Which Pick-Up Line Should You Try Next in a Dating App?

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Wondering how to break the ice without coming off as too cold or too hot? Take this quiz to see what we recommend you try the next time you send a message!

What are you looking for on dating apps?

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How much information do you reveal in your dating profile bio?

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Which of the following best describes how you communicate with someone on a dating app?

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When do you usually send messages or reply to messages on dating apps?

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Around how many people do you communicate with on a dating app at a given time?

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What would you say your conversations lack?

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Which best describes a typical message that you would initially send someone?

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Which Pick-Up Line Should You Try Next in a Dating App?
Comment on something they said in their bio

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Commenting on something in a person’s bio might be a method that you have used in the past. Still, the importance here is to not only refer to something in the person’s bio, but to also have a follow-up question with it, or something that entices a person to expand, elaborate, and engage in a conversation with you. This shows that you’re paying attention to them, and not just swiping right to get into their messages. This can also elicit a reply that is more personal, ultimately increasing the chances of gaining traction in the conversation. Again, the goal here is to stand out without freaking them out!
Making Plans

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Consider asking someone a question about their interest and then following up by inquiring if they’d like to FaceTime, or what their availability is, is an effective way to get out of a pattern where it might be hard to meet anyone in real life. Being clear and direct in your intentions can be successful, so long as you use appropriate discretion and are respectful towards the person. If you give off energy that is easy, comfortable, and accommodating, this will likely make the other person even more receptive, especially if your intention is to want a meaningful connection or just to get off of the app and talk to them in a way that is convenient.
Meaningful Compliment

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Consider bringing up a flattering compliment as to why they caught your eye and then asking them how they are so that they have something to both appreciate from your message and something of substance to answer back to. It might seem like this method could be challenging, especially if you consider yourself a shy person, but being honest about what piqued your interest in the person doesn’t require an overwhelming amount of mental effort. It will likely exude a level of confidence to the recipient that they will find undeniably attractive. The best way to tell if you’re giving a meaningful compliment or not? Ask yourself: Do I feel vulnerable in some way? If so, then that means you are likely opening up to them, which typically makes someone feel more comfortable opening up in return. This message will stand out amongst the several variations of “hey” and “what’s up?” messages that they likely receive.
Flattery + Similarity

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Consider sending a message that includes a similarity you both have, with a hint of flattery, is highly effective! For example, does the person you’re sending a message to also enjoy running? Do they have a dog? Was one of their pictures in a place that you’ve been? A neat way to create a conversation without the fear of coming off as too intense is to mention a similarity or a common interest between both of you. After commenting on a similarity, you can slyly include a compliment to flatter them, which will likely make them even more receptive to what you send!

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