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Fashion has a history of repeating itself — which means that styles can come and go. What was in ten years ago is now out, and what was out ten years ago is now in. Today, we see a bigger mix of all different types of styles at any given time — which is great

Choosing a gift for anyone is never super easy and often requires a lot of searching and thinking, especially when choosing the perfect gift for your significant other. Whether you’re searching for a new boyfriend, old girlfriend, or long-time loved one; you will certainly find some great information here. No matter what you’re looking out

When it comes to achieving the big “O” (orgasm), women have a more challenging time getting there than men. Especially during intercourse. There’s even a term used to describe the orgasm disparity between men and women, and it is too familiar to most women. The female clitoris is responsible for most women’s orgasms, yet few

If you and your partner have ever attempted freaky moves in the bedroom, you’ll know that some of them require more exertion than you may have expected. The Kamasutra may understand what it’s talking about in adventurous sex, but it could also be mistaken for a yoga workout. Sex should be fun, but sometimes it

Do you want to get the most out of your sexual life? Do you want to get better at pleasuring yourself, or are you or your partner struggling to orgasm during sex? Switching it up in the bedroom can lead to a happier and healthier relationship, but adding a sex toy or two can make

Roses are romantic, the flower of choice for loving couples. Red roses are passionate and aromatic, an aphrodisiac that you can sprinkle on the bed for even more fun or hand to your partner to declare your feelings. Roses are synonymous with love, but there’s a new type of rose in town – the Rose


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