Safety Tips for Women Using Online Dating Apps in 2023

Key Points

  • Women's safety on dating apps is of utmost importance when matching online and going on real-life dates.

  • Trust your instincts about people you match with, and don't hesitate to unmatch someone.

  • Keep your conversation on the dating app until you're comfortable with your match.

  • Always have a first date in public and share your location with a trusted family member or friend.

While swiping and having fun on dating apps, it's important to remember online dating safety. Protect yourself and listen to your gut feeling about matches. It's always better to be too cautious about a suspicious match than take a risk. Don't panic, though. With the proper tools and precautions, it's possible to have an entirely safe and enjoyable experience swiping on hotties.

Quickly weed out fake profiles by believing red flags when you see them. Use reputable apps that offer profile verification and keep your conversation on the app's chat for as long as possible. Always go somewhere public when you're ready to meet. Verify their identity through social media or a video call and share your location with a trusted friend. You'll never regret emergency preparedness, women. Relax and enjoy your date when using these techniques to protect yourself.

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Trust Your Instincts

When meeting someone online, trust your intuition, women. If you have a bad feeling about someone you matched with or are chatting with, listen to this instinct. There's a reason your gut feeling exists. It's your first line of defense, and you should trust it.

If something feels off about a match or a conversation you're having with someone, end the conversation or unmatch them. From your first chat to going on dates, you must always trust your intuition, women. Even if they're not dangerous, someone that makes you uneasy isn't your perfect match.

Use a Google Voice Number

To maintain your privacy and security, consider using a different phone number. Phone numbers link to personal information about you. Therefore, someone can find out where you live from your phone number. Protect your privacy and security using a Google Voice number for women.

Google Voice is a free and easy-to-use app. Download it on your phone, assign yourself a phone number, and use this to message online strangers.

Another way to protect the privacy of your phone number is to be careful when giving it out. Dating apps have secure messaging features for you to chat with cuties. Utilize this until you're comfortable enough with someone to give out your number.

Communications and policy director at the Online Dating Association Hannah Shimko says, "Dating services have processes to deal with anything harmful happening in a conversation… In our research, we see the majority of romance fraud taking place on WhatsApp or via text message once the conversation has moved off the dating service and the scammer has freedom to manipulate."

Keep your conversation on the dating app until you're sure things are going in the right direction. Then, use a Google Voice number for women to protect yourself!

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Meet in a Public Place

The most important rule for first dates from dating apps is to meet in a public place. Public first dates for women ensure comfort and security. Go to a restaurant or coffee shop where other people are around. Never visit a person's house or a remote location before you trust them.

It's a red flag if a date wants to meet at their house or go on a hike for a first date. It's commonly known that dating apps have risks, so most people want to ensure a safe meeting for both parties.

Drive yourself to your meeting point. Don't tell your date where you live or allow them to pick you up. Protect yourself by meeting them in a public place and remaining in public until you trust them. Public first dates for women are mandatory for safety. Besides, they should wine and dine you a bit!

Conduct a Background Check

For added security, explore background checks for women. Search for your match on social media before meeting in person to verify they're who they say they are. Background checks for women going on a date from a dating app don't need to be intense like those an employer or the police do. Search their name on Instagram, Facebook, or Google to verify their identity. A video call also helps!

Don’t Overshare Personal Information

Be cautious about personal information safety, women. Avoid telling them your full name. Never share your address with them. Don't tell them specifics about where you work, what gym you go to, or your frequented bars. You never know who this person is or what their intentions are. As you build trust with them, choose how much information you're comfortable sharing.

Keep as much privacy as possible in case you encounter a stalker or predator. Telling too much personal information to a stranger is risky. It's better to be safe than sorry. Wait until you trust them to share information about your location!

Regarding personal information safety, women can't be too cautious.

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Use a Reputable Dating App

Rely on reputable dating apps for women that take your privacy seriously. Most mainstream dating apps prioritize the safety of their users. If someone starts to act strangely, unmatch or report them to the dating app. Profiles risk a ban from the app if many people report the same profile, but safety processes vary depending on the platform.

Dating apps that require profile verification are ideal to ensure you're chatting with the person in the profile. Catfishes are creepy and sometimes dangerous. Avoid this by using a reliable and secure dating app that prioritizes verification.

In April 2023, Tinder launched a new artificial intelligence (AI) verification. Users take a selfie video that goes through AI processing with 3D face verification to prove they're not a bot or catfish. This state-of-the-art technology keeps user safety a top priority!

Non-reputable dating apps have fake profile clutter and catfish. There are lots of people pretending to be someone else on dating apps. Even if they do this for amusement, it's frustrating and wrong. Use reputable dating apps for women, such as Bumble, Hinge, and OkCupid, to protect yourself.

Set Your Boundaries and Communicate Them Clearly

Setting and holding boundaries is vital for any healthy relationship. Establish this early by remaining transparent with your date about what you're comfortable with. If they ask to meet at their house, be firm that your first meeting must be in person. If they try to kiss you on the first date, but you're not ready, tell them that.

Build trust early in your new relationship through communication and boundaries, women. Even if this isn't your prince charming, practice healthy habits for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Never do something that makes you uncomfortable. Not only does this protect your safety, but it establishes clear boundaries in the relationship moving forward. Don't hesitate to speak up for what you want and don't want. Prioritize communication and boundaries, women!

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Share Your Location With a Friend

When you meet with someone from a dating app, share your location with a trusted family member or friend. If there's an emergency, they can check your whereabouts. Share a screenshot of their profile, their name, and your plans for the date.

Location sharing for women is necessary for security. Use the one built into your phone, or try an app like Life-360. Remember that your phone must be on your person for this to work. Consider sending a couple of updates through the date to reassure your friend that things are going well.

If things aren't going well, exit the date. If this person makes you uncomfortable, acts inappropriately, or shows you signs that they're dangerous, go home. If you simply don't like them, conclude the date when possible.

If you're scared or uneasy, sneak out. If you think you're in danger, let your friend know, ask a server at the restaurant to help you, or call the police if needed. Potential overreactions are harmless compared to a dangerous situation.

Location sharing for women on a first date with a stranger is extremely useful in emergencies. Pick a trusted family member or friend to watch you through the evening. If you suddenly don't answer your phone or they believe you've been out too long, they can check on you by following your location. Always keep in mind emergency preparedness, women.

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Safety Is a Priority

Women's safety on dating apps is a well-known issue in the digital dating era. Always trust your gut and take time in trusting matches. If you see red flags from a match early on, they're probably not the right person for you. Don't worry too much; your perfect match will be comfortable and enjoyable!

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