Sydney Wheeler


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Sydney is passionate about exploring the magical world of relationships and sex, constantly learning about new perspectives and trends by reading and listening to podcasts, and has published nearly 200 articles on topics ranging from mental health and relationships to sexual health and intimate products.


  • Over 175 published articles as the lead writer for Cupid's Light
  • G​o-to friend for relationship, dating, and sex advice
  • Copywriter for small businesses since 2015


Established as the dating & relationships guru of her friends, and a spirited writer, Sydney decided to pursue her passions as a career. She enjoys researching within the niche by reading, listening to podcasts, and through fieldwork. She loves to encourage pleasure in all ways for all people, incorporating inclusivity and the normalization of taboo topics. When she's not journaling or convincing her friends to try a new vibrator, she enjoys traveling, acroyoga, and cooking vegan food.


Bachelor's Degree in Biology from Ramapo College of New Jersey Certified Personal Trainer & Women's Fitness Specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Yoga Teacher Teacher of English as a Foreign Language

Expertise: Biology

Education: Ramapo College

Location: Stanhope, NJ

Title: Writer

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