Mind Blowing Sex Positions for Every Relationship

Couple kissing in bed

Are you looking to spice up your sex life? Do you want to have fun in more mind blowing sex positions? At every stage in your relationship, it's essential to keep things fresh and flirty.

So whether your sex life is feeling a little dull or you want to switch things up, we've got you covered. This guide is here to help you keep that spark alive.

Note: Some of these mind blowing sex positions may require a certain level of flexibility or fitness. Please proceed with caution and be sure to communicate with your partner if things don't feel right.

Also, many of these positions can be used or easily modified and used by same-sex partners. Throughout the article, giving and receiving partners are noted to help you adapt these mind blowing sex positions to fit your relationship's needs. However, we will primarily be discussing cisgender, heterosexual relationships.

The Seated Scissors

The first of our mind blowing sex positions is called seated scissors. This variation of reverse cowgirl puts the receiving partner in the driver's seat.

To try out this sex position, first, have the giving partner lay down flat or slightly propped up. Then the woman climbs on top facing the direction of their partner's feet.

She then straddles one of the man's legs, with one knee against the man's corresponding hip. Finally, with their legs intertwined, she can grip her partner's knee for more control.

Men love visual stimulation, and these mind blowing sex positions give them a fantastic view of their partner's butt. Meanwhile, his hands are free to roam and sensually caress her body.

Try experimenting with each side to see what feels best. Most people don't have symmetrical bodies, and this position is great for finding just the right angle to maximize both partners' pleasure.

Where To Try Mind Blowing Sex Positions Like the Seated Scissors

This position requires quite a bit of space. Such sex positions like this one are best suited for a bed, floor, or cozy rug next to a crackling fireplace.

Mind Blowing Sex Positions That Complement the Seated Scissors

Are you having mind-blowing sex in seated scissors? Try transitioning into reverse cowgirl. You can accomplish this position change by swinging the woman's other leg to the outside of the man's other hip so she is fully straddling.

It's also a breeze to transition from the seated scissors sex position to the timeless option, doggy style. In this case, the woman will move both legs between the man's legs while propped on her knees. Then the man can move forward into doggy to continue having fun in mind-blowing sex positions.

Spicing Things Up in Seated Scissors

Do you want to add a little extra to these mind blowing sex positions? The seated scissors position leaves plenty of room for clitoral stimulation via fingers or a vibrator. A small butt plug for either partner could also accelerate the thrill.

Couple kissing in bed

The Pretzel Dip

Are you wanting the deep penetration from doggy style but missing the intimacy? Then the pretzel dip could be one of your newest favorite mind blowing sex positions.

The receiving partner will lay on their side to perform the pretzel dip while the giving partner straddles their bottom leg. The women's other leg then wraps around the man's waist. For deeper penetration, this leg can rest on the man's shoulder, or he could grip it for improved coordination.

The pretzel sex position is incredibly intimate. With your bodies entirely interwoven, it's easy to feel that close connection to your partner emotionally. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities for steamy eye contact.

We all know sometimes adaptations need to be made to hit the right spot. For some, the pretzel dip could be one of the perfect sex positions, especially if your man's package curves in one direction. You can expect to receive more powerful thrusts that hit just right and increased g-spot stimulation by rotating a quarter turn.

Where To Try Mind Blowing Sex Positions like the Pretzel Dip

The pretzel dip sex position pairs perfectly with romantic music and a big comfy bed. It's perfect for date night or a hot night away at a hotel. For practical reasons, we recommend you try this position on a flat surface to ensure maximum control.

Mind Blowing Sex Positions That Complement the Pretzel Dip

If you're enjoying the romance of the pretzel dip sex position, you may want to combine it with missionary. A classic for a reason, missionary helps you connect deeply with your partner while you both work towards the big-O.

Alternatively, consider a variation on missionary where the woman places her ankles on the man's shoulders called the butterfly. This position is spicy in its own right but is mind-blowingly sexy when combined with the pretzel dip.

To transition from the pretzel dip to either missionary or its variation, untwist the woman's bottom leg first. Then, once it is safely out from under the man, you can move smoothly into more mind blowing sex positions.

Spicing Things Up in Pretzel Dip

As a bonus, while doing the pretzel dip, butts are super easily accessible. The pretzel dip is a fantastic position for spanking the woman if that's something she enjoys. The man's butt is also easy to grab, and the woman may want to hold on to participate in the thrusting.

If either partner is into anal play, this is a great position to play with butt plugs or other toys. Since the pretzel dip is so intimate, the connection can help facilitate trust for trying toys or fingers for anal penetration.

table top sex position

The Tabletop

Next on our list of mind blowing sex positions is the tabletop. This sex position is perfect for when passion strikes suddenly. So hastily clear the nearest table or counter and thrust your partner on top of it, and do the tabletop!

To do the tabletop, the receiving partner will lay at the edge of a table. Her legs will either go to the man's sides or rest on his shoulders. Then, the giving partner will enter from a standing position, holding either his partner's legs or waist.

This position is perfect for when your vertical heights don't match the height of your passion. Since, unlike other standing mind blowing sex positions, the tabletop is easily adaptable to partners with mismatched sizes.

The tabletop sex position has a spur-of-the-moment roughness to it while incorporating a lot of eye contact. It's perfect for those steamy, "I need you right now" moments.

Where To Try Mind Blowing Sex Positions Like the Tabletop

The tabletop isn't limited to just tables. Any raised flat surface will do. For example, try your kitchen counter or the desk in your home office. Even a bed that's not too close to the floor will do. Just make sure that wherever you are, you have some privacy.

Mind Blowing Sex Positions That Complement the Tabletop

You can easily combine the tabletop sex position with another standing, mind-blowing sex positions. For example, try having the woman swing around, lie face down on the surface and have the man enter from behind.

Or perhaps you can move over to a nearby chair. In this case, you could have the man sit down, and the woman straddles him while facing each other. She can then use her powerful legs to bounce up and down.

spiced tabletop sex position

Spicing Things Up in Tabletop

The tabletop can also be one of the best sex positions for role-play activities. For example, you could act out student and teacher, or secretary and boss fantasies if you have a desk to use.

If you like things a bit rougher, you can incorporate a face-first tabletop into some fun dominant and submissive play.

lotus sex position

The Lotus

If you're seeking to get closer to your partner and build that crazy passionate connection, make sure you try out the lotus sex position. This one of our mind blowing sex positions comes from the ancient Hindu text, the Kama Sutra.

Like all mind blowing sex positions from the Kama Sutra, the lotus promotes emotional intimacy through touch. However, unlike other Kama Sutra positions, you don't need to be a gymnast to pull this off.

To try the lotus sex position, start by having the giving partner sit cross-legged. Then have the receiving partner straddle him and wrap both legs around his waist.

Once in the lotus position, enjoy rocking back and forth or grinding on your partner. While thrusting may be out of the cards, the physical intimacy and built-up anticipation will make you both wild.

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Where To Try Mind Blowing Sex Positions Like the Lotus

It's best to perform the lotus sex position on a firm flat surface. Consider using a yoga mat on the floor since the lotus sex position is similar to the lotus yoga pose.

If your mattress is not too soft, you may also enjoy the lotus in bed. The only drawback is you might be working with a limited range of motion. If that's the case, this could be an excellent opportunity for some sensual grinding and kissing.

Mind Blowing Sex Positions That Complement the Lotus

The lotus is the perfect sex position to pair with other intimate activities. A session in lotus is sure to include plenty of eye-gazing, kissing, and rubbing. After this full-body experience, you may want to switch to another romantic position.

Enjoy the bond you have with your partner as you continue to rock their world. Whether you prefer missionary, the butterfly, or even the pretzel dip, other intimate sex positions are perfect after the lotus.

spiced lotus sex position

Spicing Things Up in Lotus

Lean into the romantic vibe of the lotus to add some extra intimate fun. Try your hand at some erotic or dirty talk. You could even try breathing deeply together to strengthen your bond further.

The lotus is also the perfect position for using toys. Either partner can use a small bullet vibrator to increase the woman's pleasure further.

Or you could try a vibrating cock ring. Some men prefer thrusting, but sex in the lotus position consists of smaller movements. A vibrating cock ring would ensure the man has plenty of exciting stimulation.

sideways 69 sex position

The Sideways Sixty-Nine

Whether you're looking for some foreplay or love oral, the sixty-nine sex position is famous for allowing giving and receiving simultaneously. Here we explore the sideways sixty-nine.

Sixty-nining is one of the best mind blowing sex positions for mutual oral fun. Still, it can get tiring to hold yourself up for extended oral sessions. So let's flip this one on its side!

First, lie down facing your partner's feet and have them do the same. Next, twist your top leg to the side with a raised knee so your genitals are exposed to your partner. Depending on your partner, you might even be able to rest your head on their bottom leg.

From this angle, sixty-nine is more intimate and more comfortable. Now you can enjoy each other's bodies for an extended period.

Where To Try Mind Blowing Sex Positions Like the Sideways Sixty-Nine

The mind blowing sex positions sideways sixty-nine is best done in a comfortable bed. However, any place where both you and your partner can lay down comfortably will work.

Consider setting the mood with sexy music, fluffy pillows, and plenty of drinking water. Things are about to get hot!

Mind Blowing Sex Positions That Complement the Sideways Sixty-Nine

The sideways sixty-nine is a great sex position on its own, or it can be an act of foreplay before the main sex show.

Foreplay helps to warm up the body and the mind for mind blowing sex positions. In sideways sixty-nine, both partners get to enjoy the benefits of foreplay at the same time.

You could also use sideways sixty-nine as a break in vigorous sex. It's super sexy to incorporate oral fun into a long session.

spiced sideways 69 sex position

Spicing Things Up in Sideways Sixty-Nine

Since sideways sixty-nine frees up each partner at least one had, there are tons of things you can add. Fingering, both for women and men, can seriously increase oral pleasure. Toys are also a great addition.

spork sex position

The Spork

Another mind blowing sex positions you need to try is called the spork. This position incorporates all the closeness of spooning but with better leverage and a fantastic view of each other.

This half-spooning, half-forking sex position is aptly named after the spork, the spoon, and fork combo utensil. But don't let that put you off! Before you know it, you'll love the spork.

In this missionary variant, have the receiving partner lie on their back with one leg raised. Then the giving partner will enter at a ninety-degree angle. The top leg is then free to rest against the man's waist or even shoulder.

The spork sex position combines deep penetration while maintaining intimacy. It's even an excellent position for modifying to fit physical limitations.

Where To Try Mind Blowing Sex Positions Like the Spork

The spork is perfect for anywhere you and your partner enjoy having sex lying down. This sex position is great for lazy late-night sessions or private outdoor picnics.

Mind Blowing Sex Positions That Complement the Spork

If you enjoy the low-energy aspect of the spork sex position, you may enjoy the more traditional spooning sex position. Here you get to be even more snuggled up but will lack the eye contact that makes the spork so great.

Alternatively, if the spork drove you wild and you wanted to heat things even more, you could easily roll into traditional woman-on-top cowgirl sex positions.

spiced spork sex position

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Spicing Things Up in Spork

The spork is one of many sensual and mind blowing sex positions you can try with your partner. Because of the man's sideways position, both partners are in a perfect place to stimulate the woman's clit, whether manually or using a toy.

Kissing and caressing are also great additions to the spork sex position. Enjoy your partner's body while trying this sensual position.

ballet sex position

The Ballet Dancer

Are you and your partner tired of only having sex in bed? Then, switch it up with this neat standing position. As the name ballet dancer suggests, this is one of the mind blowing sex positions that require a bit of balance, but it feels incredible.

To perform the ballet dancer sex position, both partners start standing. Then the receiver will wrap one leg around the giver's waist and their arms around his neck. Having the woman raise one leg like this creates more stimulation for both partners.

Where To Try Mind Blowing Sex Positions Like the Ballet Dancer

The best thing about the ballet dancer position is it allows you to have sex anywhere. No beds, tables, or chairs are necessary! However, it can be helpful to have at least a wall nearby to use for balance.

Because of the locational freedom this mind-blowing sex position gives you, we suggest you try it anywhere you're sure you have privacy.

Mind Blowing Sex Positions That Complement the Ballet Dancer

Since the ballet dancer sex position can be a bit of a workout, you may want to incorporate other standing sex positions.

If you are trying the ballet dancer without any props, you may also want to try the stand and deliver. In this position, the woman stands with her back facing her partner. Then, she bends at the waist, and the man enters from behind. For stability, the man may hold the woman's arms. Or she can choose to use her legs or the floor for balance.

spiced ballet sex position

Spicing Things Up in Ballet Dancer

The ballet dancer sex position is incredibly hot on its own. Consider all the tight places you could have sex in using this position. Now that's super hot.

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