The Anvil Sex Position Explained

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, an anvil is a heavy, usually steel-faced iron block on which metal is shaped (as by hand hammering). You may very well feel like there is some hammering going on in the anvil sex position, but not of the metal kind. The anvil sex position promises deep penetration, which is excellent for stimulating women’s vaginal erogenous zones. If done right, the anvil sex position can produce satisfying orgasms and the ability for intimate lovemaking. Be prepared to test your flexibility, though, as the partner has a deep hamstring stretch on the receiving end. While the anvil sex position can be used for either vaginal or anal penetration sex positions in LGBTQ couples, we will be referring to cisgender heterosexual male and female couples for this article. Read on to find out how you and your partner can get to hammering out a few orgasms’ anvil style.

Anvil sex position

What Is the Anvil Sex Position?

In case you hadn’t guessed, the hammering you’ll be doing during this position will be of the penile penetration kind. So, precisely what is the anvil sex position? The anvil sex position requires the female partner to lie on her back on the bed. She will then spread her legs and lift them towards her chest (hello hamstring stretch) so that her thighs are resting near her breasts. The male partner will position himself between her legs until his pelvis is aligned with hers. He will use his arms to hold his weight as he penetrates her from this position.

Meanwhile, the female partner can rest her legs on either of her partner’s shoulders. If she wants to bring him closer to allow for even deeper penetration, she can wrap her ankles around his neck.  In some cases, couples may find that placing a pillow underneath the female partner’s hips can make the angle of penetration even more intense. Don’t hesitate to make any minor adjustment you feel you need to make the anvil sex position or any sex positions work for you.

Why the Anvil Sex Position Is So Awesome

Why is the anvil sex position so fantastic? The anvil sex position is fantastic for several reasons, number one being that it’s great for hitting all the vaginal erogenous zones. The G-spot is part of the clitoral network that is located along the upper inner wall of the vagina. There is no definite spot for its location as it varies from woman to woman. It might take some time to figure out where exactly it is. The best way to do this is for the female partner herself to discover her G-spot by inserting her finger into her vagina with a “come hither” motion. Once stimulated, the G-spot produces deep soul-shattering orgasms and can even be responsible for female ejaculation. Figuring out where your G-spot is on your own will help you to better guide your partner in finding it while experimenting with different sex positions. The angle of penetration in the anvil sex position makes the possibility of reaching the G-spot even easier. But if you’re having a tough time finding your G-spot, or it’s not the intense orgasm you’re looking for, the anvil sex position also makes playing with your clitoris accessible.

Because the female partner’s hands are accessible in this position, she can reach between her legs and stimulate her clitoris with her hand or a sex toy. However, this may depend on how thick the female partner’s thighs are and how close her partner is while he’s on top of her. Having thicker thighs may limit how much space you have to reach your hand between your legs. This could also be difficult if the male partner decides to drop to his forearms and close the distance between you two even more. But while this may make clitoral stimulation trickier, this close-up positioning can make for a super intimate lovemaking session. In the anvil sex position, both partners are facing one another, allowing for steamy eye contact. The anvil sex position also makes it easy for the male partner to lean down and plant kisses on his partner’s lips, neck, or collar bone. He can whisper sweet nothings in his partner’s ear if feeling romantic or raunchy dirty talk if that’s more of the couple’s style.

The anvil sex position enables couples to play around with bondage if both partners are comfortable with it. Because the female partner’s hands are free to do as she pleases, it’s the perfect sex position for using restraints. Couples could experiment with tying the female partner’s wrists together or to the bedpost. Another option will be tying her wrists to her ankles if couples are into even more hardcore bondage sex positions. This, however, should only be attempted if the female partner is reasonably flexible. Once her wrists are tied to her ankles, she’s in for the ultimate stretch. The act of restraining one partner in sex positions is a significant turn-on for many couples. Bondage sex positions are all about the power play between the dominant and submissive partner. Many couples find it sexy to give total control to their partner or be in complete control of their partner. It might not be for everyone, but it’s worth a try if you and your partner are looking for more adventurous sex positions. The anvil sex position is already a submissive sex position for the female partner. Adding bondage into the mix will make it even more so.

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Similar Sex Positions

The anvil sex position is essentially just a variation of the missionary position. It makes a quick transition from missionary as the couple is already in the correct positioning. Although, it requires a considerable amount more flexibility on the female partner’s part. But if flexibility is not an issue, then you might find some of these variations of the anvil sex position to be enticing. There is, after all, something kind of sexy about spreading your legs wide in sex positions and being open and vulnerable for your partner. The below variations of the anvil sex position are perfect for doing just that:

Oyster sex position

The Viennese Oyster

The female partner will make sure she is warmed up before attempting the Viennese oyster sex position. Like the anvil sex position, she will be on her back on the bed. She will then spread her legs wide while at the same time using her hands to pull them back towards her as far as she can comfortably make them go. She should try keeping them straight while she does this. If she is flexible, her toes will touch the bed just above her head. If she is even more flexible, she can try getting her feet to interlock behind her head. This should only be attempted by women who are super fit. It can be easy to hurt yourself doing this if you don’t have the flexibility. Once the female partner’s legs are as far back as they can comfortably go, her partner will then get on top of her, supporting his weight with his arms, and penetrate her. The male partner can also use his arms to push his partner’s legs down onto the bed for her. This, of course, depends on how comfortable or uncomfortable this is for the female partner. If she is having difficulty keeping her legs straight while her partner is thrusting, another option would be for the female partner to bend her legs at the knees instead of holding them straight. This will give her a little bit of a break from the intense stretch.

Spread legs sex position

The Spread Legs Position

The spread legs position is another similar variation of both the missionary and the anvil sex position. Although it does require some flexibility, it does not call for nearly as much as the Viennese oyster or anvil sex position. To do it, the female partner will lie on her back and spread her legs. Her partner will then position himself between her legs, aligning their pelvises and bracing his weight on his arms or forearms. The female partner will stick her legs straight up in the air, keeping them spread to form a ‘“V” formation. If she finds it tiring to keep her legs up, she can reach around her thighs and hold onto them with her hands. She can also bend her legs at the knee to keep them from tiring too quickly. The male partner’s job in this position is straightforward. He needs to thrust in and out at a pace that is comfortable for both partners. If he wants to make it more interesting, he can alternate between thrusting and grinding up against his partner’s pelvis. This will induce more clitoral stimulation and potentially help his partner orgasm. The female partner can do this for herself if she wants to reach down and play with her clitoris. Her hands are also free to drag her fingernails down her partner’s back while he’s thrusting.

Praying mantis sex position

Praying Mantis Position

The female partner will be on her back in the praying mantis position with her legs spread apart. Her male partner will kneel in between her legs and enter her from this position. He will then lift one of his partner’s legs until it is resting on his shoulder. The female partner can either keep her leg straight or bent, whichever is more comfortable for her. Her other leg will be off to the side, either lying on the bed or wrapped around her partner’s waist if she finds that more comfortable. Wrapping her leg around her partner will draw him closer to her, allowing for tighter, deeper penetration. The praying mantis position is an easy transition from the anvil sex position. But while both the praying mantis and the anvil sex position are sex positions that allow for deep penetration, the praying mantis is slightly less intense. This could be a good option for those who find sex positions with deep penetration uncomfortable. The praying mantis position also requires far less flexibility than the anvil sex position. Like most sex positions, this one might take some time to figure out how to position your body to get the most out of it.  If needed, propping a pillow up underneath the female partner’s hips might add a little more intensity to the penetration. You and your partner may have to experiment to get it right.

The Deckchair Position

Of all the anvil sex position variations, the deckchair is probably the most comfortable for both partners. To get into it, couples will start in a missionary position with the female partner lying on her back and her partner on top of her. From here, the female partner will lift both of her legs into a bent position. The male partner will be positioned between her legs, looping one or both arms under her knees and placing his hands on the bed beside her. In this way, the male partner will support both of his partner’s legs while he thrusts inside her. The deckchair allows for deep penetration, much like the anvil sex position, but without the need for as much flexibility.  The female partner will especially find this position more comfortable for that reason alone. The deckchair can be a good transition when her legs are tired from holding any of the other previously mentioned anvil sex position variations. The male partner won’t have to worry too much about hurting his partner in this position as it does not allow for as deep penetration as the other sex positions. For that reason, he can thrust with more intricate strokes if he wants to. He won’t be able to do much to stimulate his partner’s clitoris as his hands will be supporting his weight. However, his partner can do this herself as there is plenty of space between them for her to reach down and touch herself.

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Tips for Doing the Anvil Sex Position

While most of the work is done by the male partner in the anvil sex position and its variations, the female partner will be testing her flexibility. No one’s legs should be pushed back onto their chest for an extended amount of time. It’s just not natural or comfortable. Unless you are a gymnast, the anvil sex position can get tiring pretty quickly. In this case, it is vital to communicate with your partner when you need to take a break or switch sex positions. It may even be worth it to stretch first beforehand as It’s easy to hurt yourself in the anvil sex position if you’re not careful. As the male partner, you should be checking in with your partner to ensure she is comfortable. It's easy to be in the heat of the moment while performing sex positions and not recognize how much pressure you apply to her stretched-out hamstrings. If you feel that you are, take a moment to lean back and give her a rest. No amount of fun trying new sex positions is worth tearing a hamstring muscle.

Sometimes the depth of penetration can be too deep during the anvil sex position. This can cause discomfort or pain during sex for some women, especially if her partner’s penis reaches her cervix. If at any time your female partner experiences pain during sex, it is essential to stop immediately. It could be that you need to switch up your angle or go slower with more shallow thrusts. It may be a good idea to change speed, as sometimes slower thrusts are more ideal for stimulating the G-spot. However, most women will no doubt find the hamstring stretch to be the more uncomfortable part about the anvil sex position. To alleviate some discomfort, the female partner can try bending her legs at the knees so that the hamstring stretch is not quite as intense. She can also try supporting her thighs by pulling them towards her with her hands. But if the anvil sex position is still uncomfortable for either one of you, you may need to switch to one of its variations or a new position altogether. Not all sex positions will work for everyone, and that’s okay. This could be especially true for female partners who are on the heavier side. Big, beautiful women (BBW) may be limited when it comes to sex positions that require more advanced physical maneuvers. In that case, couples should check BBW sex positions or sex positions ideal for bigger ladies. Although the anvil sex position may not be for you, there are plenty more fun sex positions to choose from to make your bedroom activities more exciting.

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