Orgasm Issues? Never Again With the Womanizer!

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Key Highlights of The Womanizer

  • The Womanizer is a revolutionary sex toy that provides air pulse technology to the clitoris for toe-curling pleasure, similar to a partner sucking on your clitoris.

  • This toy creates a light vacuum over your clit when it comes into contact with your skin and starts sending pulsating waves.

  • Many women report discovering their ability to orgasm with this toy!

  • The Womanizer is a reliable and premium toy to use for years of orgasms, alone or with a partner.

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Pro 40 Vibrator Toy

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With this guide and the Womanizer, orgasms are here to stay! An orgasm shouldn't be just a goal. Some women say they've never experienced an orgasm. It's time to empower yourself! The big O should be a routine activity available whenever you want it. The days of being shy about masturbation and sex are over. Vibrators are out of the closet and here to stay!

Women have complex bodies, and it's often challenging to find pleasure as easily as many men. However, there are some straightforward physiological and biological responses that all women have and varying tastes depending on experience and desires. Regardless of your preferences, mastering pleasure is totally within your reach. Hopefully, no farther than the nightstand drawer.

How do you master pleasure? This guide dives into the world of orgasms from a physical, emotional, and experiential perspective. Discover the magic of using the Womanizer toy.

Understanding Your Style With The Womanizer

Playing with the Womanizer toy for the first time is like working your way through a bag of delicious, chewy candy, but you're unsure which flavor you want or if another one is better than the one you're munching on. The Womanizer is the genie for every woman who wishes to be in charge of her pleasure. The Womanizer toy offers innovative solutions for women to take control of their bodies and enjoy the moment. Over, and over, and over again.

The Womanizer uses gentle air pulsations and stimulator heads to provide sucking and pulsating waves on the clitoris instead of your normal vibration. As a result, the orgasmic feeling is unbelievable compared to all vibrators and toys on the market. It's truly the "real feel" sensation other "flesh-like" toys often claim to provide. It nearly replicates the feeling of someone gently sucking on your clitoris during oral sex.

A vibrator should offer customized settings and techniques to uncover the realm of pleasure possibilities your body has to offer. The 12 intensity levels combined with the push and pull of the suction on the Womanizer allow you to relax and enjoy clitoral bliss. Not to mention, there is an auto-pilot function so that you don’t have to worry about fiddling with the bells and whistles, but rather focus on joy and ecstasy. Just pull it out and let the Womanizer take you for a ride.

How to Use the Womanizer Air Control

It's a bit difficult to understand how the Womanizer Air Control solutions work. So, here is a quick three-step guide to using the Womanizer vibrator.

First, make yourself comfortable and set the mood. If you like candles, gather your favorite. If you like silk lingerie, pull it out. If you want to get naked and spread across your bed like a sexy starfish, start there. Play some sexy music or put a mirror next to your bed. The idea is to get relaxed and ready. Once you're comfortable, begin to stimulate yourself gently with your fingers and slightly spread your labia to expose your clitoris. The best part, you know exactly where it is — no left lip rubbing for ten minutes for you! (We're referring to you, Chad and Brad.)

When you're wet and ready, gently place the opening of the stimulation head over your clitoris. When the head is in contact with your clitoris turn the toy on. It must create a gentle vacuum over your clit to activate. Then, you feel the air and the pulsations Womanizer toy, and wow. It's a life-changing level of greatness, but don't worry if you don't feel much at first. It often requires some practice and exploration through masturbation.

Explore the various levels of intensity as you fall deeper into your pleasure and start to experience one of the best erotic feelings ever. Move the toy around and adjust the settings (or turn on the Auto-Pilot) until you reach your climax.

The Best Shape for Your Pleasure

Understanding vibrator types is challenging. There are endless categories of toys such as bullets, g-spot stimulators, wands, penis replicas, rabbits, tongue shapes, octopus shapes, rubber duck shapes, and anything else designers think of. I'm certainly not complaining! Although, it's a bit overwhelming to introduce yourself to the world of sex toys.

How do you understand what's best for you? The easiest way to understand is to ask yourself the tricky question of your preference between internal and external use. Do you prefer penetration or gentle vibration on the clitoris? Or both? Make your decision around what you know from masturbation experience or what pleases you with your partner. If you don’t know the answer to these questions, try them all until you find what you like. Your wallet may not like you, but your lady bits definitely will!

Once you understand your preference, start to explore the best shape vibrator for you. The bullet is great for penetration and vibration on the clitoris. However, it's not an ideal situation for both. Combos suit someone looking for both clitoral stimulation and penetration and even offer anal stimulation options. Wand vibrators vary in size based on your preference, provide vibrations to your clit, and changeable he's for penetration or different clitoral stimulation. Whether you're looking for something dainty and discreet, or something that'll wreck you, is up to you.

Overall, the best option, and a great place to start for anyone new to vibrators or sex toys, is the Womanizer. This toy offers a gentle sensation without penetration or too much aggressive vibration (ouch!). The Womanizer fits in the palm of your hand effortlessly and creates pleasure like you've never experienced before.

What’s your idea of bliss? Some women say it’s to go away on a romantic vacation with their soulmates. Some women may say it’s getting their hair done, buying new shoes, or maybe getting their nails done together with mom and the girls. For others, it’s not thinking about their to-do list, the bills piling up, or counting calories. Instead, it’s putting the baby in the crib and hitting “play” on their Womanizer toy after a long day at work. Why not have it all?

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Essential Features

This technology of the Womanizer offers a distinct and highly customizable experience, with various intensity levels and patterns to cater to a wide range of preferences. Additionally, Womanizers are known for their ergonomic designs, whisper-quiet operation, and rechargeable batteries, ensuring discreet and convenient use. These features make the Womanizer a beloved choice among those seeking intense and pleasurable clitoral stimulation.


No one wants a toy that sounds like a construction site or has a loud buzzing sound heard down the hallway. It's distracting for your perfect orgasm and blows your discreet cover. The Womanizer has proprietary Smart Silence Technology that creates a quiet hum to keep you focused on passion and pleasure. Also, the Womanizer toy only begins the air pressure process when it makes contact with your skin. Otherwise, the toy stays in standby mode to save the battery and stay silent. Stay in your moment to reach your full climax without noisy distractions.

Pleasure Settings

Lie back, close your eyes, and allow the waves of pleasure to engulf your entire body. The Womanizer has an auto-pilot function that, when turned on, allows the vibrator to take control of your whole experience. The toy cycles through the 12 intensity levels at random to provide a unique experience every time. The autopilot mode is customizable by you determining soft, medium, or hard. After starting autopilot, hold the toy in your pleasure spot, and it will do the rest.


An essential part of all toys and vibrators is how they’re powered: disposable battery or rechargeable. The Womanizer vibrator uses a USB port to make recharging fast and easy. You plug it into the same brick you use for your phone and wait for your next pleasure moment. Just remember to take it off of the living room plug before your mom comes over to visit!

A rechargeable battery allows for safe storage as it avoids battery corrosion. It saves money and frustrating moments of buying replacement batteries. Rechargeable batteries save the environment by avoiding the excessive disposal of batteries in landfills. A win all around!


For many, one of the essential features is waterproof vs. water resistance. Do you like to take your toy into the bathtub? Do you use water-based lubricants? Consider your environment and desires when purchasing a sex toy. The Womanizer vibrator is entirely waterproof to use anywhere you desire, from your bed to your bathtub! For some ladies, it needs to be waterproof for an entirely different reason (wink).

The waterproof design also allows for easy cleaning, especially with the small vacuum crevice that's a bit difficult to get to. Gently and thoroughly wash your toy with warm water and mild soap after every use. If there are bits you can't access to properly clean, try soaking it for a bit. Allow it to completely dry after washing and properly store it in a cute little bag or box, ready for you to use again.


Does your vibrator come with a warranty? This may be a funny question, but sometimes a sex toy breaks or stops functioning after use. There are always bad apples in a bunch! Many shops and stores say all sales are final, but you receive a five-year warranty with the Womanizer toy, including any products purchased. So, whether your dog attacked it for "hurting you" or you accidentally flung it into the wall in the throws of orgasm, you get your toy back to working in no time!

Maintaining Your Womanizer

On a more serious note, we live in a world where everything is a quick fix. As a result, many people will forget to clean their vibrators and sex toys properly. Not cleaning your toys properly can lead to an infection, damage your toys, or even get you sick. We all know the delicate balance going on down there — take care of it.

The easiest way to avoid complications is to ensure that whatever you're using on your body is adequately cleaned and sterilized. The sanitary conditions of our body should be a top priority and you should take special care to ensure you're as clean as you can be at all times. You want a clean fork to put in your mouth, so why not a clean toy to put in (and on) your other orifices? This means you need to wash your hands before masturbating or playing with a partner, too!

For the Womanizer, the included carrying case with the toy is a great place to store your vibrator. For cleaning, always wash off the vibrator with water after use. You may also consider using a cotton swab to clean off the head attachments after use, as well.

While the Womanizer doesn’t require lubricant, please remember that if you're using a silicone vibrator, use a water-based lubricant for more pleasure and ensure your vibrator isn’t damaged. A bit of lubricant may make your use more enjoyable, but I use a little bit of saliva when I start masturbating with my fingers, and enough lubrication is there to make my knees shake with the Womanizer.

What's Your Budget?

Budget is always important to consider when purchasing a sex toy. Why? You don’t want to sacrifice safety, comfort, and pleasure for the price of a new pair of shoes. Also, you want to ensure that you're getting a durable toy that lasts you as long as you want. Remember that sex toys and vibrators are not returnable, and all sales are final for most retailers. Would you want to buy a used vibrator? Didn't think so.

There are usually four degrees of vibrator cost: starter, mid-range, high-end, and luxury. Vibrators vary from $10 to hundreds of well-earned bucks, but a more significant price doesn’t necessarily suggest higher quality. The Womanizer falls in the medium to high range and offers a premium experience. Not to mention, the Womanizer is durable and comes with everything you need, from a carrying case to instructions and charging supplies.

Every purchase includes a carrying pouch, instructions, the Womanizer with medium-size head attachments, a spare set of small head attachments, a sticker, an instruction manual, and a charging cord. The value in this package is impressive when you consider the orgasms given are priceless!

In the long run, discovering an excellent sex toy is a journey. Beginning with a less costly toy costs you more money in the long run, causes you to buy more products (contributing to overconsumption and waste), and may not bring you premium pleasure. So instead, start with something that offers lots of options to locate what you love and is a durable, well-reviewed product, like the Womanizer.

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It's More Than Physical

Our competitive world often clouds and distracts us from the pleasure world. Some men try to attract women just for sex. Women face exposure to complex and unfair body image expectations. Even children feel concerned with gaining attention from the opposite sex.

It's essential to develop a healthy masturbation routine for yourself and connect to your sexuality and self-confidence. You'll know your body better than anyone, and you know what feels best. For many men, the masturbation experience is only physical. However, many women require physical, emotional, and sensual environmental attention to reach climax and pleasure. A woman’s body is a fascinating and dynamic tool that sometimes feels more complicated than an abstract painting.

Understanding yourself is the key to finding the perfect toy for your orgasm. If you enjoy pleasure on your clitoris or vulva stimulation, you're sure to appreciate the external stimulation of the Womanizer. Also, the Womanizer is perfect if you enjoy specific areas targeted. After all, so many women report discovering their ability to orgasm with the Womanizer! It's truly a toy unlike any other.

Why Is the Womanizer the Best Sex Toy?

There are limitless sex toys available, but it's best to find a toy that provides you consistent pleasure and versatile use for masturbation or partner play.

If you want to buy a vibrator, your initial impulse is to look up “vibrator” online, providing a ton of paid ads for basic buzzy toys, penis-resembling dildos, and arm-sized vibrating wands. Unfortunately, you’ll likely come across way too many options — from a low-grade toy that isn’t safe for your body to one that is enormous and uncomfortable (unless you're a tentacle girlie, you do you).

The way to a woman’s heart is through tenderness and self-care time. Take care of your own heart and pleasure by treating yourself to an unbelievable orgasm, time and time again! Once you hold and experience the Womanizer for yourself, you’ll experience a new type of “alone time.”

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