Taimi: A Cis-Het-Free LGBTQ+ Dating App

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Key Points

  • Taimi is a dating app for every gender and sexuality within the LGBTQ+ community, providing a safe, inclusive space for connection.

  • Make friends, find quick hook-ups, foster meaningful connections, or interact with the community through social media-like features.

  • Create a thorough profile including your identity, hobbies, vibes, bio, photos, and a highlight of what you're looking for.

  • Utilize the free version of Taimi to swipe, match, and chat with mutual matches.

Calling all lesbians, bisexuals, queers, trans people, and anyone else who isn't cishet (cisgender, heterosexual)! Stop going on heteronormative dating apps that assume you're the classic cishet person. According to psychologist Amy Mezulis, Ph.D., "Heteronormativity refers to the pervasive and false assumption that everyone is heterosexual (straight), and that heterosexuality is superior to other sexualities. Heteronormativity can create significant challenges and discrimination for LGBTQ+ individuals. Remember that just because something is prevalent in the culture doesn’t mean that is true or healthy."

Dive into an inclusive platform to fully and openly express yourself with those who honor differences between people. Gather around to an app that includes all of you in a safe, supportive environment for dating. Taimi is a top app for anyone in the LGBTQ+ community to find meaningful relationships, hook-ups, friends, one-night stands, and a sense of community. This app isn't exclusive for women, as it encourages any gender and sexuality to join, but it's perfect for WLW open to dating various genders and identities.

Meet Taimi

Introducing Taimi: The LGBTQ+ dating app breaking barriers in a world where inclusivity and acceptance are key. Taimi stands as a beacon of hope for the queer community. This innovative dating app provides a safe and vibrant space for individuals of all genders and sexualities to connect, make friends, and even find love.

Whether you're looking for a meaningful relationship, a brief sexual encounter, or you simply want to engage with the vibrant LGBTQ+ community, Taimi is here to meet your needs. Explore the features, profiles, and social media aspects that make Taimi a must-have app for anyone seeking connection within the LGBTQ+ world.

Taimi implements safety features similar to other LGBTQ+ dating apps, but you have the ability to fully customize your privacy settings. Reserve some photos for only matches to see. Use an incognito name. It's prohibited to take screenshots, protecting your profile and privacy. Of course, you should still implement your own safety precautions when using any online dating service.

Enjoy a wide variety of people to suit any taste. Swipe through profiles to find someone who interests you, flirt, make plans, send GIFs, and find the perfect gal for a spicy evening.

In May 2023, Taimi impressed the LGBTQ+ world with the ad campaign "America The Beautiful: America The Queer." According to Little Black Book, "Taimi, one of the world’s largest queer dating apps… announce[d] the launch of a national campaign to celebrate American core values, the importance of freedom, acceptance, inclusion, and liberty of self-expression." Images feature classic American photos through a rainbow lens. This campaign rewrites the image of America to celebrate all people and love. Amazing!

Taimi Profiles

Profiles on Taimi are inclusive to please every type of person. Every profile has a stack of cards you use to express yourself through photos, videos, and music. You also have the option to post private pictures on your profile. Make these a bit spicier or more personal as only mutual matches see them.

Complete your "About Me" section by selecting drop-downs to define your gender identity, pronouns, sexual identity, location, and who you're interested in. You can even include intimate information on whether you're a top, bottom, switch, side, or not interested in sex. Tell people whether you're looking for something long-term, short-term, one-night stands (ONS), or friends with benefits (FWB).

Select your interests and hobbies from options like reading, traveling, movies, music, photography, dancing, outdoors, anime, tattoos, crypto, and so many more. Define your vibes by selecting three categories from options, including monogamy, polyamory, domination, military, lipstick, butch, gothic punk, hip hop, mermaid, vegan, and so many more. It's a great way to give people an idea of what you're like without having to write a novel in your bio!

All of these options are pre-set onto profiles, so you simply click which words describe you most. This is an impressive way to encourage people to add more personality to their profile. Of course, the app also offers an open-ended section to write more about yourself and introduce yourself. Use a generous 500 characters to highlight aspects of yourself people should know, tell a joke, and display what makes you unique. They even have a list of tips if you don't know what to say.

The profiles are so thorough on Taimi that it's easy to show your personality to potential matches. Especially for people who vibe more on personality than strictly looks, these profiles are perfect for finding a match. Make sure you include plenty of information on your profile, and enjoy swiping through other displays of character!

Taimi + Social Media

Taimi isn't just an app to swipe through profiles of singles in search of a flirt, hook-up, or date. Taimi also functions as an exclusively LGBTQ+ social media platform! It's a part of queer culture to stay connected to exes or have lingering online flirts. Connect with these cuties through the social media aspect of the app. Follow your existing friends and connect on another platform where you can freely express your gay side. Enjoy posting stories, live streaming, group chatrooms, and LGBTQ+ news articles.

There are stories on Taimi similar to popular social media apps. You don't need to be a paid member to post and view stories. This is a great outlet for you to be yourself and post what you like without cishet judgment. It's an authentic way for potential boos to see what you're like. Plus, you get to watch their stories in return — thank the stars for thirst traps.

Livestream on Taimi to chat with your followers, make yourself visible on the app, and let your creator juices flow. This feature encourages community amongst users and opens channels for live communication. Maybe you meet someone who tunes into your livestream, you start a livestream with someone you hit it off with, or you fangirl over another user.

The social media aspect of Taimi makes it a must-have app for anyone in the LGBTQ+ community, even if they're not looking for a partner or live in a rural area with a lack of users. It's important to connect to a community of people who understand you and fully accept your identity. Even if you don't find your future bride, you can at least enjoy interacting with the beautiful LGBTQ+ community!

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Taimi Matching

Matching on Taimi works similarly to most popular dating apps, except with a few extra features to narrow down your search according to your sexuality. Select which genders you're open to dating, including men, women, non-binary, trans-men, and trans-women. There's also a handy little button to set your profile "open to everyone." Set your age range and geographical limits, then start swiping.

You'll see profiles with a main picture front and center. Swipe down to see the user's "About Me" section, along with a list of interests, identity labels, and more pictures! Click the thumbs up if you're interested, the "X" if they're not your type, or the rainbow heart if you're going to dream about them.

Taimi also suggests opening lines to send to people you like. Note that only paid members see messages without matching. Once you match, you're free to chat! Get to know each other, flirt a bit, and exchange contacts to turn your flirt into something real.

Taimi User Experience

Users love the attractive interface and functionality of the app. Many find it to be a refreshing place to find potential dates and even build a community. Favorite features include thorough profiles and the ability to post explicit photos on the "secret photo" feature.

Users love that you get good use out of the free version, but the pricing tiers for paid memberships are a bit confusing. There are a lot of different elements that go into each of the membership options. If you want to upgrade your experience, view the in-app features chart to gauge which option suits you best.

Common complaints include repeated profiles even after swiping through them, likes from users outside of your search criteria, and the requirement to pay to access all features. As with any app, there are occasional bugs and glitches users face. A commonly requested feature is the addition of relationship status to open the doors for poly relationships.

One pertinent issue is the existence of straight users on the app. While straight people are welcome to swipe and interact with the LGBTQ+ community, many straight people who come to the app fetishize different identities, such as trans people. This hinders the safe space, so do your part to report these profiles if you see them. Hopefully, Taimi controls the situation.

Go Find Your People

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, it's refreshing and fulfilling to connect with people who understand your identity and relate to your experiences in the world. Come to a fully inclusive, rainbow-celebratory app to connect with romantic interests, new friends, communities, and social media followers. Cuties are sure to fall in love with your profile!

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