Mainstream + Exclusive Bisexual Dating Apps To Try Now

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Key Points

  • BiCupid is an exclusively bisexual dating app for new connections.

  • OkCupid celebrates diversity and inclusivity by utilizing an in-depth compatibility test to find your match.

  • HER is a fantastic dating app for LGBTQ+ women to find other women.

  • Hinge is a mainstream dating app that prioritizes inclusivity and compatibility.

  • Tinder is well known as a hook-up app, but don't sleep on its ability to find people all over the rainbow in every corner of the world.

Explore the world of online dating for bisexuals with these top dating apps. These inclusive apps have unique features to find love or fun with any gender!

According to a research brief from the Institute for Family Studies published in June 2023, 20 percent of Americans born between 1997 and 2012 identify as LGBTQ+. This is a considerable increase from past generations and data! It's a great time to be bisexual and mingle with other members of the queer community.

In the digital age, finding love and connection is more convenient than ever, but bisexual individuals face unique challenges as they navigate the dating world.

According to social psychologist and professor Dr. Theresa E. DiDonato, Ph.D., "Bisexual people are less likely than gay men or lesbian women to be fully out to important people in their lives… One reason is the social stigma of bisexuality, known as biphobia. Biphobia is 'prejudice, fear, or hatred directed toward bisexual people' and includes jokes, side comments, or gossip that spread myths about bisexual people that invalidate bisexuality… Bisexual people are often told 'it's a phase,' 'You just want to experiment,' or 'you haven't decided yet.'"

Surround yourself with an understanding community of fellow LGBTQ+ members on tailored LGBTQ+ dating apps, or be transparent and proud in your mainstream profile to attract accepting people. Celebrate this Pride month by waving your bisexual flag!

Bisexual dating apps cater to a diverse dating pool, each offering unique features and community. Check out these top bisexual dating apps.

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Badoo is a social networking app with a focus on dating. Swipe through a pool of users local to you and find whom you like! The app isn't specifically for bisexual individuals, but plenty of options exist to proclaim your sexual identity and choose whom you swipe on.

Overview and Unique Features

As one of the world's largest dating platforms, Badoo boasts over 460 million users worldwide. With a user-friendly interface, this app features a unique "Lookalikes" function that allows you to find people who resemble your celebrity crushes. Badoo's live video chat option lets you engage in real-time conversations with potential matches.

Profiles and Matching System

Building your profile on Badoo is a breeze. You can sign up using your email address or through your Facebook account. When completing your profile, clearly state your interests and preferences to attract like-minded bisexual matches. Badoo's matching system is intuitive, highlighting users with similar interests and providing potential partners based on your profile details.

Safety and Privacy Measures

Badoo takes user safety seriously, using photo verification and a comprehensive reporting system to curb fraudulent activity. Bisexual users can create a profile that reflects their authentic selves while trusting that Badoo's privacy measures ensure discretion and protect personal information.

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BiCupid is a dating app for bisexual and bicurious individuals looking to make new connections. As the world's largest bisexual dating platform, BiCupid focuses on bridging the gap between the bisexual community and potential matches.

With a commitment to inclusivity, BiCupid offers various search options that cater to a diverse range of preferences, allowing you to explore your options.

Create an Engaging and Authentic Profile

To set up your BiCupid profile, provide basic information such as your gender, age, location, and a valid email address. Be sure to write an engaging bio explaining who you are and what you're looking for in a partner. Upload high-quality photos for an insight into your personality, and be genuine in your profile details to attract quality matches.

Find Meaningful Connections

When using BiCupid, be patient and open. Reach out to potential matches by sending personalized messages, commenting on their posts, or interacting through forums. Attend virtual events organized by BiCupid to connect with possible matches on a deeper level and, most importantly, be authentic and communicative about your preferences and intentions.

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HER is a dating platform for women of the LGBTQ+ community. Regardless of your sexual orientation, this app is perfect if you're a woman looking to date other women. An all-female community offers one of the safest ways to date online, and there are also plenty of women looking to make platonic relations and friendships.

Many bisexual individuals have found love and lasting connections through Hinge. The app's emphasis on compatibility and shared values has led numerous users to discover meaningful relationships with fellow bisexuals, opening the door to a world of possibilities.

Designed for LGBTQ+ Women

HER focuses on the LGBTQ+ women's community and creates a curated space for lesbians, bisexuals, and queer women to find love and friendship. HER also organizes live events and helps you stay updated with relevant LGBTQ+ news.

Curated Community

HER's curated environment ensures that you're engaging with genuine profiles. By connecting through social media like Facebook or Instagram, the app reduces the chances of encountering fake accounts or scams. HER's verification process also ensures you connect with real people who share your interests and preferences.


Among its standout features, HER offers an exclusive content feed to stay updated on current LGBTQ+ news and events. The app's messaging feature also allows for group chats and sending photos and videos, fostering deeper engagements with potential matches. HER facilitates community-driven events, fostering a sense of camaraderie and belonging among users.

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Hinge is a top-tier dating app that's free for everyone to use. There are extensive options for sexual orientation, gender identity, preferences, and other demographic information to tailor this dating app.

Hinge is available worldwide and has users in places other niche dating apps don't. Plus, if you run out of local cuties to swipe on, there's a free feature to change your location anywhere in the world! Don't go too crazy; you don't want to waste someone's time.

Built for Deeper Connections

Proclaiming itself as the dating app "Designed to be deleted," Hinge emphasizes meaningful relationships over casual encounters. By requiring users to answer in-depth questions about their preferences, Hinge cuts through the superficial, focusing on the values and interests that matter most to you.

Attract Bisexual Matches

When creating your Hinge profile, highlight your unique personality and interests, vividly depicting your personality. Indicate your sexual orientation and preferences in your profile, and the app prioritizes potential matches with similar values and backgrounds within the bisexual community.


OkCupid gained popularity in the LGBTQ+ community in 2011 when it added an option to filter out straight people. This quickly attracted a vast queer user base, and the app has maintained its reputation of inclusivity!

If you're looking to find someone you're highly compatible with based on a tried-and-true personality test, give OkCupid a chance to help you find your match.

Tailored Preferences

OkCupid's commitment to inclusivity has made it a popular choice among bisexual users. With 13 different gender identities and 22 sexual orientation options, this app encourages users to communicate their unique preferences and desires. OkCupid's algorithm prioritizes compatibility, ensuring your matches share similar interests and values.

Compatibility Questions

OkCupid's in-depth questions on politics, religion, sexuality, and other topics tailor your dating experience. Answering these questions honestly and thoughtfully helps users within the bisexual community easily find matches who share their perspectives and goals. The more questions you answer, the more accurate potential partners will be.

Make the Most of Advanced Features

Consider trying the A-List subscription to take full advantage of OkCupid's features. This paid service offers advanced search options, message-read receipts, and an ad-free experience. If you're genuinely passionate about finding compatible bisexual matches, investing in the A-List experience is a game-changer.

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Tinder is synonymous with dating apps, and although it's known for its hook-up culture, users search for all types of relationships. Be clear and direct about what you want, and learn to identify goals that align with yours.

Thanks to its wide popularity, Tinder is a good option for people living in rural areas where niche dating apps may not have enough users.

Versatile Appeal

Tinder's expansive and diverse user base makes it an attractive option for bisexual daters. By allowing users to customize their search preferences, Tinder creates a space for individuals to explore new connections within the bisexual community.

Strategies for Optimal Swiping and Match Success

To maximize your chances of success on Tinder, focus on crafting a compelling profile that showcases your personality and interests. Select appealing photos and write an engaging bio that communicates your preferences and goals.

With swiping right or left, engage with individuals who genuinely catch your eye, and be proactive in starting conversations with your matches.

Wider Dating Pool

Tinder's global reach allows bisexual individuals to explore dating in different regions. If you're open to long-distance connections, Tinder's Passport feature lets you swipe in any location, broadening your possibilities of finding love and expanding your horizons.

Pro Tips for Bisexual Dating

Even if you're experienced with online dating, a quick refreshment on best practices is a good idea. Try the following tips for enhanced dating:

1. Be honest and upfront about your intentions and preferences. Transparency is vital when seeking meaningful connections and being with someone who fully accepts you and your sexual identity.

2. Don't be afraid to make the first move. Initiating conversations and showing genuine interest can often improve your chances of success.

3. Take the time to explore multiple apps and platforms to find the best matchmaking experience for your unique desires. It doesn't always work on the first try, and some apps aren't popular enough outside of cities.

Hidden Gems

After downloading the best dating apps, consider thinking outside of the box. These two diamonds in the rough are worth your attention:

  • Feeld: A dating app focused on open-minded individuals and couples, Feeld offers a non-judgmental space for exploring different relationship structures.

  • Happn: This app connects you with people you've crossed paths with in real life, adding an extra layer of serendipity to your dating experience.

Pros and Cons of Popular Bisexual Dating Apps

Always consider the upsides and downsides of dating apps. While your phone makes an easy matchmaker, be aware of potential hazards.

Pros: Expansive user bases, customizable preferences, swipe filters, compatibility algorithms, and unique features create a versatile array of options for bisexual users.

Cons: Some apps may have limited focus in smaller geographic areas, making it tougher to find matches if you're in a less-populated region. Additionally, paid subscriptions may be necessary for full-feature access, leading to a potential financial investment in your dating experience.

Under-Recognized Facts

Before signing up for a new app, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are a few relatively unknown facts about bisexual dating apps:

1. Many mainstream dating apps are increasingly becoming LGBTQ+-friendly, providing bisexual users with more choices than ever before.

2. Building connections within a broader community, such as LGBTQ+ groups or organizations, can provide a strong foundation for your dating experiences on these apps.

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Swipe Both Ways

With so many different dating platforms available, there is a dating app for every bisexual! These top bisexual dating apps offer unique features and communities tailored to your desires. Try out these apps to find love and connection in the often challenging yet rewarding world of online dating.

Once you pick the perfect one for you, set up a killer profile, be bold and send the first message, then stay safe on your hot dates!

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