7 Kama Sutra Positions You Should Try


When you hear the words "Kama Sutra," your mind likely goes to naughty places. Kama Sutra is synonymous with sex, as it is one of the most famous sex guide books ever written. Many of us have likely tried at least several Kama Sutra positions without knowing it. The ancient text was written to enhance couples sex lives and introduce them to new ways to, well, get it on. Today, Kama Sutra positions are just as popular, though they most likely have more commonplace names. If you’ve never read the Kama Sutra, it may be worth a read. You can buy an English translated version from nearly anywhere books are sold. In total, there are 64 sex positions described in the ancient text. In this article, we’re going to describe 7 of our favorite Kama Sutra positions (in case you don’t have time to try all 64). But first, a little more about this famous sultry text from the far East.

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What Is the Kama Sutra?

The Kama Sutra is a 2000 year old text originally written in ancient Sanskrit by Indian Philosopher, Vatsyayana Mallanaga. Kama Sutra roughly translates into English as “Teachings On Desire”. While the world is most familiar with the Kama Sutra for its erotic depictions of mostly heterosexual couples making love in various (sometimes contortionist) positions, the ancient text contained a lot more than just that. The entire text of work described numerous aspects of love and relationships, such as how men could keep a woman satisfied in bed, and tips on how women could maintain relationships with several different lovers. While in many instances the Kama Sutra is progressive and pro-female (there are passages that describe women and girls as being independent of their fathers and husbands and encourage them to take lovers and explore their sexuality), it also tells men they are justified in raping a woman if she continuously refuses his advances. There are complicated moral themes throughout the text to be sure, but it is, of course, a product of its time (it was written in approximately 400 BCE-300 CE). Although the sex positions were only a portion of the text, they are what is most remembered today. Our guess is because while modern men and women can’t relate to ancient dating practices, they can relate to sex. The 64 Kama Sutra positions all have their unique benefits, below are 7 we think you should try.

7 Kama Sutra Positions You Should Try

The Plow

If you and your partner have ever attempted the wheelbarrow sex position, you know how exhausting it is. Though the wheelbarrow is included in the text of Kama Sutra positions, it’s not one of our favorites for that reason alone. The plow is also included in the text of Kama Sutra positions and is essentially a modified version of the wheelbarrow. To do it, the female partner will lie on the bed on her belly while her legs hang off the edge of the bed. Her male partner will stand behind her in between her legs. He’ll then lift her thighs up towards his hips and hold them there as he carefully penetrates her. Holding onto his partner’s thighs will give the male partner more leverage for thrusting and reaching deep penetration. The female partner can grab onto the sheets or the other edge of the bed for stability. To make penetration feel tighter, she can press her legs together (in this case she’ll be pressing them against her partner’s waist) and contract her vaginal muscles. The plow is one of the Kama Sutra positions that may take some practice to get right. But if you can manage it, you and your partner will enjoy some seriously deep penetration. However, if penetration feels too deep (more like a stabbing feeling), then ask your partner to slow down or perform more shallow thrusts. It's very important that Kama Sutra positions are enjoyed by both partners. If at any time you or your partner is uncomfortable, stop and switch Kama Sutra positions.


There are quite a few Kama Sutra positions that require one or both partners to have a good sense of balance, and the ballet dancer is one of them. However, if you can manage, the ballet dancer can offer some steamy, sensual lovemaking and the potential for clitoral stimulation. The ballet dancer is one of the best Kama Sutra positions for slower, tantric sex. Partners will also be face to face, allowing for intimate eye contact. Many Kama Sutra positions stress intimacy tantric style sex because the author of the Kama Sutra believed they induced more sexual pleasure. To do the ballet dancer, both partners will start in standing positions facing one another (as one might assume you should be standing close together). The female partner will then wrap her arms around her partner's neck or shoulders and then balance on one leg as she wraps the other around her partner’s waist. Her partner can help her keep balanced by grabbing hold of her leg with one hand and placing his other hand around her waist. From here, the male partner can insert his penis into his partner’s vagina and begin slow, sensual thrusts or circular gyrating movements.

The Ballet Dancer

Because of the balance issue, the male partner won’t be able to achieve very forceful thrusting. Instead, he should focus on smaller circular grinding movements. Female partner’s may find the ballet dancer to be especially pleasurable because of the possible clitoral stimulation she’ll get from her partner’s hips rubbing against her clitoris. Most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Additionally, the male partner can put his slower gyrating movements to use by finding his partner’s G-spot. The G-spot is found inside the upper front wall of a woman’s vagina. It’s part of the clitoral network and is said to produce earth shattering orgasms when stimulated. Because he can’t do any heavy duty thrusting in the ballet dancer position, he has time to slow down and experiment. Should couples find the ballet dancer too tiring or uncomfortable, they can modify it by performing it on the bed instead.

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The Hero

The best Kama Sutra positions are the ones that focus on female pleasure. In the hero position, the female partner will start by lying on her back on the bed. She’ll have one leg bent with foot flat on the bed, while the other leg is lifted straight up above her. The male partner will kneel on the bed in front of her in between her legs. He will then grab hold of her lifted leg with one hand, while using his other hand to stimulate her clitoris as he penetrates her. The female partner may get a stretch in her hamstring from keeping her leg lifted, especially if her partner pushes back on it. The female partner should communicate with her partner if the stretch ever becomes too uncomfortable. Kama Sutra positions are known to require some flexibility and athleticism. Some couples may find it helpful to place a pillow beneath the female partner’s hips to change the angle of penetration. Doing so may increase the potential for stimulating the G-spot and achieving deeper penetration. Any Kama Sutra positions that both stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot is a bonus for female partners. Of course, we think male partners will enjoy the hero sex position just as much. Not only does he get a full-frontal view of his partner’s naked body, he’ll love watching her squirm with pleasure from the extra clitoral stimulation he'll be providing with his fingers or preferred sex toy. He’ll feel like a hero indeed knowing he is responsible for his partner’s multiple orgasms.


Stand and Deliver

Couples who are into more rough play when having sex might enjoy the stand and deliver Kama Sutra position. Not all Kama Sutra positions are meant to be intimate and romantic. Some Kama Sutra positions are simply designed to cater to our more animalistic instincts. Both partners will start standing with the male partner standing behind the female partner. The female partner will then bend down at the waist as far as she can comfortably go. Her partner will grab hold of both of her arms and bring them back behind her (as if he were arresting her). He’ll then penetrate her from this position, holding onto her arms as leverage for thrusting in and out. Although the stand and deliver Kama Sutra positions only allows for shallow penetration, couples may enjoy it for its dominant VS submissive roleplay. The dominant VS submissive role play is a popular kink for fans of BDSM sex. Couples thrive off the sensual aggression that comes with dominating one’s helpless partner (or being the helpless partner). In the stand and deliver, couples can make the experience more intense by binding the female partner’s wrists together, so she feels more vulnerable. However, if this Kama Sutra position becomes too tiring or difficult, you can modify it by having the female partner kneel on the bed instead. Doing so may also adjust for any height difference between partners that may cause difficulties in getting this sex position right.

The Chairman

Kama Sutra positions like the chairman are great for female partners to practice their woman on top skills. A lot of women prefer woman on top Kama Sutra positions because they have a greater chance to control the angle and depth of penetration. The chairman position is similar to reverse cowgirl, except the male partner will be sitting up straight. To do it, the male partner will start by sitting on the edge of the bed with his feet planted firmly on the ground. The female partner will then carefully sit on his lap, facing away from him, as she slowly inserts his penis inside her vagina. It may take a few tries to find the right positioning in the chairman as it may feel awkward at first for some couples. Female partners may find that it is easier to grind rather than bounce up and down in this position. Doing so will create a more sensual vibe and may provide a better chance at stimulating her G-spot or clitoris. Her partner can make the experience more intense by using his hands to caress her breasts, stomach, or clitoris while he places gentle kisses along her neck. The chairman is one of the more sexy, romantic Kama Sutra positions that women especially may love.

Cowgirl’s Helper

The cowgirl’s helper is yet another woman on top Kama Sutra positions that female partners may find works for their benefit. The cowgirl’s helper is like the cowgirl sex position but with a couple of minor differences. The male partner will be on his back on the bed with his knees bent. The female partner will climb on top of her partner and slowly lower herself down onto his penis. From here, the female partner will use her hands to push off her partner’s chest as she glides up and down along her partner’s thighs. Gliding along her partner’s thighs will help support her weight as she rides his penis. Her partner can help even more by grabbing her hips and guiding her up and down along his member. He can also press off the bed with his feet to help meet her mid thrust. Couples will enjoy this woman on top Kama Sutra positions for the same reasons they enjoy the cowgirl sex position. However, the extra help in supporting the female partner’s weight may make the sex position more comfortable for the female partner. It will also give the male partner more control of the thrusting movement as he is able to thrust from below. He’ll also have a chance to get closer to his partner’s bouncing breasts as she will need to lean forward more in the cowgirl’s helper. If he wants, the male partner is free to play with his partner’s breasts as she does all the thrusting work on top of him. We'd bet most men would love Kama Sutra positions where he gets to sit back and enjoy his partner doing all the work, for once.

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Camel Style

The camel style Kama Sutra position is a slightly different version of doggy style sex. Sex positions from behind are preferred by both men and women. Likely, this has something to do with the primal and animalistic euphoria that comes from taking one’s partner (or being taken) from behind. However, sex positions from behind are also more likely than other Kama Sutra positions to result in penile fractures. Kama Sutra positions are meant to explore each person’s sexuality and bring out their inner primal sexual energy. In camel style, you and your partner will feel like you are doing just that. To do the camel style sex position, the female partner will kneel with her hands out in front of her and her buttocks resting on her ankles. Her partner will stand or kneel behind her and penetrate her. This slight change in positioning from doggy style allows for deeper, tighter penetration. It may also feel more comfortable for the female partner as she won’t have to hold herself up as much. The tighter feel and angle of penetration may help to stimulate the frontal part of the female partner’s vagina, increasing the chance of her experiencing a G-spot orgasm. Her male partner can make this more possible by tilting his penis down forward more as he penetrates his partner. He can do this by raising up slightly on his toes before he penetrates her initially. The camel style sex position allows the male partner to grab hold of his partner’s hips or bottom or lightly caress his partner’s back. He can also add in some light spanking or scratching if both partners are up for rougher sex. Light rough play was encouraged for some Kama Sutra positions as the Kama Sutra author liked to experiment with pain VS pleasure.

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Kama Sutra Positions for Everyone

Of the 64 different Kama Sutra positions, we’ve only described 7 of them. We love these Kama Sutra positions for different reasons, but if they don’t work for you, you have plenty more to choose from. Do your research and maybe even pick up your own copy of the Kama Sutra positions for your viewing pleasure. You may see a few things that surprise you, intimidate you, or even make you laugh. There is no right or wrong way to experiment with your sexuality. If both partners are consenting adults, feel free to have sex in whichever manner you and your partner please. The Kama Sutra positions is a guidebook for achieving the most sexual pleasure, but it’s not the only way to enjoy sex. Find what you and your partner both like and have fun getting busy together.

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