Anal Beads For Her Pleasure


Uh, oh, did someone say anal? In the past, the mere mention of enjoying sexual intercourse through the back door would have had you shunned or ridiculed. The idea of putting something inside the “wrong hole” was strange and even considered gross to many men and women. But as gay men and queer folks know, anal sex is neither of these things. In fact, anal sex can be very pleasurable, so much so that sex toy makers design toys specifically for stimulating the anus. Anal beads are one such toy designed to provide and increase pleasure during anal play and, spoiler alert, women enjoy them too. But exactly what are anal beads and why do we think women will like them?


What Are Anal Beads?

Anal beads are small balls (though sometimes they are spherical or pill shaped) that are fixed on a string and meant to be inserted into the anus. They are typically made from silicone but may also come in glass or metal materials. At the end of the beads string is usually a loop or small handle that allows someone to easily pull the beads out of, well, the anus. Though there are many kinds of beads, most of them are designed with progressively sized beads starting from smallest at insertion point to largest at the handle end. Anal beads are different than butt plugs, which are typically teardrop shaped sex toys that plug your butt for achieving penetrative pleasure. Anal beads can be used on your own or with a partner. People who enjoy using beads may think of it as a fun kink or even use them to achieve an anal orgasm. Yes, anal orgams are a real thing. For men, anal orgasms are a result of prostate stimulation which can be reached directly through the anus. In women, anal orgasms may be achieved through stimulation of the A-spot, or anterior fornix. The A-spot is filled with erotically charged nerve endings that have been said to cause squirting when stimulated.

Why Would Women Like Anal Beads?

Believe it or not, there are thousands of sensitive nerve endings located around the opening of the anus, or the external anal sphincter. When these nerve endings are stimulated, well, it feels pretty good. Your external anal sphincter is most stimulated upon insertion or retraction. It’s not likely the fullness of beads inside you that you’ll love, it’s the sensation of them moving in and out of you. Anal beads and anal sex in general are somewhat of a taboo practice according to some. They may deem it as dirty, unnatural, or weird. However, anal sex is becoming more normal among heterosexual couples. There have even been studies on women who like anal sex and why they like it. Their reasons ranged from enjoying the feeling to enjoying doing something considered taboo. Though most women prefer vaginal sex to anal sex, more than a few women are open to “butt stuff.” Experimenting with beads may serve to prepare or ease into anal sex, or they can be used simply for the sensation alone. Women who have never tried butt play may like the introduction of a new sensation in the bedroom. If she’s open minded, butt play can be a lot of fun and produce a lot of pleasure.

How To Use Anal Beads for Her Pleasure

Get Relaxed

It will be near impossible (not to mention painful) to use any kind of anal sex toy if you are not first relaxed. The interior sphincter muscle is controlled involuntarily and is responsible for opening and closing entrance to the rectum. To loosen the interior sphincter muscle, you must first be totally relaxed. Engage in some sexy foreplay with your partner or ask them for a massage to get you ready for using your anal beads. Before you engage in any kind of anal activities, you must first be relaxed and ready.


Start Small

Beginners to butt play should start off small when choosing anal beads for sexual pleasure. Search for beginner anal beads that are on the small side. Larger beads may be intimidating and possibly uncomfortable if you’re not used to something being “in there”. It’s also your best bet to find beads that are made from a softer material, like silicone, for your first try. Silicone will glide inside of you easier and won’t feel as harsh as, say, glass anal beads. Most anal bead strings come with different size beads, the smaller ones being first on the string. Start with those beads initially before inserting the larger sizes.

Use Lube

Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t self-lubricate, meaning it gets pretty dry “back there.” If you’re familiar with how it feels to partake in penetration without being sufficiently aroused, then imagine that feeling but ten times worse. Yep, anal penetration without lubrication is painful. But don’t let that scare you off from experimenting with butt play. There are plenty of lubrications on the market that can be used for anal play. With enough lube, anal beads will slide in and out much easier with no pain at all. Just make sure you always have some on hand when you’re about to engage in back door fun.

Make anal beads part of foreplay

The sensation felt from anal beads being inserted or withdrawn from your butt is awesome, but it shouldn’t be the main event. As most of the stimulation is felt only when the beads are being inserted or taken out, it’s best to use beads as part of foreplay in combination with other kinds of stimulation (clitoral or nipple stimulation for example). Many women may find anal beads especially pleasurable right before they climax. Try inserting your beads during foreplay and leave them in there until you’re ready to finish. Pulling them out at the same time you climax will make your orgasm feel even more intense and incredible.

Go slow

First timers should be wary of going too fast too soon with anal beads. Depending on the size and length of your anal bead string, you may find it uncomfortable to take them all in at once. Everybody is built differently, and what some people can handle, others can’t. Start by inserting your beads only a few at a time. It’s not recommended to insert the whole string at once, especially when you’re new to butt play or anal penetration of any type. Having too many beads inside of you at once may feel like an overwhelming pressure in a place you’re not used to feeling fullness. It’s also important to note that pulling beads out should be done slowly. Though it would be rare for well made, sturdy anal bead strings to break on their way out, there is always a small possibility it could, and we doubt you’d enjoy a trip to the ER to extricate your anal beads (though we’re sure crazier things have happened).


Wash after every use

Although this should go without saying, please, please wash your anal beads after using them. Let’s be frank, your butt is where your poop comes out of. There is a lot of bacteria that lines your anal cavity, even if you wash really well down there. To avoid spreading bacteria and germs, be sure to sterilize your beads after every use. You can do this by boiling your beads in hot water, washing them with hot water and soap, or using antibacterial sex toy cleaner. Make sure your anal beads have been properly cleaned before using them again.

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Don’t share

Something that should also go without saying is that you should not share anal beads with your partner or anyone else. Again, there is a lot of bacteria that lives in your anal cavity. By sharing anal beads, you are also sharing those bacteria with someone else. Sharing beads puts you and your partner at risk for infections like yeast infections as well as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). If you and your partner both enjoy using anal beads, buy two different strings for each of you. Though technically it would be fine to share beads if they’ve been sterilized properly before use, it’s best to keep them separate to avoid accidents or carelessness.

Don’t Be Cheap

Anal beads come in all different kinds of materials, but the best material is medical grade silicone. Cheap sex toys are often made of materials such as jelly or non-ABS plastic. These cheap plastics are difficult to clean and can never be fully disinfected. You risk cultivating germs and bacteria on your sex toys which can lead to nasty infections. Medical grade silicone is one of the best sex toy materials because it is body-safe and easy to clean and disinfect.

Give it a couple tries

Should you try a bit of butt play and not enjoy it, maybe give it another try before disregarding it completely. It could take a few tries before you learn how to use anal beads for a pleasurable experience. Experiment with more (or in some cases less) lube, different size beads, or different stimulation tactics. Many women (and men) enjoy different forms of anal play and find that it enhances their sexual experience. If anal beads don’t do it for you, try a different anal toy. Should no form of anal play give you pleasure, that’s fine too. Not everything is for everyone, you are entitled to your preferences and dislikes.


Best Anal Beads and Anal Toys

Vibrating Anal Beads

Vibrating anal beads add even more pleasure to your anal bead butt play. The vibrating anal beads from Yosposs are made from medical grade silicone for super-smooth and flexible insertion. It’s also odorless, hypoallergenic, and safe for those with a latex allergy (latex free). The tapered design allows you to start slow with a 0.7 inch tip and work your way up to the largest bead at 1.4 inches. However, the most exciting aspect of Yosposs anal beads is its multi-speed vibration power. You can choose from 3 different levels of vibration and 13 different pulse patterns. Vibrating anal beads are perfect for those who want to level up their anal play.

Beginner Anal Beads Set

For newcomers to anal play, a beginner anal beads set will come in handy. The anal bead trainer set from Qiongcha can be purchased on The set comes with one string of silicone anal beads and several butt plug trainers. Anal play newbies will need smaller sized beads before they learn how to relax their muscles and handle larger toys. The trainer set is perfect for couples who are dabbling with the idea of “butt stuff” and aren’t sure if it’s their thing yet.

Iridescent Glass Anal Beads

We’ll be honest, the main reason we chose to include these anal beads in this article are because they are pretty to look at. These pink and purple iridescent glass anal beads from LoveHoney are as pleasurable as they are pretty to look at. Made from borosilicate glass, these beads fit easily and gracefully inside for a gratifying anal experience. The beads progress in size and are slightly curved to provide a different angle of penetration. Because they’re made from glass, they can be heated or cooled for experimenting with sensory play.

Silicone Love Rider Dual Penetrator

Have you ever fantasized about double penetration but aren’t keen on the idea of doing it with a third person? Well, the Silicone Love Rider Dual Penetrator from Adam & Eve may be the answer to fulfilling your fantasy. Basically, it’s anal beads with a comfortable strap that slides over your partner’s penis. While he wears it, he is able to penetrate you vaginally as the beads penetrate you anally. You will get to experience the feel of double penetration with your partner in a safe and more comfortable way. The anal beads are made from pure silicone for smooth, and flexible insertion.

woman wearing lingerie laying in bed

Big Beads Plug

If you enjoy anal sex and are experienced in anal play, you should try the Big Beads Plug from LovePlugs. Though technically anal beads, the Big Beads Plug is as large as a regular dildo. Experimenting with this toy is not for the faint of heart and only for ladies who truly love anal sex. The Big Beads Plug is made from body-safe medical grade PVC material and free of toxic odors. Be sure use plenty of lube for this toy.

How To Talk to Your Partner About Trying Anal Beads

Your sexual pleasure shouldn’t be limited to what society deems is the “right” way to have sex. The truth is, if you’re not hurting anyone, there is no wrong way to have sex. Plenty of people have plenty of strange kinks and you know what? They are not wrong for having them. If you are curious about experimenting with anal beads but are afraid your partner won’t be into the idea, approach the topic playfully. Tell him that you’re curious about experimenting with different things, including sex toys. Get him to open up about his sexual fantasies, even the embarrassing ones. Communication and trust are key to a healthy relationship and satisfying sex life. Your partner should be open to hearing what you have to say. No one should feel pressured into engaging in any sexual activity they don’t feel comfortable with. Your partner could be opposed to the idea of anal beads because he has a strong aversion to anything that has to do with the back door. Doing any kind of anal sexual activity could be a massive turn off for him. In that case, you are always free to use anal beads on yourself. Make them part of your solo masturbating sessions and leave him out of it completely. However, if your partner isn’t open to participating in any of your sexual desires, you may need to consider getting a new partner. Again, no one should ever participate in a sexual activity that makes them uncomfortable. But if your partner is never willing to satisfy you in bed, they clearly are not interested in your happiness.

The Takeaway

Women should feel open to exploring their sexuality in whatever way pleases them. Many of the things once considered taboo or indecent are based on old ways of thinking. It was not until just recently that women were even free to express their desire for sex other than for reproductive purposes (oh how far we’ve come). Anal sex and butt play is not something new, it’s just not ever been freely talked about until now. If you think you might like giving it a try, go for it. There should be no embarrassment with experimenting with different ways to pleasure yourself. If sticking beads up your butthole is what is going to do it for you, then you go right ahead and do it, sister.

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