Top Oral Sex Positions Explained

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Let's talk about oral sex. In many cultures, oral sex is seen as taboo. Even in Western culture, oral sex was deemed inappropriate in the not-too-distant past. Using one's mouth to please their partner sexually was "gross" or "immoral". Fortunately, times have changed ("fortunately" can't be stressed enough). Surveys show that most adult Americans have both given or received oral sex at least once in their lifetime. But if oral sex is so popular, why do you hardly hear about oral sex positions? After all, there are many ways to perform oral sex to make it more interesting and enjoyable. There's more to it than wagging your tongue around your partner's privates (although, that's not not a thing to do). The top oral sex positions are fun for both partners and can be performed on either partner regardless of their genitalia. So, get your mouths down there, ladies and gents (as long as you want to, that is)!

What's Considered Oral Sex?

Oral sex positions involve using one's mouth and tongue to stimulate their partner's genitals or anus, through licking or sucking. Human genitals have thousands of nerve endings which make them super sensitive to experiencing different sensations (touch, intercourse, or oral sex positions). In the penis, most of the nerve endings exist in the tip or head while in female anatomy, the most sensitive part of the vagina is the clitoris. Meaning, penetrative sex isn't necessary for either gender to orgasm. Oral sex positions are a form of non-penetrative sex (yes, no penetration needs to occur for something to be considered sex) that typically feel great for both partners. While fingering, rubbing, and other forms of non-penetrative sex have their place, oral sex positions introduce a much more titillating sensation. The feeling of warmth and wetness on your genitals or anus (sensitive nerve endings also exist in the anus, making oral sex positions pleasurable there as well) can be highly erotic for most people, especially if you have a partner who does it right.

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Top Oral Sex Positions Explained

The 69

Most adults have heard of, and have some idea of, what the 69 oral sex positions entail. The 69 oral sex position is named for the shape both partners make while doing it. To do the 69, both partners will align themselves so that their mouths can please their partner's genitals. The 69 could involve one person lying on top of their partner with their genitals on top of their partner's face and their face, well, on top of their partner's genitals. Or a couple can try doing the 69 more comfortably by lying on their sides in the opposite direction of their partner and attempting the oral sex positions that way. However a couple chooses to do it, the goal is to have both partners' genitals orally stimulated at the same time. While in theory, the 69 seems like a win-win for both partners, most couples would agree that the 69 doesn't do it for them. Number one, the position can be difficult or uncomfortable to be in for any length of time. Secondly, some people may find it difficult to focus on their own pleasure while busy pleasuring someone else at the same time. The 69 is one of the most classic oral sex positions but may not be your favorite. But if you've never tried it with your partner and want to be adventurous, give it a go. Every couple is different and what doesn't work for most may do wonders for you.

Face Sitting

Facesitting is an oral sex position that looks exactly as it sounds. The receiving partner will essentially sit on the giving partner's face and receive oral sex. Facesitting is the best sex position for a receiving partner who likes to be in control. To do the facesitting oral sex positions, start by having the giving partner lie on their back on the bed. Make sure the giving partner is comfortable and has a pillow underneath their head to support their neck. The receiving partner will then (somewhat awkwardly) climb on top of their partner and position their genitals on top of their partner's face. Although the sex position is called facesitting, be sure that you aren't actually sitting on your partner's face. Yes, your genitals should be aligned with your partner's mouth so that they can orally please you, but you don't want to suffocate them. Make sure you are bearing most of your weight on your knees, not their face. From here, the receiving partner can move, grind, or circle their hips as they please to receive the ultimate oral pleasure from this oral sex position. Many oral sex positions require the giver to strain their necks in uncomfortable positions. What's great about the facesitting oral sex position is that it's easier on the giver's neck. As long as the receiving partner doesn't put too much pressure on their face, the giver can lie back and relax while they orally stimulate their partner.

The Giraffe

In the giraffe oral sex position, the giving partner will be lying on their back on the bed, much like they were performing face sitting oral sex positions. The difference between the two oral sex positions is that the giving partner's head will instead be hanging slightly off the edge of the bed. And instead of the receiving partner sitting on top of their partner's face, they will stand over their partner's face to be orally stimulated. In the giraffe, the receiving partner can either stand facing their partner or stand facing away from their partner, whichever feels best for them. Standing facing their partner allows them to touch and stimulate the giving partner's upper body (or lower body if their arms can reach), making it an oral sex position more enjoyable for both partners. The giving partner can also use their arms to reach around and grab their partner's buttocks or thighs for more sensual contact. The downside to the giraffe oral sex position is that it may be hard on the giving partner's neck. Because the giving partner's neck doesn't receive a lot of support, the giraffe should only be performed for short periods, or for however long the giving partner feels comfortable.

Lying Down

Oral sex positions don't have to involve crazy stunts or positioning to be orgasmic. Classic lying down oral sex can be just as stimulating and intense. The lying down position is simple; the receiving partner lies on their back on the bed while the giving partner "goes down" on them from a kneeling or bent over position. To allow for better access to their genitals, the receiving partner should spread their legs wide. The giving partner will then have the best access to their partner's vagina or penis and can go to town doing their thing. If the giving partner wants to make these oral sex positions more stimulating, they can gently scratch or caress their partner's inner thighs while they're licking and sucking away. The inner thighs are an erogenous zone for many people, and touching this area may make oral sex feel more amazing for the receiving partner.

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Standing Oral

Standing oral requires the receiving partner to stand against a wall with their legs slightly spread while the giving partner kneels in front of them to give them oral stimulation. Besides being a more interesting way to give and receive oral sex, standing oral may give the receiver more of a sense of power. The dominant versus submissive power dynamic in the bedroom is popular amongst many couples. Both the dominant and submissive partners feel pleasure in submitting or being submitted to. It can make oral sex positions like standing oral more interesting and sexier. Standing oral can be performed anywhere there is a sturdy wall for the receiving partner to lean against. For a super-steamy oral sex session, try doing standing oral while in the shower. The warm water rushing over your body will make the warmth of your partner's mouth on your genitals feel extra sexy. Standing oral stimulation works well for partners of both genders but may work especially well for giving your male partner oral pleasure.


Doggy style is among the favorite penetrative sex positions for both men and women. Doggy-style oral sex is a little bit different but just may become one of your favorite oral sex positions, as well. Doggy-style oral sex is best suited for female partners with vaginas to be on the receiving end. However, either gender can enjoy doggy style oral if they enjoy ass eating. Both partners will need to be on their hands and knees for doggy-style oral. The receiving partner will be in front of the giving partner with their legs spread slightly.

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The giving partner will then be able to perform oral on their partner's genitals or anus from their kneeling position behind them. Doggy-style oral sex positions allow for the giving partner to pleasure both their partner's genitals and anus at the same time. Having both sensitive areas stimulated at the same time can be extra appealing for the receiving partner.

Lying On Stomach

Performing oral sex positions while lying on your stomach is more comfortable for both partners. The receiving partner will lie on their stomach on the bed with their legs spread apart. The giving partner will also be on their stomach as they lie between their partner's legs to give them oral. Oral sex positions while lying on the stomach works best for receiving partners with vaginas as it's more difficult to reach the penis from this position. However, male partners who enjoy their ass being eaten may find this position works comfortably well. The giving partner will find lying on their stomach while performing oral sex positions slightly easier on their neck and likely less tiring. For added comfort, they can try placing a pillow underneath their chin, so they have more support while pleasing their partner.

Sitting Oral

Sitting oral requires the receiving partner to sit on the side of the bed, couch, or chair while the giving partner kneels in front of them to pleasure them. Sitting oral works well for both genders and is relatively comfortable for the giver and receiver. The only thing the receiving partner needs to worry about in sitting oral is leaning back and enjoying the act. The giving partner will likely find sitting oral to be most generous on their neck as they aren't required to strain it in an uncomfortable direction.

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However, they may want to consider placing a cushion beneath their knees to protect them from being bruised, especially if they're kneeling on a hard surface. To make this oral sex position more interesting, try changing up the atmosphere. Sitting oral can be performed anywhere there's a place to sit like the kitchen counter, the seat of a car, the coffee table, or even the bathroom sink at a fancy restaurant (if you're into public sex that is).

Tips for Performing Oral Sex Positions

Use Extra Stimulation

Most oral sex positions focus on pleasing one partner at a time. The giving partner, though often more than happy to focus solely on their partner's pleasure, is left out of any stimulation of their own. Incorporating a sex toy in the mix can allow for both partners to enjoy themselves at the same time. A female partner on the giving end of oral sex positions may benefit from using a vibrator for clitoral stimulation while they're pleasuring their partner. In this way, both partners may be able to climax at the same time. Male partners on the giving end of oral sex positions can either use their hand to give themselves a hand job or opt for using a masturbating sleeve. Sex toys bring an added element of pleasure into any sex position, including oral sex positions. Don't be shy about pulling out your adult toy box. Both partners should feel equally satisfied in bed and if sex toys are what do it for you, go for it.

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Blindfolding during sex is often incorporated into BDSM sex play but it works well for oral sex positions too. Being blindfolded heightens your awareness of sensation because you can't rely on your sight for telling you what's coming. A blindfold can make oral sex positions feel more intense for the receiver and allow them to focus more on their pleasure. Blindfolds during sex may also strengthen the bond between you and your partner. There is a certain level of trust that must be exchanged between two partners when using blindfolds during sex.

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Blindfolds play into the submissive versus dominant dynamic, which ideally should only be practiced between couples who are comfortable with one another. If you and your partner want to take the dominant versus submissive role play to the next level, incorporate blindfolding and bondage. Tying or handcuffing the receiving partner's wrists during oral sex positions will make for an extra kinky experience that'll be fun for both partners. Just don't lose the keys! Your 911 call for help would never be forgotten.

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Nipple Clamps

Oral sex positions typically only allow for the giving partner to stimulate your genitals. The positioning of most oral sex positions often makes it difficult for the giving partner to reach other body parts, like the nipples. If you're someone who likes more stimulation and likes to mix pain with pleasure, consider trying nipple clamps. Nipple clamps aren't for everyone but for those who get off on painful pleasure, well, they might be for you. You can use nipple clamps on either yourself or your partner while giving or receiving. Nipples are erogenous zones for most females. The nerve endings in women's nipples light up the same part of the brain as when our clitoris or cervix is stimulated, which explains why nipple orgasms exist. Teasing the nipples via nipple clamps during oral sex positions may make the female orgasm that much more spectacular.

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Use Oral Lubes

While embarking on a journey of intimate exploration, oral lubes can be the tantalizing elixir that elevates the sensations to new heights of pleasure. Whether you're adding a dash of adventure to your bedroom escapades or simply seeking to elevate the art of lovemaking, oral lubes offer a sensory symphony that leaves you and your partner craving encore after encore. So, dive into the enticing realm of oral pleasure, where desires intertwine, intimacy deepens, and passion takes center stage. Let your senses guide you on this pleasure-filled adventure, and savor the tantalizing moments that linger on your lips long after the night is over.

Finishing Off

There are many ways to have hot, steamy sex. Oral sex positions are non-penetrative sex acts that are pleasurable for both partners involved. Most Americans have experimented with oral sex as either the giver or receiver. The oral sex positions featured in this article are just some of the ways you and your partner can experiment with pleasuring each other orally. Oral sex positions are especially advantageous for same-sex couples or couples who cannot engage in penetrative sex due to personal circumstances.

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Penetrative sex is by no means the only way of receiving sexual pleasure. In many cases, far from it. You and your partner can use these oral sex positions to bring something new into the bedroom. Take your time learning how to do them correctly and of course, always make sure both of you are comfortable with them. Perform oral sex as the main event or even as foreplay before penetrative sex. Either way, get ready to put your tongue to work.

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