Car Sex: Everything You Need To Know

Manual Car Gear Sticking Out of Man's Pants

When we think of car sex, vivid memories of thrilling first-time experiences may come to mind. Back when you were a teen, car sex was fun, exciting, and sexy.

You may be well past your adolescent teen years of racing hormones and trying to sneak in a quickie in the car with your boyfriend or girlfriend without your parents knowing.  We can’t blame you for wanting to relive those exciting times, even as an adult who no longer needs to sneak around. Whether you’re a teen or an adult, car sex does hold a rather enticing appeal.

Why is it so appealing? It’s out of the norm for one, almost considered “uncivilized,” After all, mature adults certainly wouldn’t dream of committing an act of public indecency, right? Participating in car sex is raunchy and bad, making it more exciting. It’s also associated with being an act of pure passion. Have you ever wanted your partner so badly that waiting until you got home wasn’t an option? Yeah, car sex is like that.

Couple Embracing Inside Car

But unfortunately, car sex isn’t all fun and games. There are a few obstacles to consider and some possible safety issues. Keep reading to learn how to have car sex successfully and safely.

Car Sex: Everything You Need to Know

Find a Remote Safe Area

Impromptu car sex sounds like a great idea until you’re suddenly being questioned by a police officer for committing a sex crime. Public indecency is considered a misdemeanor in most states, meaning if you get caught you could face paying fines or even possible jail time (yikes!). We’re sure most of you would agree that an orgasm in a car isn’t worth getting arrested over.

But car sex is doable if you don’t get caught. If you’re hoping to pull it off, then make sure you find the perfect spot to do it. Find a remote area where you are not likely to encounter any passersby. An empty parking lot or parking garage could work if you remain vigilant about surprise visitors. Remote campgrounds or nature parks could work too. Just be sure you survey the area first for any potential security cameras or passersby.

Sexy Woman's Behind Visible in Car Window

You should also be sure you are in a safe area. A remote back alley in a sketchy part of town, for example, is not the best place to engage in car sex. Be smart about where and when you pull your pants down.

Make It a Quickie

Let’s be clear, car sex is about getting it in and getting it out. Car sex is meant for quickies, not long, sensual bouts of lovemaking. There’s only so long you and your partner will be able to handle humping each other in a small, confined space. Plus, time is of the essence during car sex. At any moment you risk being caught and potentially charged with a crime. So, it’s best to keep your car sessions short and sweet. Orgasms shouldn’t necessarily be the goal for car sex as time isn’t in your favor.

Crack a Window

Cars don’t have the best ventilation. If you are going to get down and dirty in your sedan, then remember to crack a window. You’d be surprised how much body heat you and your partner can generate during a quick car sex session. Anytime you are in a small, enclosed place you run the risk of things getting a bit steamy (pun intended).

To avoid suffocating due to your body heat, crack a window or better yet, the skylight. Having more air circulating through the car while you’re busy going at it will make car sex more comfortable for you. You’ll also be able to air out the smell of sweaty sex more quickly. Let’s be honest, sex has a smell. So, if you don’t want your car smelling like sex, don’t forget to open the window.

Wear the Right Clothing

Imagine trying to pull off your skinny jeans or a cute jumpsuit in the limited space between your seat and the dashboard—yeah, not so easy. Before you and your partner decide on having car sex, make sure you’re wearing the right clothing. Go for “easy access” clothing that is easy to pull off and on in a short time and with limited space. Dresses and skirts would be your best option for a quick car sex session. You’ll easily be able to pull up your skirts when it comes time to hit it, but also be able to compose yourself should you need to abruptly stop. Loose shorts can also work, especially if they are loose enough to pull off to one side to allow for penetration without taking your shorts off altogether.

Man's Hand Pulling Down Woman's Underwear

Both you and your partner should avoid clothing with zippers that could potentially snag your skin when zipping up in a hurry. And if you want your partner to have a little boob action, wear a loose-fitting shirt with no bra or wear a bra that can easily be readjusted.

The Bigger the Car, the Better

It should come as no surprise that the bigger the car you have, the easier car sex will be. Regardless, you are faced with limited mobility during car sex because of the spatial confinements. Bigger cars that have wider seats are ideal as they allow you more room to goof off. It’s near impossible to attempt car sex in compact cars, so don’t bother. If you’re intent on having car sex with your partner, borrow or rent a bigger car. You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble, trust us.

The Best Car Sex Positions


Woman-on-top sex positions put women in the best position to achieve orgasm. During car sex, woman-on-top positions may be your only option. Given the lack of space, most man-on-top sex positions are out of the question. Cowgirl position in the car involves the female partner hopping onto her partner’s lap while he remains seated. Ideally, the male partner (or partner with a dildo) should be seated in the passenger seat. Attempting cowgirl in the driver’s seat could be more difficult given the steering wheel will be in your way.

From here, you will have to gauge how much space you have to grind or bounce on top of your partner. If you’re in a car with a low ceiling, you may be restricted to grinding movement only. Hold on to your partner’s shoulders to give you leverage for humping your way to hot car sex. If you can, recline the passenger’s seat back as far as it will go. Doing so will give you more room and feel more like a cowgirl position on the bed.

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Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl in the car looks just like it does in the bedroom. The only difference is that it may be trickier depending on how big your car is. Again, have your partner sit in the passenger’s seat so that you have more room to move around. Carefully sit on their lap facing the dashboard until you are comfortably riding their penis (or dildo). You can lean on the dashboard if you need to for balance or have your partner hold your waist as you ride them up and down.

Backseat Doggystyle

Should you and your partner want to make things more interesting, move to the backseat for some doggystyle car sex. How well you pull this off depends on how wide your back seats are. If you are both able to fit back there, get on all fours across the back seats. Your partner will then kneel behind you for rear-entry penetration. Things will be tight, but not in a good way. With limited space to move and thrust, doggystyle could be a challenge. Your partner is especially at risk for leg muscle cramping, which happens as a result of being unable to stretch your legs. But should you two be able to pull it off, you’ll get a great view out the window as your partner goes to town from behind.

Open Door Doggystyle

Be sure you are in a very remote place before you try open-door doggystyle car sex. If there was ever a car sex position that would get you in trouble for indecent exposure, it’s having the car door open. Assuming you’re in a safe place, get into a doggystyle position in the backseat with your bum facing the open car door. Your partner will stand behind you outside of the car so that they can penetrate you from a standing position.

Couple About to Kiss Inside Car

Open door doggy style may take a little finagling to get just right. Your partner may find it easier to penetrate you by grabbing your hips or thighs and pulling you toward them. Doing it this way will be more similar to the wheelbarrow sex position. Open door doggystyle car sex is a better option for couples who have very limited space in the back seats.

The Spider

You’ll need to move to the back seat as well for the spider sex position. Both partners should be sitting facing one another in the back seat with their legs extended (slightly bent at the knee) toward one another. Scoot your hips toward your partner so that your groins are close enough for penetration. Your legs should be extended over your partner’s hips so that their waist is in between your thighs. Both of you should then lean back on your hands so you have leverage for gyrating against one another’s hips.

On the Hood of the Car

Should you find yourselves in a place where it’s safe to bring car sex outside of the car, consider banging on the hood. You’ll need to be sure your car hood is sturdy enough to hold your weight. It will also need to be low enough that your partner can penetrate you easily. Also, it would be wise to make sure the car is sufficiently cooled down before you prop your naked booty up on the hood. Car engines can get pretty hot when driven for a period, meaning the car hood could feel pretty warm to the touch.

If you’ve taken these considerations into account, car sex on the hood of your car can be awesome. You’ll likely find it easiest to do the standing missionary position, with you lying on the hood of the car and your partner penetrating you from the front. To make it more comfortable for you, lay a blanket down on the hood of the car. Lie back on the blanket and take in a view of the stars as your partner expertly thrusts away.

Oral Sex

When other car sex positions fail or you’re super short on time, oral sex is always an option. Performing oral sex on your partner in the car is simple. All you need to do is lean over enough to reach their member with your mouth. The only downside will be that you won’t be able to check for incoming visitors, so make sure your partner is keeping a strict lookout.

Woman's Head in Man's Lap Inside Car

To have your partner perform oral sex on you, you might find it easier to recline your chair back slightly. Doing so will allow you to shift your hips upward so that they have easier access to your lady bits. Again, be sure to stay on the lookout for unexpected visitors. If someone does show up, tell your partner to stay down there longer until they leave. The longer they stay down there, the better for you anyhow.

Fingering and Hand jobs

Fingering and hand jobs are forms of non-penetrative car sex that can be performed when other car sex positions can’t. They are also forms of car sex that you are most likely to get away with, even if a passerby does spot you and your partner in your car. By keeping the action below the waist and out of the line of sight of most passersby, you likely won’t draw as much attention to yourselves. (Of course, this is not to say you shouldn’t still be watchful of prying eyes.)

All you and your partner need to do is simply reach over toward each other’s genitals and work your finger magic. The hardest part about this form of car sex is keeping a straight face in front of passersby when you’re close to orgasm.

Things to Consider Before Trying Car Sex

Safety First

Before attempting car sex, remember that safety should always come first. Never engage in any form of car sex while another person is driving. Distracted driving kills and injures thousands of people each year. No orgasm is worth potentially hurting yourself or someone else. The best idea is to make sure the car isn’t on at all. Your car should be turned off and in park with the parking brake securely in place, just in case.

And speaking of safety, don’t forget a condom. A risky rendezvous in the car is no excuse for not protecting your sexual health. STDs and pregnancy can happen just as easily in a car as anywhere else.

Lower Your Expectations

Look, we need to be honest. Car sex might suck. Any sexy memories you may have from when you were a teenager will be quickly confronted with the reality of what car sex is like for an adult. Tiring, uncomfortable, sweaty, and possibly not worth it. But of course, don’t take our word for it. Everyone has a different experience with car sex, and what doesn’t work for others might work well for you. Sometimes it’s more about the novelty of trying an experience than it is about enjoying the experience itself.

Hands on A Steamy Car Window

So, if car sex is on your sex bucket list, then don’t let us stop you. But be realistic about your expectations for how enjoyable it may be.

You’re Going to Be Smelly

Sex, sweat, and nowhere to shower afterward means you will be left feeling a little dirty (no pun intended) after your sexy car romp. Keep this in mind if you have car sex before you reach your final destination. We doubt you’d like to show up to your grandma’s birthday bash smelling like, well, sex. Consider keeping baby wipes somewhere in your car so that you have something to freshen up with. Or better yet, save car sex for when you don’t have a social event to attend.

Final Thoughts

Car sex may symbolize a true act of passion, but it’s hardly the most enjoyable way to “get it on.” However, you and your partner have every right to find out for yourself. You may find that it’s not so much the sex that turns you on as much as it is the risky behavior you’re engaging in. There’s a certain thrill that comes with having sex in places you’re not supposed to, which is why car sex is so enticing. So, start your engines and get ready for a wild ride.

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