Man Screaming at Woman, Woman Closing her Ears with FIngers and Tongue Sticking Out

Are you tired of arguing with a defensive partner that disallows fruitful and open communication? It’s time to see why they react so defensively and how to properly communicate with your defensive partner to improve communication and the relationship. Introduction Are you having difficulty communicating with your partner due to their defensive behaviors? Having a

Attractive man holding attractive woman in his arems as they both smile and look at each other

Marriage is a beautiful thing. Two people love each other so much that they decide to become one unit, sharing everything forever. Wedded couples get to enjoy forever dates, building lives together, sex and intimacy. But marital bliss can sometimes become wedded boredom. The week becomes an endless, cyclical slog: pasta night, Taco Tuesday, work, weekend, repeat. It can get a little monotonous, and monotony can breed feelings of dissatisfaction. So how can you spice up your marriage and keep things fresh? It’s easier than you might think.

When you start exploring the physical side of your romantic relationship, you may find yourself wondering if the person you’re sleeping with is just going through the motions or if he’s really interested in you; here are 5 signs he is making love to you.

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