Everything You Need to Know About Penile Toys & Enhancers

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Key Points

  • The sex toy industry has plenty of options for men to replicate feelings of sex, enhance sexual encounters, or tackle sexual dysfunctions in pleasurable ways.

  • Masturbators mimic feelings of intercourse or provide a more interesting way to stimulate yourself besides your hand.

  • Cock rings provide increased pleasure to the giver and receiver by increasing blood flow to the penis and sometimes provide vibrations.

  • Packers are gender-affirming devices for trans men to feel confident in their anatomy.

  • Penis pumps create a vacuum on your flaccid member to pump up a large, impressive erection.

Historically, the sex toy industry has predominantly catered to women, offering a wide array of products to enhance female pleasure. Vibrators, dildos, and clitoral stimulators have long been popular choices, often celebrated for their innovation and versatility. This focus on women's needs has empowered and normalized discussions around female sexual pleasure.

Women aren't the only ones that get to have fun, though! In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift towards inclusivity in the sex toy industry. Manufacturers see the importance of catering to all genders and sexual orientations. This evolution brought about a diverse range of products specifically designed for men. These products acknowledge the unique needs and desires of men and aim to break down stigmas surrounding male sexual pleasure.

Men are often seen as too horny and sex-oriented, bringing shame to them finding pleasure. With the increasing availability of male-oriented sex toys and a more open dialogue about male sexual pleasure, societal attitudes are gradually shifting. Men are feeling more comfortable discussing their desires and exploring new avenues of sexual satisfaction without judgment or shame.

Men now have access to an exciting array of penile toys. These toys are meticulously crafted to provide intense sensations, improve sexual health, and enhance intimacy. Whether it's the immersive pleasure of masturbation sleeves, the performance-enhancing benefits of cock rings, or the exploration of prostate pleasure with massagers, men have more options than ever before to discover and satisfy their desires.

Before going further: When using the term "men" in this article, I'm referring to anyone with a penis, regardless of gender identity. You don't need to have a penis to be a man, and not all men have penises. Although, there are products here specifically for trans-men!

Penile Toys & Enhancers

One of the primary reasons people turn to penile toys is for the enhanced sensations they provide. These toys are meticulously designed to stimulate various erogenous zones on the penis, making solo play or partnered activities more exciting and pleasurable. The textures, vibrations, and unique designs unlock new dimensions of pleasure that aren't achievable through traditional methods alone.

Exploration and Variety

Using penile toys allows individuals and couples to explore new sensations and spice up their sex lives. Whether you're looking to try something different or add variety to your routine, these toys offer a wide range of options. From masturbation sleeves that replicate the feel of different sexual acts to vibrating rings that provide both partners with added pleasure, there's a toy for every desire.

Using penile toys allows individuals to explore their desires privately and discreetly. Many toys are compact and easy to store, making them convenient for storage and travel. This discretion offers peace of mind and the freedom to explore one's fantasies without judgment.

Exploring your partner's body with toys is an amazing way to grow closer intimately, physically, emotionally, and sexually. As you communicate about boundaries and desires, you become more comfortable with one another and more willing to be vulnerable with each other.

Women have a reputation for complication in the bedroom, needing all the bells and whistles to reach an orgasm, if they even can. Men aren't as easy as society thinks! Even if they are easy to please, that doesn't mean they don't deserve special treatment, exploration, and new sensations too.

Overcoming Sexual Challenges

Some individuals face challenges such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Penile toys serve as valuable aids in addressing these issues. Cock rings, for example, help maintain erections, while automatic strokers provide stimulation without needing a strong, consistent grip.

Masturbators, pocket pussies, and stamina training units (STUs) help you build endurance to stimulate and last longer in bed. If you struggle with premature ejaculation, you can train on your own with a realistic feeling toy to gain some resilience to the amazing strokes.

These toys can assist in overcoming performance-related concerns and contribute to greater sexual satisfaction.

Intimate Connection

Penis sex toys aren't just for solo use; they enhance intimacy between partners as well. Couples explore these toys together, discovering new ways to please each other and strengthen their bond. Vibrating rings, for instance, add an element of shared pleasure during intercourse, leading to more satisfying experiences for both partners.

If you want to partake in mutual masturbation or other non-penetrative sex, sex toys bring a fun and unique element to the bedroom.


Masturbators, also known as pocket pussies, strokers, or male masturbatory devices, are sex toys that enhance male pleasure. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, offering a range of sensations and experiences. Some enhance your experiences; others mimic real intercourse.

Masturbators provide intense and pleasurable sensations, often exceeding what's possible with your hand. With a wide variety of textures and styles available, masturbators offer a variety of experiences to suit different fantasies.

Masturbators provide a discreet and convenient way to explore your body and discover what types of stimulation you enjoy most. Some individuals use masturbators as a training tool to improve control over ejaculation and stamina during intercourse.

According to doctor of human sexuality and sex coach Dr. Emily Morse, "One reason you might be finishing 'early' is that your penis is just so psyched to be having sex that it wants to release ASAP. Masturbating a few hours before sex might enable you to hold off a little bit. Remember: this isn’t something you have to do alone. If you feel comfortable, speak with your partner about how you love your sex life but want to work together to increase your endurance in the bedroom. Simply knowing that your bedroom is a safe space without judgment will take the anxiety out of the equation and allow you to better live in the moment and last longer."

Choosing a Masturbator

Most masturbators use body-safe materials like silicone or TPE. Ensure you choose a product that's free from harmful chemicals and easy to clean. The internal textures of masturbators widely vary, from smooth to intensely textured. Experiment with different textures to find what works best for you.

Masturbators come in various sizes to accommodate different penis lengths and girths. It's essential to choose one that fits comfortably. Read reviews to get a sense of how they fit. Masturbators without casing are usually quite stretchy to accommodate a wide range of sizes.

Proper cleaning and maintenance are crucial to ensure the longevity and hygiene of the masturbator. Most products are easily cleaned with warm water and mild soap or a sex toy cleaner.

Types of Masturbators

There are so many masturbators to try! Each one has a unique internal texture and feeling, even if it's a similar toy. Choose from these types of products and start exploring the wonderful world of male masturbators:

  • Pocket Pussies: These are typically compact, discreet masturbators that replicate the look and feel of a vagina, anus, or mouth. They're made from soft, realistic materials like silicone or TPE and come with textured internal tunnels for added stimulation.

  • Sleeve Masturbators: Sleeve-style masturbators are typically only the internal silicone sleeve of other toys, giving you more control and customization. Manually move them up and down your penis — or have a partner do it — to replicate the feelings of intercourse.

  • Automatic Masturbators: These devices have motors and offer a hands-free experience. They come with a variety of functions, including different vibration patterns, adjustable speeds, and even remote control options.

  • Masturbating Cups: These are self-contained devices with a built-in sleeve, either reusable or disposable. They often have a case that provides a secure grip and may include features like suction or vibration for added stimulation. 

  • Realistic Torso Masturbators: These larger and more lifelike masturbators look like a real body, with at least a vagina and bum, with occasional added features such as an anus, breasts, or perhaps even a full body. They provide a more immersive experience and are popular for fantasy roleplay.

The market for masturbators is changing rapidly. With the emergence of AI and growing popularity in the Summer of 2023, there are rumors of AI-powered sex dolls and even mind-controlled blow-job machines. You should at least start with the basics before having a robot sex slave — although I'm not here to judge.

Always use lubrication to reduce friction and enhance comfort when using a masturbator. Follow the instructions for proper cleaning and maintenance to ensure hygiene and longevity. Be mindful of the material and choose body-safe options to avoid any allergic reactions or irritation.

FLIP HOLE Firmer & Tighter Male


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12/03/2023 04:42 am GMT

Tenga Flip Hole

The Tenga Flip Hole provides sensations different from any other male masturbator. This flip-open toy has interior details that cross over one another for firmer stimulation. Utilize one-hand controls to focus sensations on specific areas during use. Air escapes when you press the control pads for increased suction and pleasure.

The flip-open design allows for easy, thorough cleaning, and you can use the casing as a drying rack for ultimate hygienic use and longevity.

With strong stimuli from both sides, waves of sensations, and large ribs to grab hold of your shaft, feel chills of pleasure up and down your spine. Invest in this intimate product to enjoy hundreds of orgasms unlike you've ever had before.

Penis Sleeves

Penis sleeves, also known as penis extensions or penis enhancers, are sex toys designed to cover and extend the length and girth of the penis. They are typically made from soft, body-safe materials like silicone, TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), or latex. These sleeves come in various sizes, shapes, and textures to cater to different preferences.

Penis sleeves slip over the erect penis. They're usually open at both ends to accommodate different penis lengths and to allow for ejaculation without removing the sleeve. Some sleeves have a closed end for added stimulation or to create a suction effect.

Once in place, the sleeve adds extra length and girth to the penis, which enhances sensations for both the wearer and their partner. Many penis sleeves feature textured or ribbed interiors to provide additional stimulation during penetration. Some may also have built-in vibrators or bullet vibrators to increase pleasure further.

There are many reasons and benefits to wearing penis sleeves:

  • Enhanced Pleasure: Penis sleeves provide a heightened sense of pleasure during intercourse. The added girth and texture stimulate the receiver more effectively, and internal textures or suction feels good on your penis.

  • Confidence Boost: If someone is self-conscious about their penis size, a sleeve provides a temporary solution, allowing them to feel more secure and enjoy sex without worrying about performance. Before overthinking, ask your partner if they want more girth, length, or texture.

  • Variety and Exploration: Couples often incorporate penis sleeves to introduce variety and excitement into their sex lives. Trying different sizes and textures brings novel and thrilling experiences, rekindling intimacy and passion.

  • Erectile Dysfunction: Penis sleeves are valuable tools for individuals experiencing erectile dysfunction. They help maintain an erection and provide an alternative way to satisfy one's partner when traditional penetration is challenging.

  • Delayed Ejaculation: Some men use penis sleeves to delay ejaculation. The added stimulation and pressure from the sleeve sometimes prolong the time it takes to reach orgasm, potentially leading to more extended and satisfying sexual encounters.

Prioritize safety and hygiene when using penis sleeves. Be sure to clean them before and after each use, following the manufacturer's instructions. Use plenty of water-based lubricants to ensure comfort and reduce friction. Always choose high-quality, body-safe materials to avoid irritation or allergies.

Bumpy Ride Textured Penis Sleeve

Give yourself an added boost of stimulation with the Lovehoney Bumpy Ride Textured Penis Sleeve. This toy adds a layer of texture and stimulation for you and your partner. Plus, the stretchy loop hugs snugly on your balls for an added sensation and a secure hold. This clear, stretchy toy is four and a half inches long to just add stimulation to the base of your penis. There are plenty of longer options available — if it's more to your taste — including models that add inches to your erection.

Cock Rings

Cock rings, also known as penis rings or erection rings, are popular sex toys that encircle the base of the penis and sometimes the testicles. Cock rings work by restricting blood flow from the penis, creating a firmer and longer-lasting erection. When a man becomes aroused, blood flows into the penis, causing it to become erect. The cock ring traps the blood within the erectile tissues, maintaining the erection and making it more sensitive.

There are many types of cock rings to choose from depending on your personal preferences and desires:

  • Basic Cock Rings: These are simple, circular rings made from materials like silicone, rubber, or leather. They hug around the base of the penis, and some may include an additional loop to encircle the testicles.

  • Vibrating Cock Rings: These rings have a small vibrator attached to them, typically positioned to stimulate the clitoris or perineum, sometimes both, and sometimes have additional wands for different pleasure points, such as the P-spot or G-spot. The vibrations enhance pleasure for both partners.

  • Adjustable Cock Rings: These rings come with snaps or adjustable straps, allowing the user to customize the fit for comfort and desired pressure. They are a great choice for beginners.

  • Double Cock Rings: These rings feature two rings stacked on top of each other where the first ring fits around the base of the penis, while the second encircles both the penis and the testicles. This style provides more constriction and potentially more intense sensations.

  • Metal Cock Rings: Made from materials like stainless steel, metal cock rings offer a weighty and firm feel. They can provide a more substantial restriction and are popular among users who enjoy the sensation of tightness.

There are many benefits or reasons for using cock rings. One of the main appeals is their ability to create harder and longer-lasting erections, which leads to improved sexual performance and satisfaction. Some men find that cock rings help delay ejaculation, allowing for longer-lasting sexual encounters. The constriction from a cock ring heightens sensitivity, making sexual experiences more pleasurable for both partners. For many individuals, wearing a cock ring intensifies orgasms, making them more powerful and satisfying.

One of the most popular types of cock rings is a vibrating cock ring, which provides clitoral stimulation to a vulva-owning partner that doesn't orgasm from penetration alone. Vibrating cock rings are a treat for the wearer, benefitting from a stronger and more sensitive erection. The receiver also enjoys the amazing vibrations on their clitoris, perineum, or wherever else they wish.

When choosing a cock ring, first decide what type intrigues you the most. What is your main goal for your new toy? Next, find an appropriate size for your anatomy and comfort. It should be quite snug on you but not uncomfortable. You have to maintain blood circulation if you want to feel it and take care of your member!

Applying water-based lubricant to the inside of the ring makes it easier to slide on and reduces friction. To prevent any potential discomfort or harm, it's advisable to remove the cock ring after about 20-30 minutes of use. If you experience any pain, discomfort, or numbness, remove the cock ring immediately.

TOR 2 Intimate Vibrating Cock Ring

by LELO 

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LELO Tor 2

Treat yourself and your partner to a luxury sex toy — the LELO Tor 2. This reusable, rechargeable, vibrating cock ring is stretchy to fit on the base of just about any penis. Explore pre-set vibrational patterns on the device or design your own on the accompanying app. The flexible ring is comfortable and durable for years of use. 

This toy isn't just to vibrate your partner's clit during intercourse; many men love using it to vibrate their balls during masturbation. Loop it on your fingers for a versatile vibrator too! It's completely waterproof and has a travel lock for reassurance on the go. 

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are devices that temporarily increase the size of the penis and improve erectile function. They operate by creating a vacuum or negative pressure around the penis, which draws blood into the erectile tissues, resulting in a firmer and larger erection. 


The main body of the pump, often made of clear acrylic or plastic and shaped like a cylinder, houses the penis during the pumping process. It comes in various sizes to accommodate different penis lengths and girths. Penis pumps have a hand-operated or electric pump mechanism that creates a vacuum by removing air from the cylinder. Manual pumps typically have a bulb or handle that users squeeze repeatedly to create suction, while electric pumps automate this process.

Many advanced pumps include a pressure gauge to monitor and control the level of vacuum. This helps prevent over-pumping, which causes discomfort or injury. To release the vacuum and remove the pump safely, there's a quick-release valve or button typically located near the pump mechanism.

How They Work

To use a penis pump, first apply a water-based lubricant to the base of the penis. This creates a proper seal between the cylinder and the skin. Place the penis inside the cylinder while it's flaccid. Ensure a comfortable fit, but leave some room for expansion.

Begin pumping using the pump mechanism. This removes air from the cylinder, creating a vacuum. As the air pressure decreases, blood draws into the penis, causing it to become erect and enlarged. Once you achieve your desired level of erection, remove the pump or leave it in place for a short time to maintain the erection. Some people use a cock ring in conjunction with the pump to help keep the blood in the penis after removing the pump.

Benefits of Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are a popular, non-invasive treatment for erectile dysfunction. They help men achieve and maintain an erection when other methods are ineffective or not preferred. The firmness and durability of the erection obtained with a penis pump bring improved sexual performance and satisfaction. You're more confident in your erection, and your partner loves it too!

While the size increase is temporary, many users find that the enlargement achieved with a penis pump is significant and satisfying. Some users even experience heightened sensitivity and pleasure during sexual activities after using a penis pump.


Use a high-quality, medical-grade penis pump to ensure safety and effectiveness. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to avoid over-pumping, which causes discomfort or potential injury. Don't use a penis pump for extended periods — typically, 15-30 minutes is best.

If you experience any pain, discomfort, or bruising, stop using the pump immediately and consult a healthcare professional.

Original Hydro 7 Maxout & Traction Device

by Bathmate

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Bathmate Hydromax

Treat yourself to the best penis pump on the market — the Bathmate Hydromax. This pump boosts your stamina and confidence with a simple-to-use design and guaranteed results.

Use this pump for stamina improvement and to increase your sexual power. Men report having a boost of confidence from this penis pump and love using it. Fill it with warm water, seal it to your body, and use it for three five-minute sessions. It works best lying in the bath, but some men use it in the shower.

This pump is the perfect fit for men measuring 5" to 7". If you don't fall within this range, check out Bathmate's entire line of penis pumps to find the best fit. With satisfaction from millions of users, this option is an easy choice for a penis pump.


Packers are prosthetic devices primarily for transgender individuals, particularly trans men, who wish to create a more authentic genital appearance. These devices aren't often for sexual stimulation but rather for creating a natural look and feel of male genitalia.

Why Use Packers?

Packers help transgender individuals feel more comfortable and confident in their gender identity. Wearing a packer reduces gender dysphoria and creates a more authentic external appearance. Gender affirmation is the most popular reason to use packers. Many individuals find that wearing a packer boosts their self-esteem and provides a sense of completeness in their gender identity.

Some clothing, particularly men's clothing like jeans and trousers, fit better and look more natural when worn with a packer. It creates a more masculine silhouette. Many transgender men feel more at ease using public restrooms or locker rooms when wearing a packer, as it makes them feel less conspicuous. This also helps protect them from potential haters who notice they aren't "packing."

Types of Packers

There are several kinds of packers to invest in according to your personal needs and desires. Perhaps you even need more than one according to your mood or activity:

  • Soft packers: Soft packers are typically made from silicone or other soft, flexible materials. They mimic the texture and feel of flaccid male genitalia, often including details like testicles.

  • Hard packers: Hard Packers have firmer materials, such as plastic or rubber, providing a more rigid appearance like an erect penis. Some hard packers benefit from wearing a harness for added stability.

  • Pack and play packers: These are dual-purpose packers for both aesthetic purposes and sexual activities. They often have a firm core covered by a softer, skin-like layer.

  • Stand-to-pee packers (STPs): These prosthetic devices allow you to stand while you pee, further affirming this as part of your body and conforming to men's restroom culture.

Key Features

Packers come in a range of sizes and shapes to suit individual preferences. Users choose a packer that matches their desired level of realism and comfort. It's also possible to have one custom-made to fit your body just right, although it's quite expensive to have a unique prosthetic penis made.

Packers attach to the body through a variety of methods. Some stay in place with snug-fitting underwear or a special packing harness. Others have an adhesive backing for temporary attachment. Choose according to your personal preference.

The type of material affects the feel and durability of a packer. Silicone is a popular choice for its realism and comfort, while plastic or rubber packers tend to be firmer.

Remember that packers are not intended for sexual penetration or stimulation. If you're looking for a sexual prosthetic, consider a different type of device, such as a prosthetic dildo or strap-on. It's crucial to keep packers clean to maintain hygiene — regularly wash with mild soap and warm water.

Buy Yourself a Packer

Choosing a packer is an incredibly personal decision, so unfortunately I can't link one here for you. However, I recommend exploring options from Transguy Supply (TGS). This trans-owned company has a wide range of STPs, packers, binders, packing gear, apparel, and more. Products are reasonably priced, highly rated, and look pretty damn real. 

Enhance Your Experiences

Do you want a stronger erection? Would your partner like vibrations during penetration? Do you want to feel new textures and sensations on your penis? Invest in some penile toys and enhancers to bring your sex life up a notch. Whether you need something new or you just want to explore, you deserve to find pleasure in these toys for penis owners!

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