Swiping Both Ways: Best Bisexual Dating Apps

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Key Points

  • Many people who identify as bisexual find dating complicated due to stigma and assumptions.

  • Tinder is the best bisexual dating app for people looking for hookups and has the most users worldwide.

  • Taimi is the best bisexual dating app for many different types of relationships and is open to the entire LGBTQ+ community.

Society views sexuality as black and white, complicating dating for bisexual people. Identifying as bisexual comes with many challenges of invalidation and frustrating assumptions in the dating world. Discover the best bisexual dating apps to find the right love, lust, or summer fling.

As more people identify as bisexual, the dating world becomes more accepting and exciting. Being bisexual opens many doors for dating and exploring new pleasures. Utilize bisexual dating apps to match with accepting and open-minded people.


Bisexuality is the romantic or sexual attraction to more than one gender. Bisexuals find interest in people who identify as men, women, or other genders, and this interest can be romantic, sexual, or both.

Sexuality is a unique and complex feature of your identity. Each person has individual preferences and experiences with their sexual identity. Bisexuals tend to have different types of attraction to different genders. However, sexual attraction and romantic interest aren't the same.

Society often accuses bisexuals of feeling confused or desperate, often discrediting their identification. This pattern causes individuals to believe they need to pick one gender over the other to earn credibility.

Bisexuality is a legit and beautiful identity to be proud of; embrace and appreciate your love for multiple genders.

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Dating When You're Bisexual

Everyone has dating complications, and bisexuality comes with its unique challenges.

According to Dr. Theresa DiDonato, a psychology professor, "Biphobic misconceptions and stereotypes, such as 'bisexual people are more likely to cheat,' 'bisexual people are selfish,' and 'bisexual people are confused' exist in queer and straight/cisgender communities alike… Additionally, many people assume that bisexual people in a different-sex relationship are straight and that bisexual people in a same-sex relationship are gay or lesbian. These assumptions remove the identities of bisexual individuals, a process known as bisexual erasure."

When in a relationship, partners of bisexual people often feel threatened. A common worry is that they're not their bisexual lover's preferred gender or expression of gender. If you have a jealous partner, they may worry about your friendships with people of any gender. Establish healthy trust with a partner and provide them with security to ease these tensions.

Bisexuals tend to have a more open mind regarding gender and relationship roles. They have the opportunity to change gender norms within relationships and society, and they also normalize unique relationships.

As a bisexual person, you can explore relationships and have sex with various genders; this is one of the most beautiful parts of being bisexual!

Bisexual Dating Apps

People often assume the sexuality of a bisexual person is either gay or straight. Unless you have "I date all genders" on your T-shirt, it's usually not obvious. If you're seen at the bar flirting with a man, women may assume you aren't interested, and vice versa.

Utilize dating apps to express interest in multiple genders and find a fellow member of the LGBTQ+ community who understands and accepts your sexuality.

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Tinder is synonymous with dating apps, and for a good reason. Tinder's well known worldwide and has the largest pool of users, which means more people for you to match.

Tinder isn't a bisexual-specific dating app, but it allows you to swipe on people of any gender. This app is widely famous for hookups or other no-strings-attached relationships; Tinder is perfect if you don't need to know much about someone before swiping right.

Make your profile stand out to get noticed on Tinder. Remember that including your sexuality in your bio narrows your search to matches who accept you for you.

Use the free version of Tinder to swipe and message your matches. There are options to pay for upgrades if you're looking for more features.

If you're looking for casual relationships in your bisexual world, try Tinder and get swiping.


Hinge is well-established in the dating app scene, equipped with a large user base. Hinge boasts that their app is "designed to be deleted," making meaningful connections for people who want relationships. However, it's helpful for exploring many different kinds of relationships.

This app requires users to add at least six photos or videos and answer several written prompts. There's also extensive demographic information to fill out, such as gender, sexuality, what type of relationship you're looking for, political views, drinking habits, and so much more. This information ensures everyone you swipe on has a complete profile to get a sense of their personality and whether you vibe or not.

Hinge tends to have a more accepting community, but it's useful to include your proud bisexual label in your bio to find the right people. Adjust your settings on Hinge to swipe through men and women and transform the app into a bisexual world.

Hinge is the perfect free app for bisexual people who appreciate some personality on a dating profile and are looking for more than just a hookup.

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Her was initially designed for women dating women but has opened up to the whole spectrum of genders and sexualities. This app is similar to a social media platform but for dating and one-night stands.

Create a profile with basic information, photos, pronouns, gender identity, sexuality, relationship status, intentions, pets, and substance habits. There's also a cute feature to add a sticker to your profile showcasing your sexuality, love language, "U-Haul Lesbian," 420, your home city, and so much more.

To show you're not a catfish and to include more personality, connect your Spotify and Instagram — just make sure you're not giving away too much personal information. Share news, send messages, check out local event postings, and participate in forums on Her.

Her is a community of LGBTQ+ people looking to date or make friends. Utilize the free app to match with local people in an accepting space, or pay for a subscription to filter your potential matches by gender or sexual identity.

Her has a lot of potential as an LGBTQ+ dating app, so give it a chance and look for some bisexual love!


Taimi has the largest platform of any LGBTQ+ app, perfect for bisexual people searching for accepting partners. There are over 11 million users from the whole gender and sexuality spectrum, providing many opportunities to match with fabulous people.

Tiami was originally designed for gay dating but has expanded to include anyone on the gender and sexuality spectrum. Due to high demand in the queer world, their goal shifted to create a safe, open space online for the entire LGBTQ+ community.

This app is for dating and social media and allows you to create posts and stories. There are also options to host live streams and share content. Search for any type of relationship, such as casual dating, serious dating, and anything else you crave.

When you download Taimi and start to set up your profile, fill out your sexual and gender identities. There are even options to explain your unique identity more deeply than just a label. Also, include what people you're looking for and some of your hobbies; Taimi matches you with people based on your location and interests.

This app features an LGBTQ+ Wiki open to users and non-users. This innovative feature is the LGBTQ+ encyclopedia, defining terminology and teaching about history. It also sets Taimi apart from other apps for its attention to detail and passion for educating people about the beautiful colors of the rainbow.

Make a free profile on Taimi to match with people like you, different from you, and accepting of you. There are countless people to date or make friends with on this LGBTQ+ app!

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OkCupid is an older dating site designed for straight people but reinvented into a modern and inclusive dating app. OkCupid gained a reputation in the LGBTQ+ world in 2011 when it added a feature to filter out straight people.

OkCupid was the first dating app to add pronouns to profiles. Choose up to five options from their extensive list of over 60 genders and sexualities. Although the app isn't exclusively for the LGBTQ+ community, it's the most inclusive of the mainstream dating apps.

Answer detailed questions about yourself when creating a profile to optimize your matches. The app connects you with people you're most compatible with, rather than mindlessly swiping through photos of people you aren't even interested in.

OkCupid takes pride seriously, asking queer and straight users what pride means to them. The survey discovered that 97 percent of users care about and support LGBTQ+ issues, creating a safe place for all sexualities.

OkCupid is a great dating app for bisexual people looking to match personalities in a safe place with many users. Create a thorough profile, and get ready to send the perfect pick-up line to your matches.

Better yet, check out BiCupid!

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Lex was originally a dating app for women, designed to look like lesbian personal ads in the newspaper during the '80s and '90s. The app is now open to the entire LGBTQ+ community, with users across the gender and sexuality spectrum.

The app is text only, so no photos of your matches exist. This unique app offers a unique experience of matching with people strictly for personality rather than appearance.

Break your habit of judging someone solely off the first photo on their dating app and experience matching strictly from personality. Challenge your ability to make a genuine connection by deciding whether you like someone without seeing their picture.

A lack of photos may benefit those struggling with their gender or sexual identity.

Post up to six times every month to grab the attention of fellow users. Post a catchy headline about yourself and explore who you're interested in from their posts. Once you match and decide to take the conversation off the app, exchange photos to see what your new boo looks like.

Check out this free and friendly LGBTQ+ space to make genuine connections with potential dates. There are users of all genders and sexualities, leaving plenty of options for the bisexual community.

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Bumble is another top mainstream dating app typically viewed as a heterosexual dating app but totally open to the LGBTQ+ community. Simply set your profile to see both men and women and enter a bisexual realm. It has a pleasing interface that's easy for anyone to navigate.

Bumble gained popularity because women always send the first message, which is irrelevant when you're a woman matching with women. However, breaking gender roles is still appreciated, and it feels good to control your dating life.

Avoid wasted time with serial swipers; matches expire within 24 hours if both people neglect to send a message. This feature ensures your matches are serious about chatting and getting to know you.

There are users with a wide range of identities looking for a variety of relationships. Be clear on your profile about what you're looking for and your sexuality to attract the right people.

Bumble is a mainstream dating app equipped with options to swipe on multiple genders or even look for friends. Give the free app a go to open your world to dates with many genders!

Swipe for Both Teams

There are many dating app options for bisexual people, as most apps allow you to match with multiple genders. Using an LGBTQ+ app ensures that you find people accepting and understanding of your sexual identity.

Use Taimi for an LGBTQ+ experience, Tinder for hookups, Hinge for meaningful relationships, and Lex for a unique way of meeting. Or try them all and pick the best bisexual dating app for you. For more dating tips, visit Cupid'sLight.

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