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Sexual health is just as important as mental, physical, and emotional health. Although many people may be shy about exploring aspects of sexual activity, curiosity about how to increase sexual pleasure is normal. If you want a different kind of way to make yourself reach sexual climax, here is the ultimate guide to how to

Giving your partner a blowjob is a great way to make them feel loved, appreciated, and desired. But if you’re unsure how to deliver the best blowjobs possible, you are not alone. Like you, many people feel a little lost regarding oral sex. Whether you are completely clueless about how the penis works or want

Here is everything you need to know about anal bleaching, including different bleaching, the benefits of anal bleaching, and post-treatment care needed for the procedure. Anal bleaching is a cosmetic procedure many men and women consider trying. For many people, the words “anal bleaching” immediately make their bum puckered in self-defense mode. Relax, this procedure

Sexual health can be challenging to navigate. With so many self-appointed experts on the subject, it’s easy to misunderstand definitions or find misleading information. The dictionary defines sex as a physiological and psychological process where two people copulate for erotic pleasure or procreation. That technical definition doesn’t quite fully describe what sex is. The emotions,

Our mobile phones have drastically changed the way we communicate with each other. We’ve gone from letter writing as an art form, to email correspondence, and now, text messages. Most of our communication nowadays happens via text message according to cell phone data statistics. We text more than we call and for most people, texting

Sex drive is a natural part of human existence. Our bodies are biologically programmed to reproduce, which creates a sexual urge to fulfill this basic instinct that almost all living things experience. Unlike most animals, humans don’t only have sex for biological reasons- we also have sex for pleasure. This can drive our sexual desire

You often hear about the social hierarchy as it relates to men. The hierarchy is based on the perceived hierarchy amongst wolves in packs. The alpha male wolf is the leader of the wolf pack. He calls the shots, while the other male wolves follow his lead. Although this idea of a pecking order amongst

Preferences during sexual interaction can make or break the experience. As you explore your sexuality and what makes you tick, you may find that you have different wants and needs during sex than you may have realized before. Some forms of sexual pleasure are more popular in society than others, and right now, the praise

When you’re married, life can be beautiful. You have a partner to share your life with, someone who’s always in your corner. However, married life can also bring with it a whole host of stresses. Even for two people who love one another, living together can bring out new and sometimes unexpected changes in a