The 8 Best Positions for Amazing Car Sex

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When you want or need to have sex with your partner, getting adventurous with where and when you do the deed can fuel your desire to even greater heights.

In other words, don't be afraid to think outside the bedroom.

If you are looking to bust out of a mundane rut or can't find a good place and time to have sex at home, sex in the car is a fun possibility.

Having sex in a semi-public place can be a huge turn-on for some. For others, it might be the only private space they can find. The car might be where you had your first kiss since the car is where you say goodbye to your boyfriend or girlfriend after a date. Not to mention everyone knew about that prime make-out spot — Lookout Point or Makeout Ridge — where the high school kids would fool around in cars without their parents knowing.

If the idea of car sex intrigues you, you probably have questions: Is it illegal to have sex in your car? How common is car sex, and who is doing it? What are the best positions for car sex? Find the answers below.

Car Sex Legality

Could using your car provide enough privacy to let you safely make out with your partner but still enjoy the thrill of being a bit naughty in public? Yes, it could, but it comes with some risks you want to keep in mind.

In the United States, the legal ramifications of getting caught having sex in your car differ by state. Having sex in a car in a public space is a criminal offense — even if the punishments and classifications vary.

In most cases, criminal charges for having sex in your car fall under public indecency — sometimes called indecent exposure — or public lewdness statutes. A few states also charge people found having sex in public places, even inside a car, under disorderly conduct rules. Some states have explicit laws against performing sexual acts in public.

Sexual desire, much like other forms of intoxication, causes you to make riskier decisions than you otherwise would. Before engaging in car sex, be sure you're in as secluded and safe a place as possible. Secure the car by placing it in park. Shut off the engine to minimize the risk of accidentally putting it into gear, honking the horn, or flashing the lights.

Besides the obvious risk to you and others from a driverless car in motion, it could draw unwanted attention. Any attention could lead to your being cited or even arrested, so proceed cautiously.

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Prevalence of Car Sex in the United States

Is sex in cars common? Yes, Americans have a lot of sex in cars.

In 2016, an American university conducted an anonymous survey of students regarding sexual behavior in parked vehicles. They surveyed 195 men and 511 women and found that 61 percent of the men and 59.5 percent of the women engaged in sexual activity in a parked car. Of those with car sex experience, 84.6 percent report having had full intercourse in the vehicle.

Dr. Cindy Struckman-Johnson, the psychologist and sex researcher who led the study, notes, "Sex and cars have gone together since the car was invented."

A different survey by a driving-related website polled 1000 Americans on intimacy in vehicles and confirmed that Americans love making love in cars. Results showed that 84.4 percent of respondents had had sex in a car at least once.

The study also found that car sex is not just for the young. The practice is widespread and spans generations. For baby boomers, Generation X, and millennials, intercourse is the most common sexual activity reported. Despite intercourse being the most common sexual activity, oral sex and mutual masturbation rank more satisfactorily, overall.

There are probably a few reasons for oral sex and mutual masturbation ranking higher in satisfaction. Given the tight confines of cars, these acts would be less complicated, quicker, and easier to hide from prying eyes. Oral sex and mutual masturbation are also more common in same-sex sexual encounters, and the study abstract did not elaborate on the sex or gender of the other parties involved in these trysts.

Whether from convenience, necessity, or kink factor, Americans of all sexes and all age groups have tried car sex and enjoyed it.

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Best Car Sex Positions

Once you decide the reward outweighs the risks, you'll want to know which positions work best in vehicles of different sizes.

Here are the eight best positions for car sex and where to use them:

Seated Rear-Entry

Arguably, the seated rear-entry position might be the best car sex position as it works in any vehicle, even the smallest of cars. Kat Van Kirk, sexologist and couple's therapist, says, "The best car position is with him seated in the passenger seat and with her on top, facing away from him for some rear-entry access."

Rear entry does not necessarily mean backdoor entry, though this position works well for both vaginal and anal penetration.

Being on top, you control penetration depth and speed in this position. You or your partner can also easily access your clitoris for additional stimulation. Facing forward provides leverage for you, as you can use either the seat back in front of you or the dashboard to control your movement.


Cowgirl is the classic "girl on top" sexual position. To perform the cowgirl in a car, have the guy lie down in the backseat, back floor, or even the passenger seat fully reclined and as far back as possible. Climb on top of him and lean forward over him a bit. He'll penetrate you from below in this car sex position.

The cowgirl style gives good clitoral stimulation. The positioning with you pressed forward into his pelvic area allows you to move as needed to control penetration speed and apply friction to your clitoral area.

Headspace is the primary concern with this position. If you are particularly tall, be careful not to whack your head on the car's roof. It also requires some leg space for the guy to lie down, meaning the cowgirl position won't work well in a smaller vehicle unless you both are on the shorter end.

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The cargirl position is a seated version of the cowgirl. Have your guy sit upright in either the back or passenger seat with the seat slid back as far as it will go. Straddle him on your knees, tucking your legs against the outsides of his thighs. Either wrap your arms around his neck and shoulders or hold onto the back of the seat for leverage.

Both partners can help with the thrusting rhythm in this position. If your partner's legroom limits his ability to thrust, have him try opening and closing his legs to help move you up and down and make things less taxing on your legs and feet. You could also squat over him on your feet if that position is more comfortable for you.

For a fun variation, try having your guy sit with his legs crisscrossed. Climb on top of him and wrap your legs around his hips. This takes up less space than cowgirl and works great in smaller vehicles where movement is more restricted. You may hear this alternative referred to as "the Om."

Reverse Cowgirl

In reverse cowgirl, everything works the same as the cowgirl position, except when you climb on top of your guy, you'll be facing away from him. This position takes up the same amount of space as the cowgirl position, requiring enough leg space for the guy to lie down.

You'll also need to watch out for your headspace in this position. Be mindful not to hit your head on the roof of the car.

This position does not provide clitoral stimulation as readily as the cowgirl position, but you can use one hand to stimulate yourself in this position if desired.

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Doggystyle provides excellent g-spot stimulation for the lady. The classic positioning has you on the seat on your hands and knees. Your guy positions himself behind you, also on his knees, penetrating you from behind.

He uses his hands on your hips or shoulders to control the thrusting. You can also push back and help maintain the rhythm that feels best for you. Leaning down, so your chest is on the floor or seat, might also increase your pleasure.

If you park in a more secluded area, modify this position to provide more space by backing up to the edge of the seat by one of the doors. With the door open, the guy stands behind you on the ground and performs the same rear-entry penetration activity.

Doggystyle is small space friendly. With both of you on your knees, it reduces the risk of banging your heads against the roof. It should also work well on smaller backseats if the guy keeps his outer leg on the floor and his inner leg folded on the seat at the knee.

Backseat Bender

The backseat bender position makes terrific use of both the back and front passenger seats. In this position, the guy sits in the backseat, facing the front passenger seat. Fold the front passenger seat forward — away from you — and shift it towards the backseat to provide a platform for your back to rest on.

Typically, you'll use this position for oral sex. Still, the creative positioning of that passenger seat lets you modify the cowgirl position into a seated cowgirl position, so you can lean back and rest.


The seashell position is a fun variant of the missionary style. In the backseat or on a truck or SUV floor, lie on your back with your legs stretched out. Have your partner positioned between your legs, knees on the seat, and feet against the side of the car.

Once in position, he can lift your legs, making more room for himself. Depending on your comfort, hold onto your legs and keep them either by your head or near his shoulders. Your partner then braces himself on the seat for maximum thrusting control.

With a bit of finagling to find the best body part placement, this car sex position allows for deeper penetration, g-spot contact, and clitoral stimulation, as your partner's body will slide along that region as he moves.

The seashell position will be somewhat challenging in a small vehicle if your guy is tall. It requires space for your partner to extend their body almost entirely. However, if he fits in the backseat, you can use this position in any size and type of vehicle.

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On the Hood

If you're in a particularly secluded area and feel safe doing so, you can exit the vehicle and use the hood or trunk of the car for support. Try this in a standing missionary position. Lie your back on the car's hood with your hips at the edge. Have your partner stand between your legs for front-entry penetration.

Alternatively, you could stand in front of the hood and bend over, resting your torso against the hood while your partner stands between your legs for rear-entry penetration.

This car sex position puts you at a much higher risk of being seen and potentially getting in trouble. Unless you've got legs for days, it requires a low-profile vehicle, which rules out trucks and many SUVs. To try this position, you'll need to carefully measure the risk versus reward. But this position provides the most space and freedom for each person to enjoy themselves without risk of injury.

Final Thoughts

Being adventurous in your sex life can increase your sexual pleasure. Try out different methods both in the bedroom and out of it to find the things that work best for both people. A change as simple as having sex in a new location could be the spark you crave.

Before trying car sex, it is imperative to understand the risks involved.

Having sex in a public space is illegal, so you could face fines or penalties if caught. Make sure you know the risks and rewards before engaging in car sex.

Some car sex positions put you and your partner at greater risk of physical injury. Adapting sexual situations that you've previously only used indoors to such a confined space could cause anything from leg cramps to concussions. The fact that the car could move without you in control also increases the risk of injury to you and bystanders.

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If you'd like to try different car sex positions, choose ones that feel good and are the safest for your vehicle and location. Be mindful not to hurt yourselves, ensure adequate privacy, and double check the car is parked. Keep the engine off (weather permitting).

Having sex in your car provides privacy and control, with the thrill of moderate risk. Trying different car sex positions can keep things fresh and exciting. Try them all, if you dare, and find the positions you like best.

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