Beginner Sex Positions Explained

We all must start somewhere, and sex is no exception. Sex can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss, especially for beginners. There is a lot of misinformation in Hollywood and the media about what sex is and what to expect your first time. It causes a lot of anxiety for many of us starting, especially when we don’t have much experience. Both men and women want to please their partners while also enjoying sex themselves. Knowing a few beginner sex positions can help ease some of the anxiety you might feel about performing in the bedroom. They may also help you understand what might feel best for you and how to instruct your partner to please you. Sex is easier to figure out the more you experiment with what feels suitable for you. Having a partner, you trust and can have fun with will make the experience all the better.

What Are Beginner Sex Positions?

What are the best beginner sex positions? The best beginner sex positions are any positions that come easily and naturally for both partners. Beginner sex positions should feel comfortable. Couples new to sex shouldn’t have to be worried about where to put their body parts. There are plenty of different ways to get it on in the bedroom. If you and your partner are starting, don’t attempt anything involving contorting your body into awkward positions. Beginner sex positions should focus on what feels the most natural for you and your partner. For most couples, that would be the missionary position. It’s most commonly joked about for being boring or too “vanilla.” Still, according to one study, the missionary position is the second favorite sex position among men and women in the UK and US.  That’s why the missionary position is our first pick for the best beginner sex positions. Read on to learn the details of how to do the missionary and other beginner sex positions. While many of these beginner sex positions can be performed by LBGTQ couples, we will be referring to cisgender men and women in heterosexual relationships for this article.

The Best Beginner Sex Positions

Missionary sex position

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Missionary Position

Most people, even beginners, are familiar with the missionary position. It’s the go-to sex position for many couples as it is pretty easy to do and generally comfortable for both partners. It’s one of the best beginner sex positions for those reasons alone. To do it, the female partner will lie on her back with her legs slightly spread apart. Her male partner will lie on top of her, supporting his weight with his arms or forearms, and carefully penetrate her until he is inside of her comfortably. The female partner can have her legs down on the bed slightly spread apart, or she can bend them and bring them closer to her chest. She can also wrap them around her partner’s waist for deeper penetration, which might give her a better chance of achieving orgasm. Missionary is one of the best beginner sex positions for checking in on your partner, as you will both be face to face. It’s very intimate for that reason, which can be a good thing if you’re both beginners. It’s essential to communicate with your partner during intercourse to know what is or isn’t working for them.

Cowgirl sex position

Cowgirl Position

The cowgirl position, also known as the woman on top, is the reverse of missionary. Instead of the male partner being on top, the female partner takes the reins and does all the fun work. The cowgirl is included as one of the best beginner sex positions because it is a simple position to master and allows the female partner more control over penetration depth. It may also be a more accessible position for some female partners to achieve orgasm, allowing for more clitoral stimulation. The male partner lies flat on the bed or sits up against the headboard or wall, and legs splayed out in front of him to do the cowgirl. His female partner will then straddle his hips, distributing her weight between her two knees on either side of him. From here, she will carefully glide down onto his penis, moving up and down at the speed and depth she prefers. To steady herself, the female partner can either place both hands on her partner’s chest or slightly lean back and place her palms on the top of his outstretched legs. For a closer, more intimate cowgirl style, the female partner can lean forward and rest her belly and breasts on top of her partner’s chest. The male partner will enjoy lying back and relaxing as he watches his partner’s breasts bounce while gliding up and down along his penis. His hands are free to fondle her breasts if he likes or reach down and play with her clit to help her orgasm faster.

Spoon sex position

Spoon Position

Face to face sex position

Spooning is a common cuddling position that involves both partners lying next to each other on their sides, facing the same direction. The “big spoon” is the partner on the outside who cradles their partner (the “little spoon”) in their arms. Spooning is incredibly intimate and romantic, which is why it’s among our list of beginner sex positions. While spooning does not necessarily have to involve sex, the spoon position is a sex position that involves, well, spooning. To do it, start in the spooning position with the male partner acting like the big spoon. The couple should adjust their hips so that their pelvises are about equal height. The male partner will then penetrate his partner from behind, pulling her closer to him for better depth. The female partner can slightly lift her outside leg to allow easier entry or tilt her hips forward until the outer knee is resting on the bed. This might take a few tries to get right. Beginner sex positions like the spoon position are suitable for those who feel anxious about their performance. Although highly intimate, the spoon position does not require couples to be face to face. This can take some of the pressure off those afraid of looking awkward while having sex for the first time. The spoon position allows couples to enjoy the feeling of beginner sex positions without worrying about how they look doing it.

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Beginner sex positions like the face-to-face position are ideal for couples who like to look each other in the eyes while making love. The face-to-face position is done exactly how it sounds, with both partners facing one another. This one is also a quick transition from the spoon position if you find that spooning isn’t working out for you and want to change it up. In this case, the couple will lie on their sides facing one another. Both partners should align their pelvises next to one another at the same height. The female partner can then slightly lift her outside leg to make it easier for her partner to penetrate her from the front. She can wrap that same leg around her partner’s hips to pull him in closer and gain deeper penetration. The male partner will probably find it most comfortable to place his outside knee on the bed between his partner’s legs. He will have a little more leverage for thrusting this way. Those who crave a little more intimacy during sex will love beginner sex positions like the face-to-face because of the ability to be so intimately intertwined with your partner.

Dragon Position

 The female partner will lie on her belly with a pillow or two tucked under her pelvis for support in the dragon position. Her partner will then lie on top of her and position his hips to enter her from behind. From here, he can penetrate her with gentle thrusts or perform slow circular movements. Beginner sex positions like the dragon are suitable for those who want to experience sex without deep cervical stimulation. Many women report feeling pain when they first become sexually active. This can be due to many factors and is yet another reason to take things slowly when first experimenting with beginner sex positions. The dragon position’s slow, rhythmic, and less intense movements may make sex feel less penetrative and one of the more comfortable beginner sex positions for the female partner.

Edge of bed sex positionEdge of the Bed

Doing it on the edge of the bed involves the female partner lying on her back while the male partner stands (or kneels depending on the height of the bed) by the side of the bed. He’ll then pull his partner toward him until her butt is just at the edge of the bed, legs hanging over. The male partner will stand in between his partner’s legs and penetrate her from the front. The female partner can do whatever she likes with her legs, whether that’s bending them towards her chest or wrapping them around her partner’s waist. The male partner can also grab onto and hold her legs up while thrusting inside of her. Couples might find the edge of the bed to be one of their most liked beginner sex positions because of its similarity to missionary. Except it comes with a sexy twist. Who doesn’t like the idea of being pulled to the edge of the bed and fucked, right? This one will feel a lot more heated than other beginner sex positions, so the male partner should check in with his partner to ensure she’s comfortable before he goes too crazy.

Doggy sex position

Doggy Sex Position

The doggy sex position has a reputation for being on the naughty list when it comes to sex. There is something animalistic and primal about taking your partner (or being taken) from the back. That’s probably why it is both men’s and women’s favorite sex position in the US and UK. You might be surprised to find a doggy style as one of the recommended beginner sex positions because of its rather adventurous reputation. But although doing it doggy style is quite a step up from missionary, it’s not a difficult move to perform. As we said, the doggy sex position feels primal, meaning anyone can do it. To start, the female partner will be on her hands and knees on the bed, legs slightly parted. Her partner will kneel on the bed behind her, facing her bottom, and penetrate her from behind. This position allows for deep penetration, which can help stimulate the G-Spot, allowing for a better chance at orgasm for the female partner. However, deep penetration in beginner sex positions may not be something a beginner female partner finds comfortable, as going too deep might be painful for her. In this case, the male partner should slow down his thrusts and be wary of his depth. Other than that, both partners will find the naughty thrill of doing it doggy style sex. And the male partner will find his close-up view of his partner’s butt especially hot.

Tips for Doing Beginner Sex Positions

The idea of having sex might feel a little bit nerve wracking when you’re a beginner, but it doesn’t have to be. Learning about what to expect when you first start having sex can be helpful for both you and your partner. Asking others you trust or reading solid information (such as the info in this article) about beginner sex positions is the best place to start before you make your debut in the bedroom. Being prepared can take away a lot of the anxiety you might feel about being new to sex. But it’s important that you get your information from the right sources. Porn videos and Hollywood movies do not count as sex education. Neither are accurate portrayals of what sex between two people really is. Beginner sex positions can be awkward and messy. Neither of you will get it right, right away and that’s okay. There will be some funny (and maybe slightly embarrassing) mishaps, but you shouldn’t let them ruin your fun. If both of you are too worried about what the other thinks of them, sex won’t be as enjoyable. You’ll both be too preoccupied with not looking stupid that you’ll forget sex is supposed to be about pleasure. For that reason, it’s better to be doing it with someone you can laugh and feel comfortable with.

That’s why it’s always suggested to engage in sexual intercourse with a partner you trust. Most of getting sex right is telling your partner what feels good for you and what doesn’t. That could mean switching up to different beginner sex positions or instructing them to touch you where you want to be touched. When you’re comfortable with your partner, you’ll find it easier to speak up. You should also be checking in with your partner to ensure they are enjoying themselves. Your sex life will only improve if both of you are satisfied in bed. However, don’t take this to mean that you must try something you’re not comfortable with just to please your partner. While it’s fun to experiment with beginner sex positions, if there is something that you don’t like, don’t feel pressured to do it. Even if you have already done it once before or are in the middle of doing it. You’re not required to continue doing something that doesn’t feel good. Your partner should be understanding of your feelings, and if they’re not, well, you should consider finding a new partner.

While neither partner should ever do beginner sex positions that don’t feel right for them, make sure that’s not because you weren’t ready. This more so pertains to the female partner. It’s important that a woman is sexually aroused before she engages in penetration with her partner. If she is not wet enough before her partner enters her, then the friction between her vagina and her partner’s penis could be painful for her. To help solve this problem couples could try using a sexual lubricant to ease the friction of penetration. This will make beginner sex positions a lot easier if lack of lubrication is an issue. There is no shame in needing extra help in the bedroom, especially when doing beginner sex positions. The same goes for needing extra help when it comes to achieving orgasm. Most women need clitoral stimulation to get off. While penetration may feel wonderful, it’s not enough to bring your female partner to the grand finale. Introducing sex toys into the bedroom can help with getting your female partner to the big finish. There is no shame in doing so. It doesn’t mean that you are an inadequate sexual partner, it just means you may need a little help. As the female partner, you should not be afraid of hurting your partner’s feelings if you don’t orgasm from their efforts alone. Sex is about your pleasure too, and if you want to use sex toys to enhance your experience, then you should. Although orgasming is not always the end goal for a sexual experience, it definitely makes it a hell of a lot more worth it, especially in beginner sex positions.

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