Rose Sex Toy: The Rose She’ll Accept

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Roses are romantic, the flower of choice for loving couples. Red roses are passionate and aromatic, an aphrodisiac that you can sprinkle on the bed for even more fun or hand to your partner to declare your feelings. Roses are synonymous with love, but there’s a new type of rose in town – the Rose sex toy, a rose-shaped clitoral stimulator that sucks and vibrates to simulate the best oral sex of your life.

If you’re looking to spice up your sex life or take your solo masturbation to a new level, the Rose sex toy is the right sex aid. It’s easy to use and comes in different models with various vibration speeds and patterns and levels of sucking intensity. The rose vibrator is the rose she’ll accept, and your oral sex game will never be the same.

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What is the Rose Sex Toy?

The Rose Sex Toy is a clitoral stimulator designed to suck your clit and vibrate for maximum pleasure. Its tongue-like interior helps to simulate oral sex, and its rechargeable battery gives up to 2 hours of enjoyment per charge. Thanks to its unique look, quiet motor, and overall effectiveness, it’s gone viral on social media, and for a good reason. The Rose sex toy is a fun and unique toy that’s easy to use during solo masturbation sessions or partner play.

The Rose sex toy’s discrete design can blend into any side drawer or tabletop without being easily mistaken for a sex toy. The Rose sex toy is a 2-in-1 toy is made from medical-grade silicone, odorless, and easy to clean. You can use it on your clit and nipples, anus, neck, belly button, etc. The Rose sex toy will bring pleasure to all erogenous zones.

The Rose sex toy comes in red, pink, purple, black, or blue. It retails for $59.99 but keep your eye out for sales. You may be able to snag this one-of-a-kind sex toy for $39.99.

How does the Rose Sex Toy Work?

Before using the Rose sex toy, you want to make sure that it’s fully charged. Lubricant can better make the rose sex toy glide over your skin, so it’s best to lather up your labia before starting. Once you’re all set up, lean back and spread your legs. Place the Rose Sex Toy over your clitoris, and turn the toy on, starting with low intensity.

The low intensity may not be strong enough, depending on how sensitive you are. Slowly increase the intensity until you feel your ideal pleasure level. Its rotating airflow enhances 5-10 fully adjustable intensity levels for maximum pleasure. You can also alternate between intensity levels to simulate oral sex, bringing yourself to the edge before slowing things down to draw out your orgasm and make it stronger. The Rose sex toy sucks and vibrates simultaneously, helping get you to a toe-curling conclusion each time.

Play around with the Rose sex toy to see what’s best for you. You can completely seal the sex toy for maximum sucking or leave some space between your labia and the toy. If you’re particularly sensitive, you may not even need to focus on your clit the entire time, as the vibrations from the Rose sex toy will pulse throughout the area as you play. Vary your motion while using. Regardless of how you use it, the Rose sex toy is quiet and discrete, helping you pleasure yourself or your partner without distraction.

The first time you use the Rose sex toy, take it easy. If you’ve never used a clit sucker before, it can be overwhelming and not in a good way. If you overstimulate your clit, you may feel discomfort and increased sensitivity after use. The water-based lubricant works the best with the Rose sex toy and can limit chafing.

Clean after each use using mild soap and water or sex toy cleaner. Your Rose sex toy charges using a USB cable. The blinking light indicates the Rose sex toy is still charging. Once it’s fully charged, the light will be constant. Each charge lasts up to 2 hours.

Is the Rose Sex Toy Waterproof?

The Rose sex toy is completely waterproof. It can submerge in water to use it in your bathtub, the pool, hot tub, ocean – you name it! Skip the lube when you’re using the sex toy in the water.

You’ll feel different sensations when using the Rose sex toy underwater, so you’ll want to experiment with what feels best. Again, start with the lowest intensity and work up to higher levels. Play with the suction, twisting your hand and alternating pressure. Once finished with the Rose Sex Toy, wipe it down with soap and water or sex toy cleaner and dry it off. Store until you’re ready to use it next.

If you use any bath oil, bombs, or bubble bath, pay extra attention to cleaning. Leftover residue can cause the product to break down over time.

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Rose Toy Assortment

The original Rose sex toy focuses on clitoral stimulation, but other models can add to your pleasure. There are eggs, dildos, longer tongues, and more, and there is a Rose sex toy for you. You can even pick your favorite color to help it feel more personal. The entire assortment of Rose sex toys is available on their website, and you can read the glowing reviews to help pick.

The Rose Sex Toy with a Dildo

The Rose sex toy with a dildo is the best of both worlds. You get the external clitoral stimulation of the original Rose toy with the internal penetration of a dildo. This model even thrusts during use, doing all the work so you can just lay back and enjoy the ride.

The clitoral rose has ten modes of varying intensity, both vibration and sucking. The dildo can stimulate the g-spot for an even more intense orgasm. Get creative with this model, stimulating your breasts, anus, labia, and more. Many customers have reported how much they love this toy, calling it the “best toy I have ever purchased.”

Rosy Toy Tongue Vibrator Clitoral Stimulator

This model has a more pronounced tongue for maximum pleasure. Like the original Rose sex toy, it has ten vibration modes that you can customize to meet your needs. It features a unique sonic technology that mimics a licking sensation, and because the tongue is more pronounced in this model, they call it a super lick.

You get all the pleasure of oral sex without any noise or mess. It’s comfortable to use and discrete. Use it anywhere, including in the shower. Clean after use and quickly recharge for multiple uses.

Rose Toy Wand

The Rose Sex Toy wand is two-sided: the rose clitoral stimulator with five sucking modes and ten vibrating modes on one side and an ergonomic vibrating dildo on the other. It’s easy and quiet to use. The design helps you easily drag it along your body to turn on all your hot spots. It’s also great for your partner to use during foreplay to help set the mood.

Use the one-click buttons the power on and change the setting for maximum pleasure. You’ll be able to find a rhythm that suits you in no time, bringing yourself to climax time and time again. The different settings make each orgasm feel different than the last. For maximum pleasure, use water-based lubricant.

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Rose Toy with Vibrating Egg

The Rose sex toy with a vibrating egg can be used for both vaginal sex and anal sex, rotating each element to change your stimulation. The rose features nine licking and vibration modes, while the egg is limited to vibration only. This dual stimulation toy can heighten your pleasure, pumping frequency waves to your clit, anus, nipples, and more to make your orgasms feel even more intense.

It’s soft silicone, but you’ll want to use a lubricant to prevent any dragging on your skin. The connection line is short, so you’ll want to limit use to vaginal/clitoral stimulation, clitoral/anal, and breast. It is very flexible and easy to use, with just two buttons. Each charge gives up to two hours of pleasure.

Remote Control Rose Bullet

The original Rose sex toy has been upgraded to a remote control version with a curved design to help stimulate your G-spot. You can take it on the go if you’d like to play with your pleasure in public. It’s quiet and discrete that you and your partner can have fun without anyone knowing.

The egg features ten vibration modes, and the bullet has three power levels and seven different vibration patterns. You can use both simultaneously for maximum pleasure, so crank it up and have some fun with the click of a button. The remote control works up to 37 feet away, so you may not be able to see the pleasure coming.

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Squirrel Vibrator

The squirrel vibrator is the only non-rose design of the Rose sex toy collection, but don’t let it fool you. It features similar vibration and suction as the original model. There are ten different vibration modes that you can alternate to reach your peak. Its design makes it easy to hold and works for up to 1.5 hours.

The squirrel vibrator is a great gift – no one will expect the powerful pleasure this cute little squirrel can bring. You won’t mistake its discrete design for a sex toy. The up and down buttons make it easy to switch between modes. While it’s different, don’t knock it until you try it. The Squirrel Vibrator can be the sex toy of your wildest dreams.

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Benefits of Clitoral Orgasm

Not all women can achieve orgasm through vaginal sex alone, so the Rose sex toy is essential. Did you know that a clitoral orgasm can last up to 30 seconds in some cases?

The clitoris is the same material as the penis, so it’s sensitive to the touch. You’ll be able to reach your climax each time, whether by your hand or with your partner’s help when you use this powerful sex toy. With many different models available, a Rose sex toy can help you achieve all the benefits of a female orgasm.

Stimulates Your Hormones

When you climax, your body releases a lot of feel-good hormones. You feel blissed out after the big O. You feel less stressed, and you’ll feel closer to your partner after achieving an orgasm. It’s not because they cared enough to help bring you across the finish line; it’s because of the oxytocin and other hormones released as part of sex. You’ll also feel happier and more contented. Spice up your sex life with the Rose sex toy and start feeling even better today.

In addition to being a mood booster, regular orgasms can also help regulate your menstrual cycle and improve your overall well-being. It fires up the nerve endings for ultimate pleasure. Who knew just how important the female orgasm was to your overall health. Grab your partner or your hand and work with your Rose sex toy for a more fulfilled life, starting on a hormonal level.

Helps You Fall Asleep

Men aren’t the only ones who can fall asleep after great sex! Once you achieve orgasm, your body releases the stress and tension that keeps you on edge, slowing down your blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing. You get that rush of emotions, and all of that combined can lead to exhaustion in the best way possible.

The clit is a pleasure zone, and when you play with it right, you’ll have even more benefits that last long after sex, including better sleep, improved cardiovascular health, and more. While it won’t cure insomnia, your Rose sex toy can help you relax, bringing you closer to a deep sleep with each climax. If no other sleep techniques have worked, it’s worth giving a clitoral orgasm as a sleeping aid a try.

May Improve Fertility

Research suggests that female orgasms may improve fertility. Women do not need to get off to get pregnant, but it can’t help! There is better sperm retention following an orgasm, allowing more sperm to stay inside your body to get a fighting chance to make it to an egg. This study needs to be replicated on a larger scale to determine its validity, but it’s still a fun data point to pull out for your partner when you’re talking about having a baby.

When you use the Rose sex toy with your partner, it could help your chances of conception. Even if it’s not entirely proven by science, it’s worth exploring as an option if you’re looking to get pregnant. At the very least, you and your partner will have fun trying! Tension can impact your conception, so start having stress-free fun with your Rose sex toy today.

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Increases your Pelvic Floor Strength

Your pelvic floor is critical to your health. It helps you go to the bathroom, have sex, get pregnant, have a baby, and keep your organs in place. Unfortunately, the pelvic floor can weaken over time, especially in women causing significant health issues. Some research suggests that orgasms can help strengthen your pelvic floor.

The pulsations of your orgasms are like a mini workout for your pelvic floor. When coupled with an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, and muscle tone, you’ll get a boost in strength. Some of the Rose sex toys even come with internal elements that can add more tension as you orgasm, giving your body something to clench onto during the waves of spasms.

So Will You Accept This Rose?

The Rose sex toy has something for everyone, no matter your preferred type of stimulation. From external clitoral stimulation to vibrating eggs to dildos and everything in between, you’ll get pleasure from all angles when you use the Rose sex toys.

They are made of medical-grade silicone, feeling soft and slick to the touch. For the best results, use a water-based lubricant to increase the glide over your skin. Each model is slightly different, so you’ll have to play around with the sucking modes, vibration intensities, and patterns to find what works best.

Flick your wrist, increase the pressure, move the Rose sex toy all over your body. The vibrations heighten the pleasure, moving throughout your body as you get ready to have the most intense orgasm of your life.

The Rose sex toy is an affordable clitoral stimulator that is great for single people looking to mix up their masturbation or couples who want to add something special into the bedroom. The rose design makes it extra fun and romantic to use, so the only question left to answer is will you accept this rose? 

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