Nasstoys Anal-ESE Flavored Desensitizing Gel

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Key Points

  • It's common, yet frustrating, to experience pain or discomfort during anal play.

  • Enhance your intimate moments and find comfort with an anal desensitizing gel.

  • Nasstoys Anal-ESE Flavored Desensitizing Gel is a tried and true product to make anal play more comfortable.

  • Anal-ESE numbs the area enough to alleviate pain so you still enjoy the sensations of anal sex.

If you're nervous about anal play or experience some discomfort, implement a desensitizing gel, like Anal-ESE Flavored Gel, for your comfort and pleasure.

Many people find it scary and uncomfortable to start anal play. Perhaps you're nervous, too sensitive, or even experiencing pain. Sex should be enjoyable, and you shouldn't have to worry about pain during pleasure! Anal play becomes more enjoyable over time with practice, but sometimes it's difficult to get over that hurdle. That's where desensitizing gels save the day.

An anal desensitizing gel numbs the area a bit to make entry more comfortable. If you want to explore the magical world of anal play, but you're struggling with discomfort or pain, try using desensitizing gel for a more enjoyable experience.

Educate yourself on the ins and outs of anal as you start to explore. You can't just wake up one day and decide to go all in! According to sex expert at b-Vibe Zachary Zane, "If you want to be able to take a big ol’ dick or a thick nine-inch dildo, you’re going to have to train your anus… You'll want to start off with an anal massage or some anal fingering before you build your way up to partnered penetration."

Start small with fingers and desensitizing gel, then work your way up!

Why Desensitizing Gel?

If you find yourself exploring anal desensitizing gels, you've likely experienced some pain or discomfort during anal play. The sensation of using such products for the first time can be daunting for some, particularly if the experience is not as smooth or pleasurable as hoped. Not having the proper products exacerbates discomfort, making the search for the right gel even more necessary.

You might be searching for a desensitizing gel if you've encountered difficulties with other alternatives, such as allergic reactions, sensitivities, feeling too numb, or still experiencing discomfort. Skin irritation or burning sensations are common complaints when using certain products, and finding one with a gentle but effective formula is a priority. Turning to reliable, well-reviewed anal desensitizing gels supports a more enjoyable anal play experience.

Choosing Gel

When looking for the perfect anal desensitizing product, there are several factors to consider. First, the desired level of numbing should align with your comfort preferences, as products with different formulas offer varying degrees of desensitization. Explore flavored options for an added dimension to your intimate play, or non-flavored options for a more body-friendly option. Check the ingredient list to avoid allergic reactions or sensitivities for you and your partner.

Consider the product's compatibility with condoms and sex toys, ensuring that your desensitizing gel doesn't interfere with or damage them. Choose a product within your budget which offers good value for money. As someone who's been through a fair share of anal play and intimate products, I know that finding the ideal product might require a bit of research, but it's worth it when you discover the one that suits you best.

I've found that the Nasstoys Anal-ESE Flavored Desensitizing Gel stands out from the competition and could likely make a difference for many users.

Anal-ESE Flavored Desensitizing Gel

by Nasstoys 

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02/18/2024 03:12 pm GMT

Anal-ESE Flavored Desensitizing Gel

The Nasstoys Anal-ESE Flavored Desensitizing Gel is ideally suited for individuals who are new to anal play and those who've had discomfort in the past. It's also great for couples wanting to add variety and fun to their intimacy, as the product comes in a range of flavors for enhanced experiences. As a seasoned user of anal play products, I appreciate this product's ease of use, pleasing flavors, and compatibility with condoms and sex toys. When trying new intimate products, it's essential to check for any sensitivities or allergies to its ingredients.

Keep in mind that this gel is intended to desensitize the area for playtime and doesn't serve as a lubricant. Add anal lube to keep things moving smoothly. In June 2023, sexual-wellness brand Foria released "Booty Melts" which are CBD-infused suppositories for a more enjoyable and lubricated anal encounter. Combine a lubricant with your numbing product to make anal infinitely better!

Key Highlights

  • The mild numbing effect brings increased comfort during anal play without compromising on sensation.

  • Anal-ESE is available in a variety of flavors, enhancing enjoyment and catering to any taste.

  • It's formulated with skin-friendly ingredients to minimize irritation and ensure user safety.

  • This anal gel is compatible with condoms and most sex toys for versatile use.

  • This product scores high on personal experience among users, making it a trustworthy and reliable choice for enhancing anal play.


The Nasstoys Anal-ESE Flavored Desensitizing Gel offers various benefits that distinguish it from other competing products.

Its mild numbing effect provides users with the right balance of comfort and sensation, meaning it's ideal for those testing the waters with anal play or needing extra support. The variety of available flavors sets this product apart and makes it more engaging, heightening the overall experience and satisfying even the most adventurous of users.

Anal-ESE Gel consists of skin-friendly ingredients, which minimize irritation and maximize safety during intimate moments. While sensitivities and allergies should always be kept in mind, this gel's formulation prioritizes users' well-being.

Compatibility with condoms and most sex toys adds to the product's appeal, so it's a versatile option for all kinds of anal play. Explore anal sensations on your own to calmly ease into unchartered territory. Feel the magic of anal beads. Play with a partner, using a condom to ensure they don't also experience the numbness from Anal-ESE.

Taking these factors into consideration, I recommend the Nasstoys Anal-ESE Flavored Desensitizing Gel for anyone looking to enhance their anal play experience. The combination of mild numbing effects, exciting flavor options, and thoughtful ingredient choices make it a worthwhile addition to your intimate encounters. Always keep an eye on potential sensitivities and consider your unique requirements when exploring new products like this one.


A downfall of this product is its numbing effect on both partners. If you're using this product to numb your anal region, your partner will also experience numbness on their hands, tongue, penis, or anything else they rub there. It's mild and tolerable, but certainly not ideal! To avoid numbness to the giver, use a condom during anal play. You can also use a dental dam or glove to avoid numbness to other body parts, although most users don't mind having tingly fingers from playing with their partner.

Some users complain about the size of the Anal-ESE Gel tube. The standard tube is half an ounce, and the tube is smaller than your hand. This means the product doesn't last very long, but you shouldn't need more than a few drops of the gel each session!

The product's packaging offers no discretion. "ANAL-ESE" is written across the tube in big letters. This means you likely want to keep it hidden in a drawer. At least it's small and easy to tuck away from nosey friends.

My Experience

Upon trying the Nasstoys Anal-ESE Flavored Desensitizing Gel for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised by its performance. The numbing effect was just right for me, providing a comfortable level of desensitization without compromising the pleasurable sensations. The application process was easy, and it was absorbed quickly, ensuring an uninterrupted experience. Better yet, the variety of flavors added an entertaining element to the session, elevating the experience to a whole new level.

While it worked well for me, some users may experience sensitivities or allergies to certain ingredients in the formula. I experience sensitivities with lubes vaginally, and I was concerned I'd have the same issue anally. Luckily, this product hasn't irritated me! Of course, I clean up properly after every use to ensure proper hygiene.

As with any new product, conduct a small patch test on a less sensitive area of your skin before going full steam ahead.

Having tried various alternatives prior to Nasstoys Anal-ESE Gel, I can confidently say that this product outperformed many of its competitors in terms of effectiveness, ease of use, and overall enjoyment.

Everyone should explore the world of anal pleasure, and using a desensitizing gel is a fantastic way to dip your toe in the water and try something new with minimal pain or discomfort. Before you know it, you'll be enjoying the toe-curling pleasure of anal sex!

Anal-ESE Flavored Desensitizing Gel

by Nasstoys 

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/18/2024 03:12 pm GMT

Give It a Try

I highly recommend trying the Nasstoys Anal-ESE Flavored Desensitizing Gel, especially if you haven't found the perfect product for you yet. The combination of a mild numbing effect and tasty flavors might just be the game-changer that revitalizes your intimate experiences. Just remember to use a condom if playing with a penis — you don't want everyone to go numb!

Good luck and have fun!

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