Sydney Wheeler


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Established as the dating & relationships guru of her friends, and passionate writer, she decided to pursue this passion as a career. She enjoys researching within the niche by reading, listening to podcasts, and thorough field work. Her other hobbies include traveling, acroyoga and cooking.


  • T​eacher of English as a foreign language- mainly in South East Asia and other places around the world
  • C​opywriter for small businesses since 2015
  • G​o-to friend for relationship, dating and sex advice


Before deciding to write as a career, Sydney been an optometric tech, lab tech, English teacher, personal trainer, and manyother things!


S​ydney graduated with a B.S. in Biology from Ramapo College of New Jersey. She also holds certifications as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language, Personal Trainer & Women's Fitness Specialist, and Yoga Teacher.

Expertise: Biology

Education: Ramapo College

Location: Stanhope, NJ

Title: Writer

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