Reverse Missionary Sex Position Explained

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Missionary is the most basic yet satisfying sex position for many couples. Some people like to stick to the classics in all areas of life, including sex. There’s a reason why the missionary position is one of the most preferred sex positions among men and women. The missionary style gets right to the point of penetrative sex. It would make sense then why variations of missionary positions would be equally satisfying for couples. Reverse missionary is a variation of missionary style but, well, reversed. Please keep reading to learn what the reverse missionary position is and how to do it.

What Is a Reverse Missionary Position?

The reverse missionary position is classic missionary style but with the receiving partner on top instead of the penetrating partner. For this article, we’ll describe the reverse missionary position between a male and female couple. The female partner will be lying on top of her male partner, lying on his back with his legs spread. The female partner will climb on top of him and slowly lowers herself onto his penis for penetration. She’ll then lean forward so that her chest and face are level with her partner’s. Her hands will be on either side of her partner’s head, bearing her weight. Reverse missionary is a woman on top sex position very similar to the cowgirl position. The difference is that the female partner will be leaning over her partner, like how the male partner leans over his partner in a missionary position.

Why She’ll Love It

The woman on top sex positions can benefit female partners in several ways. Being on top gives the female partner more control over the sex position. She’ll be able to control the depth and pace of penetration to her liking. She may also like the sense of control that comes with being in the dominating position. Most sex positions require the female partner (or receiving partner) to act as the submissive. Reverse missionary changes the typical dominant versus submissive dynamic and puts the female partner in charge.

Sexy Woman on Top of Her Male Partner

Ladies who have ever fantasized about being a dominatrix can use the reverse missionary position. Lastly, being on top is more likely to create clitoral stimulation. Most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Unfortunately, most penetrative sex positions don’t provide it, increasing the orgasm gap between men and women. In reverse missionary, the female partner has the opportunity to take control of her sexual experience and her orgasm.

Why He’ll Love It

Most men will love reverse missionary simply because it gives them a break. Many penetrative sex positions require the male partner to do most of the work. The woman on top sex position gives him a chance to lie back and enjoy his partner doing the thrusting. He’ll also likely enjoy having his hands free to roam his partner’s body while she’s getting busy on top of him. Though men typically take the dominant role in bed, many men enjoy seeing a woman take charge. For him, watching his significant other grinding, thrusting, and bouncing her way to orgasm during reverse missionary is more enjoyable than the sex itself.

Couple Kissing in Bed

Tips for Doing Reverse Missionary

The reverse missionary position is fun on its own, but a few tips can make this sex position even more exciting:

Intensify the Passion

The missionary style is one of the more intimate sex positions. You are face to face with your partner and enjoy the most skin-on-skin contact. It’s romantic, sultry, and allows you to exchange passionate kisses. Increasing the intimacy of this position will make you feel closer to your partner. Intensify the passion even more by looking directly into your partner’s eyes while in reverse missionary. Plant passionate kisses on your partner’s lips or give their lower lip a gentle love bite if you're on top. Whisper sweet nothings in their ear or nuzzle their neck.

Woman on Top Man Opening his Pants

Your partner can increase the passion by using his hands to caress your body while you’re on top. Ask him to gently scratch your back or give your whole backside a gentle massage. Reverse missionary allows couples to strengthen their physical and emotional bond during sex.

Increase Clitoral Stimulation

The woman on top sex position typically gives female partners a better opportunity for clitoral stimulation, but it’s not always enough. If you aren’t feeling enough friction between your partner and your clitoris, introduce a vibrator. Try using a small vibrator or finger vibrator sex toy that can easily fit between you and your partner while you’re doing reverse missionary. Your partner can place the vibrator just below your clitoris while you’re thrusting on top of him. The extra clitoral stimulation will make it easier for you to orgasm and increase your overall pleasure from this sex position.

Turn On the Kink

The best part of the reverse missionary position is that it allows you to take charge. Embrace your female sexual power and get a little kinky. Dominatrix role play involves the female partner acting as the dominant partner. Dominatrix role play can include whips, handcuffs, sadism, and sexy leather outfits, depending on what you and your partner want. If you and your partner are into the idea, why not use reverse missionary as an excuse to get kinky?

Sex Mask and Whip on Red Silky Bed Sheets

If you’re not ready to take it there, you can still enjoy being in charge and getting rough with your partner. Engage in some dirty talk or hold his arms down while you’re on top. It will likely drive him wild, and you’ll get to know what it feels like to be the “top dog.”

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Do the Reach Behind

Although men love watching their partners take control in reverse missionary, many men admit not getting as much sexual pleasure from women on top sex positions. But don’t let that stop you from getting on top if you enjoy it. Sex and relationships are about compromise. We all must give and get. But if you want to ensure your partner is getting enough sexual stimulation while you’re going to town in reverse missionary, reach behind and stroke his balls. Though not talked about often, many men enjoy it when you play with their testicles. While you’re on top, reach one of your hands back behind you and give your partner a testicle massage. Be sure to ask him first if this is something he’s into, as he may not like touching that area of his body. But if he’s into it, it could increase his sexual pleasure while you’re doing your thing on top.

Experiment With Your Rhythm

Being on top gives you a chance to experiment with rhythm, pace, and the level of penetration that you like. Take your time to figure out what movements feel best for you. Many women may find that circular, grinding motions may stimulate their clitoris more than bouncing. Friction is what stimulates your clitoris and brings you the most pleasure. Experiment with different movements that allow you to get the most out of reverse missionary. Let your partner know that this is your time right now, and you need to figure out what’s working for you. He’ll likely have no problem lying back and relaxing while you have your way with his penis.

Be Confident

Nothing can kill your sex drive faster than feeling self-conscious about your body when on top. Performance anxiety in the bedroom is more likely to happen to men, but women are more likely to suffer from poor body image. Worrying about what your body looks like while grinding on top of your partner in reverse missionary is not likely to help you reach orgasm. Be confident while you’re on top, and forget about your body insecurities.

Attractive Couple Enaging in Intimacy

More likely than not, your partner is just excited to have a naked woman on top of him. Your rolls, stretch marks, or sagging breasts are not what’s on his mind. He likely loves those things about you anyway, so why are you stressing? Don’t let your insecurities hold you back from having a good time in reverse missionary. But if your stomach rolls are simply something you can’t forget about, keep your shirt on. Wear a sexy nightgown or cute tank top that covers your jiggly bits and allows you to feel more confident being on top. Do whatever you need to do to feel confident.

Similar Sex Positions

If reverse missionary isn’t doing it for you, try out these other similar sex positions:

Modified Cowgirl

The modified cowgirl is a slightly different version of the cowgirl position. To do it, climb on top of your partner while lying on his back on the bed. You’ll then lower yourself onto his penis like in a cowgirl position. The difference between cowgirl and modified cowgirl is that wedge sex pillows will support your knees. Having the wedge sex pillows beneath your knees will change up the angle of penetration and force you to lean over onto your partner’s chest. From here, you can grind, hump, or circle your hips however you please, just like in reverse missionary.

Having the support of the wedge pillows beneath your knees will allow for deeper penetration. It may also make it easier for your partner’s penis to hit your G-spot. Your G-spot is part of the clitoral network that induces explosive orgasms when stimulated. But finding it can be tricky. In most women, the G-spot is in the upper front wall of the vagina. Riding your partner in modified cowgirl may allow a better angle to find it. In this way, modified cowgirl is different from reverse missionary.

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is, you guessed it, cowgirl sex position in reverse. To do it, climb on top of your partner but instead of facing him, have your body facing his feet. Carefully lower yourself onto his penis with your butt facing him. Penetration from this angle will feel noticeably different for both of you. Because his penis will be entering you from the opposite direction, you’ll notice more friction. While you both will likely enjoy reverse cowgirl, you must be careful of potentially injuring your partner. You can easily strain the suspensory ligaments in the penis in reverse cowgirl.

The suspensory ligaments are ligaments inside the penis responsible for penile erections. When the penis is at an unnatural angle, there’s a greater risk that these ligaments could be injured. To avoid possible injury, make sure you start slow when you’re on top. Don’t bounce or hump too aggressively until you know your partner is comfortable.

Reverse cowgirl is a fun woman on top position that gives your partner a great view of your butt. Change up the angle of penetration even more by leaning forward and resting your weight on your hands or elbows, as you do in reverse missionary. It may be easier to grind your clitoris against your partner and induce an orgasm from this position. But of course, leaning forward too far doesn’t strain your partner’s penis too far and cause him discomfort.

Squatting Missionary

Squatting missionary is like reverse missionary only in that you are leaning over your partner during penetration. Start by climbing on top of your partner while lying on his back on the bed. Lean forward and place your hands on your partner’s chest or the bed beside his head. Stay on your knees or lift onto your feet into a deep squat. Then, your partner can bend his knees and place his feet flat on the bed. Stay still as your partner uses his feet to lift his hips up and down while penetrating your vagina.

Squatting missionary is the fast fuck position because the male partner will typically thrust quickly up and down. It’s best for fast sex because the position may be uncomfortable for you and your partner to hold for very long. But if both of you are into hard sex or fast sex, squatting missionary gives you the perfect opportunity. It’s a woman on top position, like a reverse missionary, that lets you take a break and gives your partner most of the control.

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The Lunge

The lunge may be almost as strenuous as squatting missionary, but not quite. To do it, get on top of your partner like a squatting missionary. While squatting, move one of your legs backward to be in a lunge position on top of your partner. Your partner will lie on his back like in reverse missionary while you lower yourself onto his penis. From here, lean forward onto your partner’s chest. Use your lunging leg as leverage for grinding, humping, or rocking back and forth on your partner’s penis.

The lunge position changes up the angle of penetration and may increase vaginal and penile friction during penetration. It’s a great sex position if you’re looking for sex positions that double as exercise or sexercise. But keep in mind that it can get very tiring. To perform the lunge position for a more extended period, try switching legs when your lunging leg becomes tired. You can lean more onto your arms, like in reverse missionary, to relieve some weight from your leg. The lunge position is excellent for sexercise and for reaching a different angle of penetration. But you’ll need a lot of flexibility and stamina to perform it for longer than a few minutes.

Why It’s Fun To Experiment With Different Sex Positions

Changing it up in the bedroom keeps sex exciting and fun. The reverse missionary position is enticing to couples who like to experiment with positions and switching gender roles. Woman on top sex positions makes women feel powerful in bed, especially when they have more control over their orgasm. Reverse missionary is a sexy position that is achievable for most couples. It doesn’t require great feats of flexibility or stamina and generally comes with a low risk of harm. But if reverse missionary isn’t your thing, don’t hesitate to try different positions.

Sexy Couple Laying in Bed

Experimenting with different things in the bedroom allows each partner to find what gets them off. Sometimes finding the right position for you is difficult. We’re all different, and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for someone else. Don’t be afraid to speak up and let your partner know if something isn’t working for you. For people who struggle with enjoying sex, experimenting until you find your groove may be what you need to do. But that’s easier when you are with a partner you know and trust. The more comfortable you feel with your partner, the more likely you will experience sexual pleasure.

So, whether you’re getting it on reverse missionary style or trying a sex position straight out of the Kamasutra, don’t forget that sex is for enjoying yourself. If you’re both having a good time, you’re doing something right.

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