Top Lesbian Sex Positions Explained

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Key Points

  • Discover how you and your partner like having your clitoris, G-spot, and nipples stimulated.

  • Experiment with popular lesbian sex positions to bring each other pleasure from all angles.

  • Incorporate sex toys into the bedroom to bring your pleasure to new heights and grow more intimate.

  • Choose positions that are loving and sensual, or spice things up with domination roles and BDSM.

Finding what lesbian sex positions work for you and your girlfriend, or your latest HER match, is tricky. It's often difficult for women to orgasm, so women need to learn what works best for their bodies. As a woman who likes other women, you want to know the best way to make your partner climax. After all, every woman is different. What works for you won’t necessarily work for her, and vice versa.

Before we go further, know that "lesbian sex" is simply referring to two vagina owners having sex, and you don't need to label yourself as a lesbian to get it on with a hot girl.

Though, as women, we all know where to find the clitoris (hopefully), there’s much more to sex than simply “rubbing the nub.” Masturbate to find what you like and communicate with your partner about what gets you off. Then, experimenting with different lesbian sex positions gives you and your partner a chance to explore your bodies together. Find the best ways to make your partner reach climax by learning new pleasure techniques. Read on to learn more about the top lesbian sex positions to incorporate them into the bedroom and use them as inspiration for exploration.

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Top Lesbian Sex Positions

Everyone has their own favorite sex positions. Positions for making out, fingering, receiving oral, and any other way you stimulate each other. Understand these popular positions for women pleasuring each other to find your new favorite with your boo. Before you jump right to the heavy action, make sure you engage in some making out, foreplay, and sensuality to turn up the heat.

According to sex coach and doctor of human sexuality, Dr. Emily Morse, "Let’s engage her imagination. Teasing is an excellent way to flip the script and an incredible way to build tension. Why? Think about it: as women, we’re often socialized to be pursued, to be pounced on. This is why it’s so novel and so hot, to delay our gratification. So how to do it? 

  • Start verbally. Once you’re touching, ask questions. 'Do you like this? Do you want more?'

  • Next, get suggestive. For example: maybe you haven’t progressed to oral sex yet, but you can preview it with other body parts (sucking fingers, using your tongue on her thighs, etc.)

  • Finally, draw out the pleasure. Instead of doing X right away (oral, penetration, etc.) try edging up onto the act, little by little."

Face Sitting

Facesitting is a favorite lesbian sex position among ladies who love getting or giving oral. Start with having your partner lie on her back with a pillow placed comfortably beneath her neck. Straddle your partner’s head by placing one knee on either side of her face. Your clitoris should be just above her mouth, giving her full access to your lady bits. Slowly lower down onto your partner’s face until she can orally pleasure you.

Facesitting is one of the lesbian sex positions that allows your partner to satisfy you orally, while you control the movement. When you’re facesitting, control what you like by moving up, down, forward, backward, sideways, in circles, or anything that sends chills up your spine. Being in control of oral sex allows you to find what position and movements are most pleasurable. Meanwhile, your partner gets to rest their neck on a comfy pillow and see you from an amazing angle.

Need more support while facesitting? Try using a queening stool. Queening stools are small, usually wooden, or plastic stools with a circular hole in the middle. There’s enough room underneath the stool for your partner to put their head under while you sit on top. Through the hole in the stool, they have access to your vagina to perform oral sex. Meanwhile, you can relax and enjoy while having the stool support your weight.


Intimate lesbian sex positions, like spooning, are perfect for a sensual moment with your partner. Lesbian sex positions that bring you as close to your partner as possible are great for building a stronger connection. You’ll even increase your oxytocin production with more skin-on-skin contact. Oxytocin is a hormone that encourages bonding with your partner.

Start by lying on the bed next to your partner and assume a spooning position, where you both lie down on your side, facing the same way, tight together. The “little spoon” is the partner pressed against the other partner’s front body. Align your hips so your pelvises stack one in front of the other.

The “big spoon, or the partner facing their partner’s backside gently reaches one hand around to their partner’s vagina. Comfortably stimulate your partner’s clitoris, finger them, or use a toy on them. Use your other hand to massage your partner’s back or reach your arm under and around your partner to play with their breasts. Allow your partner to fully enjoy your stimulation or they can stimulate you simultaneously with their leg or hand rubbing on your clitoris.

Spooning is one of the most intimate lesbian sex positions because you are close and personal with your partner. You’re able to whisper sweet nothings into each other's ears and enjoy embracing one another. There’s a time and place for crazy, raunchy lesbian sex positions, but spooning allows you to be romantic.

Two lesbians spooning in bed

Kneeling Oral

Oral lesbian sex positions are popular, probably because most women find oral sex extremely pleasurable. The sensation of your partner’s warm, wet tongue stimulating your clitoris and labia is, well, orgasmic. There's no other way you need to describe it! Kneeling oral is oral sex with a twist. Have your partner sit in a chair with her legs spread wide. Kneel in front of her and gently spread her legs apart farther as you begin to pleasure her orally.

Your partner will love watching you go down on her from her position in the chair. It will give her a different vantage point. If you want to make this move kinkier, incorporate some BDSM. Try tying her hands and legs to the chair to make her feel more vulnerable. If you prefer to be the submissive partner, have her tie your wrists together while she holds your head in between her legs.

Oral lesbian sex positions are always hot, but make it hotter by stimulating the nerves in her inner thighs. The nerve endings in women’s inner thighs are extremely sensitive. Massage, nibble, or use your tongue to trace the outline of her inner thigh to drive her wild. The stimulation on her thighs and clitoral stimulation could bring her to orgasm in record time.

Try inserting your fingers into her vagina to find her G-spot. By moving your fingers upward in a “come hither” motion, you stimulate her special spot and induce an earth-shattering orgasm the neighbors will surely hear (Good! Let them hear it!).

The Reach Around

The reach-around is a sexy position for women who like to be submissive. If you're the dominant partner, press your partner's belly side up against the wall and press your body close against hers. You can also approach her from behind like a hug without pressing her into the wall. Spread her legs and reach one of your hands around to forcefully (but gently) begin stimulating her clitoris. Use your other hand to grab her breasts or pull her waist closer to you.

Lesbian sex positions like the reach around give partners a chance to experiment with dominant vs. submissive roles. Pressing your partner up against a wall while you pleasure her is a dominant move that gives you a sense of control. Put a blindfold on your partner for more kink while you’re pleasuring her. Use the opportunity to whisper dirty things while she’s writhing in pleasure.

Perform the reach-around in a kneeling position on the bed if you prefer. Instead of standing behind your partner, have her kneel in front of you. You’ll be on your knees behind her with one hand stimulating her clitoris while your other arm wraps around her waist. In this position, she’s able to reach up and wrap her arms around your neck if she wants. This creates the perfect opportunity to lean down and plant kisses or gentle love bites along her neck.

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Doggy Style

Doggy style isn’t just for people who have penises. Doggy style is a lesbian sex position with a few small tweaks. Both of you get on your hands and knees. If you're the giving partner, get behind your partner facing her bum. Spread her legs apart just slightly to access her genitals. Stay on your hands and knees or come to a kneeling position behind her. Then, use one or both of your hands to stimulate her clitoris, and labia, or insert your fingers into her vagina.

Press your body into hers for extra skin contact, kiss down her spine, and spank her ass (if she's into that). The doggy style gives you access to her vagina and anus simultaneously. If she’s into anal play, use this opportunity to engage in double penetration by using both hands to penetrate her anus and vagina, or use a dildo. Alternatively, engage in anal play with anal beads and butt plugs.

If your partner prefers oral over penetration, use the doggy-style sex position to go down on her from behind. She’ll enjoy the stimulation while you enjoy the awesome view of her supple, spankable booty.


Scissoring is one of the more classic lesbian sex positions, and for a good reason (thank you, The L Word). Scissoring brings the powerful sensation of simultaneous stimulation. Lie on your sides with your pelvises facing one another. Entangle yourselves together so that your vaginas are touching one another’s. Finding a comfortable position for both of you might take some time. Once you’re comfortable you can begin grinding your vaginas together to create mutual clitoral stimulation.

If this is uncomfortable, try using lube. Lube makes gliding and grinding on your partner’s vagina easier. It will also decrease the risk of chafing, which could occur if both you and your partner shave down there. Take turns grinding on one another or go at it simultaneously. However you choose to do it, both of you will be getting clitoral stimulation at the same time.

Explore rubbing your clitorises on each other's thighs for another style of scissoring. This allows you both to find a rhythm that works for your body and is a bit easier to align.

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Best Lesbian Sex Positions With a Strap-On

A strap-on is a perfect sex toy for lesbian couples to experience penetrative sex. Use a dildo or vibrator for penetration in lesbian sex positions. A strap-on allows the giving partner to feel more active in the pleasure-giving. Not all women like using strap-ons, which is fine. Never feel pressured to engage in a sexual act you don't feel comfortable doing. Ladies who do enjoy strap-ons or are curious about lesbian sex positions with strap-ons, we’ve got a few for you to try.

Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

Couples who like having sex with strap-ons will love the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) to produce mutual orgasms. Wear your favorite strap-on and have your partner lie on her back on the bed. Do the CAT Climb on top of her in a missionary position with your arms on either side of your partner and your legs in between hers. Insert the strap-on into her vagina, probably not all the way. Then, lean forward and over onto one side of her shoulder. Have her lift one of her legs at a 45-degree angle so that the base of the strap-on will come into direct contact with her clitoris. Thrust up and down instead of in and out as you usually would while wearing a strap-on.

Humping your partner creates more friction against her vulva and stimulates her clitoris better, which means that she’ll be more likely to orgasm. You will also experience vaginal and clitoral stimulation from the friction against the base of the strap-on while you wear it. The CAT is one of the best lesbian sex positions with a strap-on that brings both partners to orgasm. One study found that the CAT was successful in helping 56 percent of women achieve orgasm.

Lesbian couple in missionary position


If you love to be on top, then try the cowgirl with a strap-on. Have your partner put on the strap-on and lie on her back. Climb on top and straddle her waist. Slowly lower yourself onto the strap-on and begin to bounce, grind, or gyrate along the shaft of the strap-on. You're on top, so you control how fast and how deep you want the penetration. Many women prefer lesbian sex positions with strap-ons where they get to control the penetration.

Most women don’t orgasm from penetration alone. Clitoral stimulation is necessary to reach climax for most of these women. The cowgirl sex position puts you in a better position for clitoral stimulation because you can grind your clitoris against the base of the strap-on. Try grinding on your partner’s strap-on instead of bouncing or gliding up and down for best results. Grinding in a circular motion will give you a better chance at clitoral stimulation and, in turn, orgasm.

Since you're grinding on a strap-on, you get to fully focus on your pleasure without thinking about how you're pleasing a piece of plastic. This means you fully melt into the sensation and your partner gets a VIP seat to the hottest show.


Missionary may be one of the more vanilla lesbian sex positions with a strap-on. Honestly, it's a reliable position and there's nothing wrong with hitting the classics. If you and your partner enjoy using strap-ons during sex, the missionary sex position is a must-try. Start by having the receiving partner lying on her back on the bed. The partner with the strap-on climbs on top and inserts the strap-on into her partner’s vagina (or anus). She begins to thrust in and out at a comfortable pace.

Missionary positions are great lesbian sex positions for couples who like intimate lovemaking. You’re face to face with your partner giving you excellent eye gazing and skin-to-skin contact. It’s one of the more accessible lesbian sex positions to perform with a strap-on. Couples with mobility or flexibility issues will find the missionary position less difficult than other physically demanding positions.

The downside to doing missionary with a strap-on is that typically only one partner is sexually stimulated. Take turns wearing the strap-on or switch to other positions afterward. Some strap-ons have a portion that inserts into the giving partner's vagina, stimulating her G-spot, or others have textured pads that make contact with the giving partner's clit. Both girls get to get off. Win-Win!

Best Tips for Lesbian Sex Positions

Practice makes perfect when it comes to sex. Now that your inspiration is flowing and you're fantasizing about your partner, remember some of these tips when getting down to it.

Use Toys

Sex toys add fun and pleasure to lesbian experiences. Vibrators, dildos, nipple clamps, and anal beads are fun ways to experiment with sexual satisfaction. They provide a more mutually pleasurable experience for both partners. For example, while you’re going down on your girlfriend and giving her the orgasm of her life, use a vibrator on yourself. You’ll both be able to experience pleasure simultaneously instead of taking turns.

Stick With One Position

While there are many lesbian sex positions to choose from, orgasm is more likely to happen by remaining in one effective position. Try different ones and switch things up during your experimental phase. Once you find something that works for you, keep at it! Switching positions to keep things exciting is sometimes counterproductive to achieving orgasm and sexual satisfaction. Stay patient and enjoy the ride.

Don’t Forget the Lube!

Whether you’re using fingers, toys, strap-ons, or scissoring, having enough lubrication in your lady parts is essential for comfortable sex. Have enough lube handy to make penetration or clitoral stimulation easier and more satisfying for the receiving partner.

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Go Get ’Em, Girl!

Now that you’re versed in some of the top lesbian sex positions, you’re ready to rock your girlfriend’s world. Show her what you’ve learned by incorporating some of these lesbian sex positions into the bedroom. We bet you’ll have her legs shaking and begging you for more. You go get 'em, girl!

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