Unforgettable Movie Kisses That Made Us Swoon

Top Iconic Kisses of Each Decade

Experience the magic and allure of romance through these unforgettable movie kisses. From the iconic moments of the 1990s to the captivating scenes of the 2020s, these on-screen kisses have ignited hearts and left a lasting impression.

According to psychologist and expert on intimacy Lucia F. O'Sullivan, "A mouth-to-mouth kiss with a romantic partner is considered one of the most intimate activities that we can experience. Most individuals can recall at least 90% of the details of their first romantic kiss, typically very positively… Incorporating a kiss between the main characters has long been a staple of mainstream TV series and movies, providing an emotional climax that signifies a dramatic change in the characters’ relationship."

Enjoy the romantic build-up to an unforgettable kiss with these meant-to-be characters. Spoiler alert! Don't read the descriptions if you want surprises.


Transport yourself back to the enchanting era of the 1990s, where love stories unfolded on the silver screen and unforgettable movie kisses stole hearts. Be swept away by the romance of the past and relive the magic of these timeless cinematic moments.

  • Titanic: Jack and Rose kiss on the bow of the Titanic as the sun sets behind them. It's a passionate and romantic kiss that captures the essence of their forbidden love.

  • Dirty Dancing: Johnny and Baby kiss in the gazebo after they share a passionate and sensual dance. The liberating kiss shows Baby's coming-of-age.

  • Pretty Woman: Edward and Vivian kiss in the hotel room after spending the night together. This passionate and playful kiss marks the beginning of their love affair.

  • Thelma & Louise: After killing a man, Thelma and Louise kiss in the car, creating a moment of solidarity between two women on the run.

  • Sleepless in Seattle: Sam and Annie finally meet in person and share a romantic kiss in the rain. This kiss marks their hope for a relationship and shows the power of the connection they developed over long distance.


Step into the nostalgia of the 2000s and revisit the cinematic gems that brought about unforgettable movie kisses. Uncover the heartfelt and thrilling kisses that defined this decade and continue to leave a lasting impression.

  • Lost in Translation: Bob and Charlotte kiss in the hotel room after a night of drinking and talking. While the kiss is tentative and awkward, it's also a moment of connection and intimacy.

  • The Notebook: Noah and Allie kiss in the rain when they reunite after years apart. It's a tender and emotional kiss showing the depth of their love for each other.

  • Spider-Man: Spider-Man and Mary Jane kiss upside down after he saves her from falling from a building. The kiss is thrilling and often recreated. In August 2023, a TikTok trend started in which gay men recreate the scene on the NYC subway.

  • Brokeback Mountain: Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist share a shy and hesitant kiss in the tent after a night of passion, creating a moment of pure love and desire.

  • Juno: After deciding to have a baby together, Juno MacGuff and Paulie Bleeker kiss in the car. It's awkward, probably due to the nature of their characters, but full of hope and love.


Remember the power of love through these incredible movie kisses of the 2010s. Enjoy these captivating and heart-wrenching moments that shaped the cinema of this decade.

  • Call Me by Your Name: Elio and Oliver kiss in the peach tree after dancing and swimming together. It's a shy and hesitant kiss showing a moment of pure love and desire.

  • The Hunger Games: Katniss Everdeen kisses Peeta Mellark in the arena to protect him from the other tributes. This passionate and desperate kiss shows the strength of their bond and Katniss's strategic mind.

  • The Fault in Our Stars: After spending their day talking and laughing together, Hazel Grace Lancaster kisses Augustus Waters in the car. Their love is powerful even in the face of illness, marked by this sweet and tender kiss.

  • Crazy Rich Asians: Rachel Chu kisses Nick Young in the hotel room after finally admitting their love for each other. This passionate and romantic kiss shows the power their love has to overcome cultural differences.

  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Ah, another iconic kiss in the rain. After spending a night talking and dancing, Charlie kisses Sam in a hesitant way. This marks their pure love and connection.


Although this decade is just beginning, there are already so many iconic movie kisses to remember. Watch the most memorable ones so far and prepare for plenty more in the near future!

  • The Batman: After saving the city together, Batman and Catwoman share a mysterious and passionate kiss in the alleyway.

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once: Evelyn Wang and Waymond Wang help each other save the world and seal it with a tender kiss. It shows the power of love to overcome challenges, even throughout the multiverse.

  • West Side Story: Tony and Maria reunite after not seeing each other for a year in this remake of a classic. They share an emotional kiss on the fire escape, representing the power of love to overcome prejudice and violence.

  • The Half of It: Once Ellie Chu and Aster Flores finally confess their feelings for each other, they share a sweet and romantic kiss in the car.

  • To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You: Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky kiss in the snow after they finally confess their feelings for each other. Love can conquer all!

Live Vicariously Through Rom-Coms

These on-screen moments have whisked us away into a realm of romance and reminded us of the extraordinary power of a single kiss. Don't forget that the magic of love extends beyond the confines of the silver screen. 

May these iconic movie kisses inspire you to seek out your own real-life rom-com moments. Embrace chance encounters, stolen glances, and heart-fluttering connections that blossom into something extraordinary. Life is full of endless possibilities, and sometimes all it takes is a simple kiss to change everything.

Who knows, you might just find yourself in a memorable love story. Happy kissing!

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