Strengthen Your Bond and Bodies with Fitness Equipment for Couples

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Table of Contents
  1. Key Points
  2. SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

    by Bowflex 

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    02/19/2024 03:53 pm GMT
    Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells
  3. Bosu Balance Trainer
  4. Yoga Mats
  5. Jump Rope
  6. Resistance Bands
  7. Building Stronger Bodies and Relationships Together

Key Points

  • Exercising with your partner helps you feel emotionally bonded and motivates you to workout.

  • Invest in adjustable dumbbells for intense strength training at home, regardless of your strength level.

  • Practice yoga with properly cushioned yoga mats.

  • Jump ropes and resistance bands are compact and affordable options to work out anytime, anywhere.

  • Test your balance and stability with a Bosu training ball.

Working out as a couple has numerous benefits beyond just physical fitness. When couples work out together, they motivate and push each other to reach their goals, creating a sense of teamwork and partnership. Additionally, joint fitness activities can be a fun and rewarding way to spend quality time together, fostering a deeper connection and sense of intimacy.

According to social psychologist Theresa DiDonato, Ph.D., "When you work out together, you create a context in which you can coordinate your actions. For example, you might lift weights in rhythm with your partner, match your own walking or running pace with his or hers, or toss medicine balls back and forth…

"Nonverbal mimicry helps people feel emotionally attuned with one another, and those who experience or engage in it tend to report greater feelings of having 'bonded' with their partner. Exercising together provides an opportunity to create such connection, benefiting both your health and your relationship."

As a certified personal trainer, I'm here to help you find the right equipment for your workout goals as a couple. From full-body workouts to heart-pumping cardio, this article guides you through essential gear that will bring you closer together while helping you get fit.

SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

by Bowflex 

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/19/2024 03:53 pm GMT
Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells

When it comes to strength training, the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells offer a space-saving solution that's ideal for couples sharing a home gym. These innovative dumbbells allow you to adjust the weight settings with a simple dial, eliminating the need for multiple sets of traditional dumbbells cluttering your workout space.

The Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells give couples the flexibility to choose the appropriate weight for their individual strength levels. These dumbbells adapt to your needs to make your strength training sessions efficient and enjoyable. Working out as a team becomes seamless, as you can easily transition between exercises and share the same equipment without missing a beat.

Dumbbell Workouts for Couples

Use these dumbbells alone or together by taking turns lifting and spotting. If you and your boo invest in these adjustable dumbbells, try some of these workouts together or on your own:

  • Chest press: Lay flat on your back, preferably on a bench, and hold the dumbbells below your armpits with closed fists. Your knuckles should face up, and the handles should create a straight line across your chest. Using your chest muscles, press the dumbbells straight up so your wrists are directly above your shoulders. Slowly lower the dumbbells back down and repeat.  

  • Shoulder press: Stand straight and tall, holding the dumbbells above your shoulders. The handles should create a straight line horizontal to the ground. Your knuckles should face behind you with your elbows bent like wings at your sides. Activate your shoulder muscles to push the dumbbells straight up and slowly lower them back down. 

  • Goblet squats: Stand with your feet hip-width apart and your feet slightly turned out. Hold the dumbbell at your chest with both hands. Squat down, bend your knees to 90 degrees or lower, careful not to push your knees too far forward or move your feet. At the bottom, squeeze from your glutes and hamstrings to stand back up and repeat.

Home Balance Trainer

by Bosu 

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03/08/2024 09:16 pm GMT

Bosu Balance Trainer

The Bosu Balance Trainer is a versatile tool that challenges stability and improves core strength, providing a unique dynamic to couples' fitness routines. With one flat side and one inflated side, the Bosu is perfect for exercises that target balance, coordination, and muscle engagement.

Incorporating the Bosu Balance Trainer into your workouts as a couple adds an element of playfulness and cooperation. Whether you're doing squats, lunges, or planks, the wobbling of the Bosu engages your stabilizing muscles, enhancing your overall body awareness. Conquer new challenges together while deepening your connection and improving your physical fitness.

Bosu Balance Trainer Workouts

It's easiest to share a Bosu ball when performing circuits or other split-time workouts. Incorporate some of these Bosu exercises into your circuit or super set training:

  • Planks: Flip the Bosu so the flat side faces up. Place your hands shoulder-width apart on the surface, extend your legs behind you, and engage your whole body. 

  • Bosu burpees: Everyone knows and hates classic burpees! Now add the extra challenge of balancing your hands on the flat side of the ball during your burpee push-up and holding it above your head when you jump back up!

  • Squats: Challenge your balance by squatting on either side of the ball. Allow your creative juice to flow from here and try lunges, calf raises, pistol squats, and more.

PRO Yoga Mat

by Manduka 

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03/08/2024 10:46 pm GMT

Yoga Mats

A high-quality yoga mat is a staple for any fitness routine, and it's an essential piece of equipment for couples engaging in yoga, stretching, and bodyweight exercises together. Brands like Manduka or Liforme offer yoga mats with ample cushioning and a non-slip surface, ensuring comfort and stability during your practice.

Original Yoga Mat

by Liforme 

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Use yoga mats side by side to enhance the sense of togetherness as you flow through poses and stretches. Whether you're following a guided routine or creating your own sequences, having a dedicated space to focus on your body and breath encourages mindfulness and mutual support.

Yoga as a Couple

If you're just starting your yoga journey, attend in-person classes for more thorough instruction. If you want to try on your own or think you already have a good foundation, try some of these online yoga classes:

  • Move With Nicole: This YouTuber offers a wide variety of mat workouts including Pilates, barre, and yoga.

  • Patrick Beach: This impressive yogi offers extensive options of yoga classes available to many different tastes and levels of practice. Check out his sequence from April 2023 which balances flexibility and strength.

  • Yoga Flow with Sydney: If you have some experience with yoga and prefer to hear instructions without looking at a screen, try out a podcast class!

Weighted Jump Rope

by Crossrope 

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Jump Rope

Sometimes the simplest tools yield fantastic results. A high-quality jump rope, such as the Crossrope, offers a straightforward yet effective way for couples to enjoy heart-pumping cardio workouts together. Jumping rope not only improves cardiovascular fitness but also enhances coordination and endurance.

Jumping rope side by side brings an element of playfulness and friendly competition to your workouts. Challenge each other to see who can complete the most jumps or try out new tricks together. The rhythmic nature of jumping rope creates a shared sense of movement, allowing you to bond while boosting your fitness levels.

Jump ropes are affordable and easy to store, making them an easy addition to any home gym. However, that's not the best part of jump ropes! Just 10 minutes of jump rope daily brings the same cardiovascular benefits as jogging for 30 minutes daily. If you appreciate a quicker workout or want faster results, start jumping rope on the regular!

I jump rope often and constantly recommend it to my clients, as long as they have healthy joints! If you have knee, hip, or ankle pain, see a doctor before overdosing on jumping. Incorporate jumping rope into circuits, super sets, or simply for a quick workout if you're easily bored or short on time.

Resistance Bands Set


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Resistance Bands

Resistance bands from brands like TheraBand or WODFitters are versatile tools that offer a wide range of strength exercises for couples to target different muscle groups. These bands are lightweight and portable, so they're perfect for at-home workouts or even on the go.

Pull Up Assistance Band

by WODFitters 

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03/08/2024 09:31 pm GMT

Using resistance bands in your fitness routine as a couple adds variety to your exercises and allows you to challenge each other in new ways. Resistance bands cater to all fitness levels, providing a scalable option that supports joint progress and mutual growth.

Using Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are for strength training, mobility, and even flexibility. Try some of these workouts together and get creative:

  • Pull-up assistance: Working towards a pull-up? Attach a resistance band to the pull-up bar, and loop the other end around your foot. This takes some weight off of your arms and helps you build muscle for pull-ups!

  • Chest press: Work on your upper body strength by wrapping a resistance band around a pole or column. Stand with your back to the column, hold one end of the band in each hand, and work on some chest presses! Bonus: Turn around to face the column and pull to work out your back too.

  • Bicep curls: Simply stand on the middle of the resistance band and hold one loose end in each hand. Keep your elbows next to your waist without resting them, and bend at your elbow to curl the band up.

Building Stronger Bodies and Relationships Together

Engaging in fitness activities as a couple is not only a great way to improve your health but also an opportunity to strengthen your bond. The must-have fitness equipment mentioned in this article offers a diverse range of options that cater to different interests and fitness levels.

Enjoy a workout with your boo to keep each other motivated and fit. It might even arouse you too!

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