Building a Trendy Gym Wardrobe for Men

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Key Points

  • Upgrade your gym wardrobe with top brands for lasting, stylish outfits.

  • Brands like Nike, Lululemon, and Gymshark offer functional, trendy looks.

  • Enjoy high-tech activewear from Adidas to run longer and accurately track your workouts.

  • Prepare for outdoor workouts with Patagonia and The North Face.

If you're a gym rat or fitness enthusiast, you're probably aware of trends in gym clothing and fashion. Influencers on Instagram and your local gym crush wear the newest, hottest outfit for their workout. Gym clothing and trends aren't just about being stylish while you lift weights. The right gear can enhance your performance and ensure you're comfortable during your gym sessions.

In May 2023, mental strength expert Amy Morin said, "Confidence is a key component in growing mentally stronger. Boosting self-confidence makes us more successful, improves our health, and increases our happiness… Eating healthy, exercising, meditating, and getting plenty of sleep are all keys to helping you feel your best." Wearing an outfit that makes you feel extra sexy boosts your confidence, and therefore enhances your performance in the gym.

Going to the gym isn't just good for your physical health — it seriously improves your mental health! Go lift some weights in an outfit that makes you feel good to build your confidence. When you look your best, you feel and do your best!

Fashion Forward

Standards of gym fashion are always changing. Keeping up with these trends helps you feel confident, look your best, and discover new features in gym clothing technology. Try to find timeless pieces that you'll be happy to wear for years to come. While it's exciting to buy into the newest trends, it's far more sustainable to buy a trendy piece that won't go out of style in a few months.

Bold Patterns and Prints by Adidas

Adidas, a mainstay in the activewear industry, expresses style through bold patterns and prints in statement pieces. Use their striking colors to make your workout outfits lively and vibrant. These make for an ideal pick if you'd like to stand out from drab black-and-white workout gear.

Wearing bold patterns can have a profound impact on your mentality. Engaging designs and bright colors boost your mood, making you feel more energetic and motivated during workouts. With the right attire, you can enhance not just your performance but your mindset, too.

Styling bold gym wear can be a challenge. It is essential to keep a balance. Pair vibrant, patterned gym wear by Adidas with understated solid colors to create a style that strikes just the right balance.

Versatile Athleisure Wear from Lululemon

As the line between gym clothes and everyday wear continues to blur, athleisure wear is emerging strong. Lululemon takes the lead, offering versatile clothing that transitions seamlessly from the gym to your day-to-day schedule. Their collection provides you with workout clothes you can wear almost anywhere. Be it a business meeting, casual outing, or even a gathering with friends, Lululemon’s clothes have you covered.

Key pieces, like their lightweight joggers, snug hoodies, or their ever-popular Align leggings, take you from workout to chill out in comfortable style.

Impressive warranties and return policies on their products provide customers peace of mind. Enjoy a variety of incredibly comfortable options in styles that'll stay fashionable forever!

Form and Functionality

Striking a balance between fashion and functionality in gym clothing is tricky. You need outfits that exude your style and are practical for a fitness regimen. Find clothing that's movable, stylish, and durable.

Gymshark Athleticwear

Every fitness enthusiast, or newbie, knows how helpful pockets are! Gym shorts often lack pockets, leaving you with nowhere to put your keys and phone during your workout. Although the gym is often an escape, having a smartphone can be crucial for tracking workouts and listening to music.

Gymshark's pocketed gym shorts allow you to keep your essentials within reach while breaking a sweat. These fashionable and comfortable shorts are also extra functional. The pockets have enough space to hold your essentials while you train.

Gymshark offers a wide range of shorts, each meticulously designed with innovative features. Low-profile zip pockets, anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking components, and stretchy material for enhanced mobility make these clothes wardrobe worthy. Choose from different lengths and colors to suit your style! Remember, shorter inseams show off your quads.

Men's HOVR Rise Cross Trainer

by Under Armour 

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Tech-Enhanced Activewear by Under Armour

Technology has impacted so many aspects of our lives, and gym clothing is no exception. Tech-enhanced activewear is the future of fitness clothing, with brands like Under Armour setting the pace with their revolutionary UA HOVR line.

Under Armour’s HOVR footwear line are lightweight and cushioned, providing an extra spring in your step so you can run farther, and faster. Opt for a pair of their HOVR smart shoes — a prime example of tech-enhanced activewear. They contain technology that aids in tracking metrics and workout data, promoting a more insightful fitness analysis. This puts real-time, actionable information at your disposal to help improve your performance.

Tech-enhanced activewear provides actionable insights into your workouts, giving you a deeper understanding of your performance to help guide your fitness journey. Record and analyze data like distance covered, pace, stride length, and more. Impress your gym bros while gathering useful statistics about your workouts with the most high-tech sneakers on the market!

Armour HeatGear Compression Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

by Under Armour 

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Under Armour Compression Gear

Compression gear, a staple in any fitness enthusiast's wardrobe, promotes blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscles during workouts. A leader in the field, Under Amour's gear is engineered to enhance performance and speed up recovery. Their clothing technology exerts the precise amount of pressure needed to support your muscles and contour your body.

Using Under Armour's compression gear enhances your performance by reducing unnecessary muscle vibration, limiting fatigue, diminishing the risk of strain injuries, and accelerating recovery, making it a must-add to your gym wardrobe.

With the market flooded with fitness brands, it's tough to differentiate between genuine and phony compression gear. Look for brands like Under Armour that provide detailed product descriptions and positive customer feedback.

Men's Lone Peak Monte Bre Triclimate 2 Jacket


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Layering Systems by The North Face

When exercising, it's essential to find the right temperature by mastering the art of layering. The North Face's innovative layering systems keep you warm yet prevent overheating, helping you maintain an optimal body temperature throughout your workout.

The North Face's layering system involves base layers that are moisture-wicking, mid-layers that offer insulation, and outer layers that are for added protection, providing you with a comprehensive solution for different weather conditions.

North Face gear incorporates products like their lightweight synthetic base layers for moisture management or insulated mid-layer jackets for warmth. Each piece serves a unique function and is meticulously designed to let you perform at your best, regardless of the environment.

If you enjoy outdoor workouts, especially in colder climates, invest in these stylish and reliable options from The North Face!

Dri-FIT UPF 40+ Hydroguard Swim Tee

by Nike 

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Moisture-Wicking Fabrics from Nike

Nike has been one of the most popular athletic clothing brands for decades. If you have the iconic swoosh on your clothes, they're automatically fashionable for any workout or sporty look.

Moisture-wicking fabric is a revolutionary innovation for gym clothes. It draws moisture away from your body, helping keep you comfortable when working up a sweat. Besides comfort, it also limits potential chafing and skin irritation during intense workout sessions.

Nike's Dri-FIT technology is a high-performance microfiber that wicks sweat away from the body and transports it to the fabric surface, where it evaporates. This keeps you dry and comfortable, providing a better workout.

Thanks to their stylish designs and comfortable fits, Dri-FIT pieces don't limit you to the gym. Pair your Nike gear with casual attire for a sporty yet comfortable look.


As the world shifts towards environmental consciousness, the urgency of sustainable consumption in gym wear is becoming more apparent. Brands like Patagonia have pioneered the world of sustainable gym clothing, encouraging consumers to make environmentally-responsible choices.

P-6 Logo Pocket Responsibili-Tee

by Patagonia 

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Eco-conscious Picks from Patagonia

Patagonia's renowned for its commitment to the environment. They design gym clothing with recycled materials, organic cotton, and natural fibers, thus reducing environmental contamination. Their name-brand products are stylish, comfortable, built to last, and sustainable!

Take a look at some of Patagonia's eco-conscious pieces, like their Responsibili-Tee, made with 100% recycled materials, or their lightweight shorts and rash guards, both boasting recycled polyester. They also have pre-loved clothes available for sale on their website to promote sustainability. Find style, performance, and activism, all in one place.

Your Best Workout Wardrobe Yet

Gym clothing trends are at a fascinating intersection of fashion, performance, and sustainability. The right gear can indeed transform your workout experience, and maybe even help you turn your gym crush into your sexercise partner.

Remember that your gym attire, like your workout routine, should be unique to you. It should reflect who you are and what you're comfortable with. While keeping up with the trends, ensure you're creating a gym attire aesthetic that best suits you.

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