Self-Care Essentials: 5 Ideal Intimate Products for Ladies

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Key Points

  • Experience the pleasures of double orgasms with the LELO SORAYA 2 to feel stimulation inside and out.

  • Replicate the magic of receiving oral sex with the LELO ORA 3.

  • Play with the We-Vibe Touch X — the toy that does it all.

  • Strengthen your pelvic floor for better health and sex with Kegel balls.

  • Treat yourself and your lover to relaxation time with the natural Sliquids Organics Massage Oil.

Indulge in these delightful intimate products to practice the most pleasurable forms of self-care. Play on your own and introduce your toys to a partner. Every one of these products is sure to make your toes curl and send chills up your spine.

Masturbating is a beautiful way to connect to your body and sexuality. Practice self-care by bringing yourself new levels of pleasure with these intimate products. Spend some sexy time with yourself, not only to enjoy an orgasm but because it's good for you!

According to sex researcher Dr. David Wahl, "The psychological benefits of sex toys far outweigh any negative meanings associated with them. Sex toys can be a tool used to enhance personal health, communication, and relationship dynamics."

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Why have one orgasm when you can have two? The LELO SORAYA 2 is a dual-stimulating vibrator that will get you going. LELO is a luxury brand for intimate products, promoting better sexual pleasure and self-love. Everyone deserves to experience pleasure without shame.

The ergonomic shape of this women's toy fits perfectly with the internal curves of your body. The rabbit extension is flexible to allow anybody to enjoy clitoral stimulation. Play with 12 vibrational settings and find what you need to reach that double orgasm! It's fully waterproof to explore in the shower or bath.

This dual-stimulating vibrator is quiet like a whisper, helping you fully relax into your personal sexy time. Use it alone to show yourself some love, or introduce it in the bedroom for a new flavor of pleasure. It's rechargeable to use for extended sessions for years to come.


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Experience the thrill of oral sex from a toy with the LELO ORA 3. This little gadget is an oral sex simulator and a must-have for anyone who enjoys having their clit licked (everyone, that is). This one-of-a-kind model has a mechanical tongue to lick you just like you want! A moving node simulates the rotations and movements of a real tongue.

This new favorite is rechargeable and fully waterproof. Enjoy the soft, smooth feeling of the premium silicone against your skin. Play with 12 different settings to find exactly how you like this oral sex simulator. It's cute and small to bring with you anywhere you like without anyone suspecting what it is.

Add a generous amount of lube to yourself and the toy. Move the ORA 3 around your clitoris to excite yourself and build anticipation. When you can't wait anymore, put the toy over your clit for mind-blowing clitoral stimulation.


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We-Vibe Touch X

The We-Vibe Touch X is a highly versatile couple's and women's toy. Use this rumbly little vibrator for massages, clitoral stimulation, or g-spot stimulation. Move it where you like with your hand to masturbate or during sex. Squish it into the right place between your bodies during intercourse. Place it under your clit while you're lying face down on the bed with your partner on top of you. Get creative with the endless possibilities!

Pamper your whole body with massages and sexual pleasure. This toy is perfect for women seeking self-love time and extra spice with partners. Experiment with 10 different settings of intense vibrations. The shape of this toy is adaptable to any part of your body to stimulate any erogenous zone you wish.

This multi-tasker won't turn itself on thanks to a travel lock. Whether you bring it on vacation or store it in your purse for emergencies, it'll remain quiet until you need it. It's fully waterproof to play in the shower and bath, too!

Whether you want solo or partner play, or internal or external stimulation, this toy delivers everything you need. Use it for massages and create a relaxing experience. Stick it inside of you to curl your toes from g-spot vibrations. Wow!

We-Vibe Touch X

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Kegel Balls

Kegels are vital to sexual health and happiness for women. Your pelvic floor supports your uterus, bladder, intestines, and rectum. Use Kegel balls for your pelvic floor exercises to improve incontinence, constipation, pain during intercourse, and urinary leakage, and even have stronger orgasms.

Lube up your Kegel balls and insert them carefully into your vagina. Use them for about 15 minutes daily for your prescribed pelvic floor exercises! Women usually start by laying down and inserting them, then breathing deeply and relaxing for the duration of use. Eventually, it becomes easier to use this intimate product, and you can go about daily activities while they're in.

Be sure to use your Kegel balls correctly and consult a gynecologist before experimenting with unfamiliar territory. Add these to your regular self-care routine when you get the green light and clear instructions.

According to sex therapist Laura Miano, "When you do these exercises you need to contract and then release. This release is key to reaping the benefits from these exercises and one part that many people overlook… Pelvic floor exercises can in fact improve orgasms… Just like any other muscle, if you learn how to work it correctly, its functionality improves… So, if orgasms are made up of muscle contractions in the genital area, then some well-trained pelvic floor muscles are going to translate to better orgasms."

Let go of pain during intercourse and improve your physical sensations through the magic of Kegels. Your partner will enjoy stronger muscles in your vagina, and you'll enjoy more muscle control to feel pleasure in penetration. Whether you're trying to overcome vaginal pain or want to explore the possibility of better sex, try these Kegel balls with your pelvic floor exercises!

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Sliquid Organics Massage Oil

Dive into a relaxing experience with your partner with Sliquid Organics Massage Oil. This massage oil only contains natural ingredients, with no added scents or other irritants. Set the mood for an intimate evening with your boo with some candles, tantra sex music, and this aphrodisiac of massage oils.

Massages are a beautiful way to connect deeply with your partner without sex. Create a sexy atmosphere where you become physically intimate without the pressure or expectation of things progressing. This quality time allows for deeper emotional intimacy and heats things up the next time you have sex.

Treat your lover to a relaxing experience by lathering them with this heavenly massage oil. Rub them from head to toe, pushing away their anxieties and maybe even seducing them. Enjoy the slippery feeling and sweet aromas of the natural ingredients. Feel all the pleasure of treating your partner to a massage while hoping you get one in return!

Sliquid Organics Massage Oil

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Self-Sex Is Self-Love

Self-love comes from how you make yourself feel good and care for yourself — including exercise, eating healthy, sleeping well, and (of course) masturbating. Treat yourself to the women's toy that speaks to you most to show yourself love and pleasure.

If you want to experience a dual-stimulating vibrator and enjoy the feeling of penetration with clitoral stimulation, try the LELO SORAYA 2. From the same line of intimate luxury products, check out the LELO ORA 3 for a realistic cunnilingus experience.

Play with the We-Vibe Touch X for a versatile experience from head to toe, inside and out. This toy is perfect for women who want to masturbate and spice things up with a partner.

Improve your sexual health with Kegel balls and start feeling better orgasms. Just like going to the gym or practicing pilates, you should exercise your pelvic floor with Kegels!

Finally, treat yourself and your partner to an intimate and relaxing experience with Sliquid Organics Massage Oil. It's relaxing, sexy, intimate, and feels so so good.

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