Elevate Your Home Date Nights With These Products

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Key Points

  • Date nights are important, especially in long-term relationships, to promote intimacy and spend quality time together.

  • If you're craving time to connect with your boo in a low-key way, have an at-home date night!

  • Do something fun like playing Monogamy, using a virtual reality headset, or having a karaoke night.

  • Indulge in something sweet and creative with an at-home s'mores maker, DIY cocktail kit, or a home wine tasting.

  • Enjoy an intimate and relaxing evening with a massage candle, massage oil, or a custom puzzle.

Thoughtful Intimacy

Intimacy is the bedrock of any strong relationship. It's the accumulation of shared experiences, the glue that binds you together. This intimacy extends beyond words, seeping into shared glances, inside jokes, and intimate moments. Emphasizing mindful intimacy grounds your relationship, paving the way for longevity, trust, and mutual understanding.

It's common to fall into a pattern on date night: dinner, movie, sleep. However, venturing out of the comfort zone and incorporating an element of surprise can bring a new level of excitement. This curated list includes gifts designed to stimulate bonding, dialogue, and exploration, aiming to elevate your date night from ordinary to extraordinary.

According to couple's counselor and expert on relationship happiness Kari Rusnak, "Spending quality time together without distractions boosts connection. It can be rare for us to give our partners our full attention without being distracted by kids, work, chores, or our phones. On a date night, the focus is on each other and the activity you do together."

You don't need to do something magnificent or even leave the house to strengthen your connection and spend one-on-one time. If it's difficult for you to find time or energy to go on an outing, plan a date night at home to maintain your relationship satisfaction. With this in-depth guide, discover everything from enticing games to lavish furniture, intimate wearables, and indulgent foreplay accessories.

A Multi-Award Winning Board Game

by The Monogamy

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02/19/2024 12:56 am GMT

Couples' Board Game: Monogamy

Unlike standard board games, Monogamy is a relationship-enhancing board game designed for you and your partner to explore and enjoy each other on a deeper level. The game ensures fun-filled date nights filled with laughter, secrets, and exploration.

Navigating three progressive levels, you answer a series of questions and perform various tasks, ultimately challenging you both to take your connectivity and relationship to new heights.

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Playfulness and humor are a foundation for powerful emotional connections. How often do you step outside your comfort zone and explore new perspectives? Monogamy encourages vulnerability, deeper conversation, and mutual understanding, offering an opportunity to rediscover each other and amplify your emotional intimacy.

Monogamy is more than a game — it's a tool to enhance communication. It pushes you to express your desires and fears openly, helping you reveal sides of yourself you never have before. This game brings you closer and creates a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner.

Afterglow Massage Oil Candle


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02/18/2024 11:56 am GMT

JIMMYJANE Afterglow Massage Candle

The JIMMYJANE Afterglow Massage Candle isn't your typical scented candle. It's a sensual accessory that transforms a flirty ambiance into an unforgettable evening. Made of high-quality ingredients, including jojoba, shea butter, vitamin E, and aloe, the candle offers an enticing fragrance that sets a romantic mood.

As this candle melts, it produces a warm oil that's perfect for a soothing massage. Set the mood with tantra music, light the candle, and let it burn until it starts to melt into oil. Blow it out, let the oil cool for a moment, and then gently pour it into your palms for a warm massage. If you want an extra flare, test the temperature with your hand then pour it directly onto your partner's back.

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Use this oil to explore your partner's body, and allow them to discover yours too, nurturing a more profound connection through soothing touch.

The dim light from the candle paired with the delicious scent evokes a sensual atmosphere perfect for intimate moments. It creates a complete sensory experience. Enjoy a spa evening by showing love through physical touch, engage in intimacy without sex, or use it as sensual foreplay.

Massage Tranquility Kit
$27.50 ($2.75 / Fl Oz)

by Kama Sutra 

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02/18/2024 12:56 pm GMT

Kama Sutra Massage Tranquility Set

The Kama Sutra Massage Tranquility Set includes five different oils, each with a distinct scent and purpose. Ranging from relaxing lavender to invigorating citrus, these oils each promise a unique sensory experience. The variety allows you to mix and match, creating your personalized blend for the perfect romantic evening.

Choose the oil that matches your mood, put a few drops in your hands, warm it by rubbing your palms together, and then apply it to your partner's body. These oils are perfect for a luxurious and relaxing massage or for setting the mood before moving into more intimate activities. Learn massage techniques or a tantra massage style to up your game.

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The oil is the perfect texture to help you glide through a massage without feeling sticky or greasy. Plus, it leaves your skin nourished and moisturized. You might even feel sexy and slippery, ready for a new sexual experience.

These oils offer a full-bodied sensory experience. Their luxurious feel, tantalizing scents, and nourishing properties encourage you to explore your partner's body, fostering closeness, relaxing tension, and adding a hint of anticipation to intimate moments. Transform a simple massage into a bonding experience, and watch how it improves your connection.

Tabletop Indoor Electric S'mores Maker

by Nostalgia 

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02/18/2024 10:11 pm GMT

Indoor S'mores Maker

A tabletop s'mores maker allows couples to enjoy the fun and deliciousness of making s'mores right in the comfort of their home. It's perfect for a romantic date night by the fireplace, in front of the TV, or in the backyard.

The Nostalgia Tabletop Indoor Electric S'mores Maker is a delightful addition to your cozy nights in! Make gooey, mouthwatering s'mores at home while cuddling up with your partner. The sleek and user-friendly design brings the essence of a campfire experience to your living room, allowing you and your loved ones to create delicious s'mores without any hassle.

Set the mood with conversation cards or a movie, and put on some comfortable pajamas. Set up your table with marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, and other unexpected additions such as fruit, cookies, peanut butter cups, and wine. Place your marshmallows on the roasting forks, watch them toast to perfection over the adjustable flame, and sandwich them between chocolate and graham crackers for the ultimate treat.

Use this cute little device to celebrate this year's National S'mores Day on August 10, 2023. Make unique and creative combinations of chocolate and marshmallow!

Whether it's a romantic date night or just hanging out and getting to know each other, an indoor s'mores maker is the perfect centerpiece to ignite laughter, love, and delectable memories. Embrace the magic of s'mores anytime, anywhere!

2 Wireless Karaoke Microphones


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02/18/2024 10:32 pm GMT

Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Elevate your date night to a whole new level of fun and entertainment with a Bluetooth karaoke microphone! This device lets you and your partner unleash your inner rock stars and create lasting memories together. The setup is a breeze — pair the microphone with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, and you're ready to start singing your favorite duets and chart-topping hits. Bonus points if you set it up through your TV or projector for a view on the big screen!

Take turns serenading each other with heartfelt ballads or belting out energetic tunes in duets. The high-quality built-in speakers ensure crystal-clear sound, making your karaoke session sound professional and impressive.

With its wireless range, you're not confined to a stage or specific spot. Dance around the room or cozy up on the couch while singing your favorite tunes — it's a truly liberating experience! Plus, the microphone's echo and volume controls allow you to fine-tune your performance, making sure you sound just right.

This karaoke set-up isn't just for date nights — it's perfect for any gathering with friends. Connect it to your device and play your favorite playlists for a dance party right in your living room. Share laughs, create hilarious memories, and bond over your shared love for music and good times.

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, unwinding after a long week, or simply enjoying each other's company, this Bluetooth karaoke microphone will be the highlight of your date night. Unleash your creativity, revel in the joy of singing together, and let the music bring you even closer. Add some wine for liquid courage if you need a boost!

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Wine Tasting Kit

Unveil the art of wine tasting and ignite a captivating date night experience with a wine tasting kit. This all-inclusive set invites you and your partner to embark on a delightful journey of flavors and aromas in any location you choose. Set up a lovely picnic, relax in the backyard, or cozy up on the couch.

As you open the elegantly designed box, a selection of carefully curated wines from renowned vineyards awaits, each bottle promising a unique and exquisite taste. Pour the wines into the provided crystal-clear glasses and enjoy the wine experience. With the accompanying tasting guide, learn the secrets of wine appreciation, from evaluating the color to savoring the nuanced notes that dance on your taste buds.

Engage in stimulating conversations as you share your impressions and preferences, making this date night an experience of discovery and connection. Explore the intricacies of different wine varietals, regions, and vintages, deepening your understanding of this timeless elixir.

Enhance the ambiance by dimming the lights, playing soft music, and savoring the romantic atmosphere. Pair it with a romantic dinner to turn a routine evening into a new date experience.

Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, marking a special milestone, or simply seeking an intimate evening together, this wine tasting kit guarantees an unforgettable experience. Toast to love, laughter, and shared passion, and let this extraordinary date night kindle the flames.

3D Virtual Reality VR Headset with Wireless Remote Control

by Longlu

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Virtual Reality Headset

Step into a world of unlimited possibilities and create an extraordinary date night experience with a virtual reality (VR) headset. Immerse yourselves in a breathtaking realm of virtual wonder where you can explore fantastical landscapes, embark on thrilling adventures, and build unforgettable memories together.

Choose from an array of virtual experiences, from heart-pounding adventures to peaceful and mesmerizing escapes. Feel the adrenaline rush as you conquer virtual mountains, dive into the depths of the ocean, or soar through the skies hand in hand. Watch something that intrigues you, or play a video game for a fully immersive experience.

VR gaming offers an exciting opportunity for playful competition. Engage in action-packed multiplayer games, cooperate as a team, or challenge each other to friendly duels. Laugh, cheer, and support one another as you navigate through virtual challenges, strengthening your bond with every shared victory.

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For a more tranquil experience, opt for a calming VR journey, exploring exotic landscapes, wandering through ancient ruins, or stargazing under a simulated night sky. These serene moments allow you to relax, reconnect, and appreciate the beauty of virtual worlds together.

Attend virtual concerts, visit iconic landmarks, or take a virtual vacation to your dream destination. Cater to your inner child as you play with this cool and innovative toy. Start with something that fascinates both of you and use your imagination to play in new ways!

Whether you're adventurous, a gaming enthusiast, or in search of a novel and memorable date night, this VR headset promises to transport you to new dimensions of excitement and wonder. Share laughs, conquer challenges, and dive into the unknown together. Step into the extraordinary, and let VR redefine what a date night can be.

DIY Vodka Infusion Kit


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DIY Vodka Infusion Kit

Discover mixology and infuse your date night with creativity and flavor through this DIY vodka infusion kit. This enticing set lets you and your partner craft delectable concoctions and enjoy a taste of mixology magic from scratch.

Upon opening the beautifully presented kit, you'll find 12 vegan botanicals, two customizable labels and bottles, wooden corks, a silver jigger, and a recipe card. The accompanying recipe card offers infusion inspirations, from classic favorites to unique and innovative blends.

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As you learn about vodka infusion, share the excitement of experimenting with flavors and techniques. Make a delicious vodka then create a custom cocktail, like a cosmopolitan! Shake, stir, muddle, and pour your way to cocktail perfection, savoring the delightful aromas and vibrant colors that unfold with each creation.

A DIY vodka infusion kit isn't just about crafting vodka; it's an interactive and engaging date night experience. Work as a team to master new skills, exchange playful banter, and enjoy each other's creations.

Indulge in a date night that combines creativity, delicious drinks, and the pleasures of mixology, crafting a shared memory and new cocktail skills.

Customized Puzzle

Ignite the spark of nostalgia and connection with a custom puzzle. This personalized masterpiece is not just a puzzle, it's memorabilia of your relationship!

Select a photo of your beloved pet, your vacation to the Caribbean, or a moment early in your relationship. Work together to recreate your image and feel a growing sense of accomplishment as it comes together.

The finished puzzle becomes a tangible symbol of your love and dedication, a work of art that you've created together. Glue the puzzle together for a lasting image, or disassemble it and use it again!

Throughout the process, engage in heartfelt conversations, reminisce about cherished memories, and envision future adventures. The puzzle becomes a catalyst for deeper intimacy and communication.

Choose a cozy spot with soft lighting and create a tranquil atmosphere for your puzzle night. Let the puzzle become the centerpiece of your evening, providing a canvas for togetherness and relaxation. This is the perfect activity when you want to keep date-night low-key and hassle-free.

Date Away

Date nights play a pivotal role in nourishing and strengthening the bonds of love and companionship. Beyond the excitement and fun they bring, these dedicated moments of togetherness allow partners to reconnect in a fast-paced world, fostering deeper emotional intimacy and communication.

Date nights offer a respite from the daily routines, providing new experiences, shared adventures, and treasured memories. Investing time in each other through these activities keeps the spark alive and cultivates a profound understanding of one another, promoting trust and empathy.

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