8 Online Dating Apps for Bisexual Women

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Key Points

  • BiCupid, Fem, and similar apps feature innumerable safety and privacy features to ensure users feel safe and comfortable at all times.

  • OkCupid allows users to customize their gender identity and sexual orientation and utilizes an in-depth personality test to find compatible matches.

  • Lesly, Fem, PinkCupid, Zoe, and HER cater exclusively to lesbian and bisexual women.

  • Join a community of LGBTQ+ people in Taimi to make friends and find love.

With homophobia and societal dismissal, it's hard to date as a bisexual woman. Proudly display your identity and find accepting partners on bi-dating apps!

Once upon a time, the mere mention of any sexual orientation outside of heterosexuality was taboo in America. Those who didn't identify with the mainstream could only express their truest selves discreetly, aware that their conduct was heavily scrutinized.

That isn't the case in 2023, where celebrities like famed comic Mo'Nique can seemingly come out as bisexual in her April comedy special.


Still, bisexual people have faced an arduous journey toward inclusion, mostly due to biphobia. According to social psychologist Dr. Theresa E. DiDonato, Ph.D., "Bisexual people are less likely than gay men or lesbian women to be fully out to important people in their lives…One reason is the social stigma of bisexuality known as biphobia. Biphobia is 'prejudice, fear, or hatred directed toward bisexual people' and includes jokes, side comments, or gossip that spread myths about bisexual people that invalidate bisexuality…

"Bisexual people are often told 'it’s a phase,' 'you just want to experiment,' or 'you haven’t decided yet'…These biphobic statements can adversely affect bisexual individuals."

It's important that bisexual individuals find a partner who accepts their sexual identity. So, how do bisexual people, specifically bisexual women, find partners or seek out love?

For starters, by referencing the LGBTQ+ dating apps mentioned below. While using technology isn't everyone's preferred method of meeting potential partners, it deserves a chance due to its impressive possibilities.

The BiCupid logo

Photo from: BiCupid.com


Explore hot singles on the largest bisexual dating app — BiCupid. This app creates an accepting and inclusive environment for bisexual individuals of all genders seeking hookups, threesomes, and swingers.

Features and User Interface

BiCupid is a popular online dating app designed specifically for bisexual individuals. The app provides a user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation, making it easy for bisexual women to browse profiles and connect with potential matches.

It offers various features, including a swipe function for liking or disliking profiles, private messaging, and adding photos and videos to your profile. BiCupid also allows users to search for matches based on specific criteria such as age, location, and interests.

Matching Algorithm

BiCupid uses a sophisticated matching algorithm to suggest compatible matches for bisexual women. The algorithm considers shared interests, location proximity, and relationship preferences as potential factors.

The app also offers advanced search options that allow users to filter their potential matches based on desired characteristics, including age, ethnicity, and relationship status.

Safety and Security

BiCupid prioritizes the safety and security of its users. It implements email verification and profile moderation to ensure the authenticity of accounts. Additionally, the app enables users to report and block any suspicious or inappropriate behavior.

BiCupid also offers privacy settings that allow users to control the visibility of their profile and photos, ensuring a secure and comfortable experience for bisexual women using the app.

The Fem logo

Photo from: Glamour.com


Fem is a queer dating app for women seeking other women. As a bisexual woman, you can date women of various sexual identities. Explore your options in an inclusive and accepting environment on Fem!

Unique Features and Functionality

Fem is an innovative dating app catering specifically to queer women, including bisexual women. One of Fem's unique features is its video profile feature, allowing users to record short clips to showcase their personalities and interests.

The app also provides a chat feature with stickers and GIFs, fostering interactive and lively conversations among users. Additionally, Fem offers a "Friend" option, allowing users to connect with other bisexual women for platonic relationships or friendships.

Community Engagement

Fem focuses on building a solid community of like-minded individuals. It does so by hosting regular virtual events, including live video streams and group discussions, where users can connect and engage with each other.

Users can also participate in topic-based chatrooms to discuss common interests and share experiences. The supportive and inclusive environment on Fem ensures that bisexual women feel comfortable and empowered while using the app.

Privacy Settings

Fem understands privacy's importance and offers its users various privacy settings. Users control who can view their profile and information, ensuring they control their online presence. The app also provides options for blocking and reporting any offensive or harassing behavior.

The HER app logo

Photo from: WeAreHer.com


HER is a leading dating app dedicated to empowering queer and bisexual women. The app prides itself on creating a safe and inclusive environment where users can express themselves genuinely.

Safe and Inclusive Space

HER's staff moderates profiles and content to ensure the app remains free from discrimination, hate speech, and harassment. This dedication to inclusivity makes HER a preferred choice for many bisexual women seeking meaningful connections.

Special Features for Bisexual Women

HER offers unique features specifically designed for bisexual women, including the ability to identify with multiple sexual orientations. This inclusivity allows users to express their true identities and seek matches that appreciate and understand their unique identities. HER's comprehensive profiles allow users to share their experiences, interests, and what they seek in a relationship.

Quality of Matches

HER's matching algorithm considers user interests, location, and preferences to provide compatible matches for bisexual women. The app also encourages users to engage and connect through social features, such as commenting on posts and liking photos. Many bisexual women have succeeded on HER, forming meaningful connections and long-term relationships.

Lesly lesbian dating app logo

Photo from: Leslyclub.com


Lesly is a lesbian and bisexual dating app that caters to women seeking women. Join the community to make friends, hook up, or connect with local or worldwide hotties.

Features and Functionality

The app offers a user-friendly interface, allowing bisexual women to navigate through profiles and connect with like-minded individuals effortlessly. Lesly includes features such as a swipe function for matching, a chat feature for private communication, and the ability to send virtual gifts to express interest.

User Base and Inclusivity

Lesly boasts a significant user base of lesbian and bisexual women, providing a diverse and inclusive community. The app welcomes individuals from different backgrounds and ensures all members feel respected and valued. The user base's broad range of experiences and perspectives enriches the user's dating experience.

Feedback From the Bisexual Community

Many bisexual women met compatible partners and formed meaningful connections because of Lesly. The supportive and understanding environment of Lesly has been highly appreciated by users, making it a popular choice among bisexual women.

OkCupid dating app logo

Photo from: OkCupid.com


OkCupid is a mainstream dating service that's easily transformed into a queer dating platform. In 2011, OkCupid introduced a swipe filter to remove straight people from your pool. Thanks to massive popularity, OkCupid has continued to prioritize inclusivity for the LGBTQ+ community.

Compatibility Matching System

OkCupid utilizes a comprehensive compatibility matching system to connect users with potential partners. The app analyzes users' responses to various questions, covering interests, beliefs, and values, to determine compatibility levels. This in-depth matching system increases the likelihood of finding like-minded individuals and meaningful connections.

Customization Options

Users choose from an extensive range of gender identities and sexual orientations, including options for non-binary and genderqueer individuals. The app allows users to filter their matches based on specific preferences such as location, age range, and relationship goals.

Reputation and Success

OkCupid has gained a positive reputation among bisexual women for its inclusivity and success in facilitating meaningful connections. OkCupid's commitment to inclusivity and diverse user base make it a trusted choice for bisexual women seeking romantic relationships.

PinkCupid dating app logo

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For bisexual women seeking women, check out a top lesbian dating site — PinkCupid.

Niche Focus

PinkCupid is a niche dating app specifically designed for lesbian and bisexual women, ensuring a higher probability of finding compatible matches. PinkCupid provides a platform exclusively for WLW (women-loving women) to connect with like-minded individuals, forming meaningful connections.

Communication and Interaction

PinkCupid offers various communication and interaction tools to facilitate connections between bisexual women. The app provides messaging capabilities, allowing users to engage in private conversations. PinkCupid also offers a chatroom for users to join conversations with other members and connect on a broader scale.

Value for Money

PinkCupid offers both free and premium membership options. While free users can browse profiles and send limited messages, premium members enjoy additional benefits such as ad-free browsing, advanced search filters, and the ability to see who has viewed their profile. The premium membership ensures an enhanced experience and better chances of finding compatible matches.

Taimi LGBTQ+ dating and chat app logo

Photo from: Taimi.com


Taimi is a top-rated dating app and social media platform for people all over the LGBTQ+ spectrum!

LGBTQ+ Community Features

Taimi is a comprehensive LGBTQ+ dating and social app that aims to connect bisexual women with the larger queer community. Taimi provides a safe space for all users, to express themselves authentically. The app includes features like live video streams, group chatrooms, and LGBTQ+ news articles, fostering a sense of community among its diverse user base.

Safety Measures

Taimi prioritizes the safety of its users and has implemented various measures to ensure an authentic and secure experience. The app requires all users to undergo verification, reducing the likelihood of encountering fake profiles or catfishing. Taimi also offers advanced privacy settings, giving users control over their personal information and interactions.

Success Stories

Users praise Taimi's inclusive environment, diverse user base, and focus on building connections beyond romantic relationships. Taimi provides a platform where bisexual women can feel accepted, supported, and understood on their dating journey.

Zoe WLW dating app logo

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Zoe is a fun and friendly dating app and social media platform for WLW. Swipe, connect, and chat with queer women all over the world.

Unique Matching Algorithm

Zoe is a dating app designed for queer women, including bisexuals. The app utilizes a unique matching algorithm that considers interests, location, and relationship goals. This algorithm enhances the user experience by offering compatible matches and increasing the chances of forming meaningful connections.

Privacy Features

Zoe prioritizes user privacy and control over personal information. The app provides extensive privacy settings, allowing users to choose who can view their profile and photos. Zoe also implements strict guidelines against harassment and abuse, enabling users to report and block unwanted interactions.


Zoe has a friendly and inclusive environment, a user-friendly interface, and wide success in facilitating connections. Many bisexual women have found matches and formed meaningful relationships through Zoe, making it a trusted app for bisexual women.

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The World Is Your Oyster

These eight online dating apps provide numerous options for bisexual women seeking meaningful connections. Each app offers unique features and functionality, from BiCupid's user-friendly interface to Fem's video profiles, to the inclusive environment on HER.

Explore these apps based on your preferences and needs, ensuring a safe, inclusive, and empowering experience in your online dating journey.

Now that you're aware of several dating app options for bisexual women, there's only one thing left to do — set up a killer profile and meet some gorgeous women!

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