be a lot of fun if you are both into it. While neither partner should be forced to perform any sex positions they’re not comfortable with, sometimes doing something for the sole pleasure of your partner is just being a good partner. However, reciprocation is vital in this instance. If your partner expects you to perform the jack hammer sex position on them but does not agree to reciprocate by performing oral sex positions for your pleasure, then you need a new partner. But if you both are great at compromise, then pleasuring your partner orally can be fun and even sexy. It’s exciting watching them shake and moan, knowing that you are solely responsible for their pleasure. Have fun with the jack hammer sex position while you’re doing it. You might be surprised how turned on you get by performing it on your partner. Then, once you feel you’ve mastered the jack hammer sex position (or can’t crane your neck back any longer), switch it up by trying out some of the similar oral sex positions below. 

Similar Sex Positions

Stand and blow sex position

Stand and Blow Position

The stand and blow position is nearly identical to the jack hammer sex position, except the giving partner will face their partner this time. And instead of the male partner dropping his penis up and down into his partner’s throat, he will thrust his hips forward and back. Thrusting is optional, though, as the stand and blow position does not require the male partner to move if he does not want to. The giving partner will stay on their knees and perform oral sex on their partner as he stands and watches. If the receiving partner wants to get more involved, they can grab hold of their partner’s hair and gently control their movements. The giving partner can place their hands on their partner’s thighs or grab hold of their calves for more leverage and stability while taking their partner in their mouth. They can make a move a little sexier by staring up at their partner while they work if they like playing into the more submissive role in sex positions.

Sit and blow sex position

Sit and Blow Position

The sit and blow position is pretty self-explanatory. The giving partner will still be on their knees facing their partner while giving them a blow job. The receiving partner will instead be sitting on a chair, couch, or edge of the bed. The sit and blow position may be more comfortable for the male partner than either the stand and blow or jack hammer sex position for the simple reason that he will be sitting instead of standing. He may find the sit and blow position more relaxing if he is used to doing sex positions where he’s required to do most of the work. And sitting in a comfy position while his partner orally pleases him will make him feel like the king of the castle. The giving partner should be sure their knees are comfortably cushioned underneath (as in any sex positions requiring a partner to kneel on a hard surface). The giving partner can add to their partner’s pleasure by sensually caressing their thighs as they go down on them and staring up into their eyes. The giving partner could also show their partner by reaching down towards their naughty bits and masturbating. While the sit and blow doesn’t give the receiving partner a great view of their partner’s body like the jack hammer sex position does, they may still enjoy watching their partner pleasure themselves.

Face fuck sex position

Face Fuck Position

Oral sex positions are very intimate methods of lovemaking. Most people would agree that they enjoy oral sex positions more with committed partners. The face fuck position may top the list as the most intimate of the oral sex positions, and therefore should probably be saved for your long-time beau. However, that’s entirely dependent on how comfortable you feel giving or receiving in oral sex positions. That being said, let’s move on to what the face fuck entails. The face fuck position is basically when the male partner fucks the giving partner’s face. There’s no natural romantic way to explain it, as it is one of the most minor romantic sex positions we’ve covered so far.

The jack hammer sex position has the advantage of the giving partner being able to gaze up at their partner’s face while performing oral sex. In the face fuck position, the only view they have is of their partner’s balls. This is because they will be lying flat on the bed while their partner straddles their face. The giving partner’s mobility will be nearly entirely restrained as their partner’s knees will be on either side of them, pinning their arms to their sides. The giving partner will then take their partner’s penis into their mouth while the receiving partner thrusts in and out. This is a very dominant move, so couples who are into BDSM might find this position appealing. There is also the option of restraining the giving partner’s wrists to the bedpost instead of keeping them pinned at their sides. This will only add to the dominant versus submissive role play if that’s what couples are into.

Cinema blow job sex position

Cinema Blow Job

The cinema blow job position gets its name from adventurous couples who have gotten down to a bit of hanky-panky while sitting in a movie theater. The cinema blow job is just the giving partner giving their man a blow job while they sit together watching a movie. Although in the name, the cinema blow job should not be performed at a public theater. It’s best to save this one for the couch in your living room. The cinema blow job can be a sexy way to surprise your partner when you are relaxing with your favorite movie or TV show. Start by playfully rubbing their penis over their clothes to get them excited. When they’re good and hard, unzip their pants and go in for the blow job. You can do this by either bending over from your seated position or getting onto your knees while next to them and leaning over their lap. Neither one of you will be able to pay much attention to the television once you start, but we’re guessing that won’t be much of a problem for either of you.

Jack Hammer Sex Position on the Bed

The jack hammer sex position on the bed involves the giving partner lying down with their head near the edge of the bed. The male partner will then stand over his partner’s face for the giving partner to perform oral sex on them. This sex position is somewhat like the face fuck but not quite as restrictive for the giving partner. Performing the jack hammer sex position on the bed will likely be more comfortable for the giving partner, as the mattress will support their neck. Another option for this position is for the receiving partner to kneel on the bed while straddling his partner’s face backward. But he will likely not be able to move up and down in a jack hammer-like fashion as quickly as he would in a standing jack hammer sex position.

This could be a good option if the receiving partner is tired of standing. If needed, couples could try placing pillows underneath the giving partner’s head to adjust the height difference between their mouths and their partner’s penis. This might be useful if the bed is low to the ground or if the receiving partner is much taller. The jack hammer sex position on the bed allows for a little more intimacy in that the receiving partner has the option to reach down and play with his partner’s breasts or chest. This can make it a little sexier for the giving partner, who typically does not receive much sexual pleasure in oral sex positions. Either way, the jack hammer sex position on the bed may be the giving partner’s preferred alternative. If only for the more comfortable neck positioning alone. When both partners are satisfied, the jack hammer sex position will likely feel better and last longer.

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