Best LGBTQ+ Dating Apps for Exploring Online Romance

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Key Points

  • Grindr and Scruff offer a niche app for men who love men.

  • Ladies, go on HER to find love and a queer community.

  • Hornet and Jack'd welcome all LGBTQ+ people looking for a variety of relationships and connections.

  • Tinder and OkCupid are mainstream apps offering plenty of opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community.

LGBTQ+ people deserve a safe community in which to find someone special. Explore these top dating apps to find love or casual encounters from the whole rainbow.

Dating apps are a vital way for the LGBTQ+ community to connect, build relationships, and explore romantic possibilities. These apps provide a safe space to express your true self, meet like-minded people, and find potential partners.

According to psychologist Martin Graff, Ph.D., "There are many different dating apps and sites to choose from, and in addition to the mainstream apps and sites, there are also many niche sites. While some of these sites may seem slightly strange at first, they can have a very important place for those who belong to specific niche groups."

Explore these LGBTQ+ niche apps!

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Grindr is a famous LGBTQ+ app for gay men. This app is essentially white pages for hookups! Scroll through thumbnail profiles of local men to see who sparks your interest.

User Interface

Grindr boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing smooth navigation for all users. The app's design is clean and modern, with easily identifiable icons and an organized layout. The customizable features enable users to personalize their profiles to reflect their individual identities and preferences.

Matchmaking and Communication

Grindr incorporates an efficient matching algorithm that ensures users are connected with potential partners based on their specified criteria. The app emphasizes proximity and displays nearby matches. The messaging system enables seamless communication, including photo sharing and voice messaging to enhance the user experience.

Safety and Privacy

Grindr takes user safety and privacy seriously. Most users have a nickname on their profile, suggesting their personality or goal on the app. The app features user verification, an optional discreet app icon, and a block/report system to address harassment or offensive behavior.

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HER is an exclusive app for LGBTQ+ women in search of other women. Whether you're looking for a hookup, a wife, or just to chat with other members of the community, HER is the perfect app for you!

User Interface

HER presents a visually appealing and user-friendly interface for queer women and non-binary individuals. The app's layout is aesthetically pleasing, and navigation is easy to grasp, creating a smooth browsing experience. Users can personalize their profiles with badges that reflect their interests and identities such as "Lipstick Lesbian," "Pillow Princess," or "Butch."

Matchmaking and Communication

HER uses a sophisticated matching algorithm that takes interests, preferences, and location into consideration to provide potential matches. The app fosters communication through features like in-app events, question prompts, and discussion groups, encouraging users to engage and connect beyond swiping.

Safety and Privacy

HER prioritizes user safety through profile verification, moderation of content, and an anonymous reporting system. The app offers information on consent, boundaries, and healthy relationship guidelines while advising users to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity. Always employ safety measures when chatting online and meeting in person.

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Hornet is an LGBTQ+ social platform with a focus on dating. Scroll through short videos, experience virtual travel experiences, and post your creations. Interacting with the LGBTQ+ community is enough reason to use Hornet. The potential for hot dates makes it a game-changer.

User Interface

Hornet showcases a sleek and modern user interface that provides an enjoyable browsing experience. The app's navigation is intuitive, and the design elements are visually pleasing. Users have the option to customize their profiles with multiple pictures, headlines, and other details that showcase their personalities.

Matchmaking and Communication

Hornet uses an effective matching algorithm that considers compatibility factors such as interests, preferences, and location. The app offers a range of communication options, including private chats, group discussions, and the ability to follow other users, fostering connections and expanding social circles.

Safety and Privacy

Hornet places great importance on user safety by providing tools such as strong profile verification, content moderation, and a reporting system for problematic behavior. It also offers in-app resources, promoting safe sex practices and awareness of online risks.


Join a large community of proud LGBTQ+ people on Jack'd. Jack'd offers a diverse, worldwide community of queer users looking to chat, make friends, have casual sex, or buy a house in the suburbs. Regardless of who you are and what you're looking for, Jack'd is here to accept you.

User Interface

Jack'd features a user-friendly interface with a simple design to enhance usability. The app's layout allows for easy navigation, ensuring that users can quickly browse through profiles and interact with various elements without confusion.

Matchmaking and Communication

Jack'd employs a robust matching algorithm to connect users based on their preferences, interests, and location. The app provides extensive communication features such as private messaging, public chats, and the ability to send images. This well-rounded communication fosters meaningful connections and facilitates conversations.

Safety and Privacy

Jack'd prioritizes user security by implementing measures such as profile verification, content moderation, and a reporting system for inappropriate behavior. The app also offers resources on safe online dating practices and encourages users to be cautious when sharing personal information.


OkCupid gained status as an ally in 2011 when it introduced a swipe filter to remove straight people from your pool of singles. This quickly attracted all kinds of queer people to the platform, and OkCupid continues to maintain an inclusive atmosphere to help LGBTQ+ people feel welcome and find love.

User Interface

OkCupid offers a clean and modern interface, making it easy to navigate. The app's design is visually appealing, with well-organized profiles and user-friendly icons. The customizable nature of profiles allows individuals to express their unique identities and personal preferences.

Matchmaking and Communication

OkCupid utilizes an in-depth matching algorithm that considers factors like interests, values, and personality traits to suggest compatible matches. Although it takes longer to establish your profile than on other dating platforms, it's far more accurate and in-depth. It's worth the effort!

Safety and Privacy

OkCupid prioritizes user privacy by enabling users to control their visibility and interact only with those they choose. The app has features like profile moderation, reporting tools, and strong data protection measures, ensuring a secure online dating experience.

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Scruff is an app for men seeking men. Scroll through thumbnail profiles of local hotties, or search around the world. Scruff is especially perfect for men traveling thanks to a travel feature that allows users to receive local tips and guide offers. Become an ambassador in your city for new connections and maybe even romance!

User Interface

Scruff presents an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface. The app boasts a design that is both visually appealing and functional, allowing users to effortlessly explore various profiles and features. Additionally, the app offers customization options to showcase individuality.

Matchmaking and Communication

Scruff utilizes a matching algorithm to connect users based on shared interests, preferences, and location. The app encourages communication through private messaging, public chats, and the ability to send photos, fostering connections and facilitating conversations between matches.

Safety and Privacy

Scruff values user safety and privacy by implementing measures such as profile verification, content moderation, and user blocking features. Additionally, the app provides resources on safe dating practices and promotes respect and inclusion within its community.

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Tinder is well known around the world, offering the largest community, even in unexpected places. Tinder tends to be cluttered with fake or incomplete profiles, but it's perfect for those willing to sort through some spam in return for the largest sea of singles.

User Interface

Tinder offers an easy-to-use and visually appealing interface. The app's design is sleek and user-friendly. Customize your profiles with pictures and a bio to express yourself. The more complete your profile, the more you'll catch the attention of matches!

Matchmaking and Communication

Tinder relies on a swiping system to match users based on mutual interests and preferences. The app facilitates communication through personal messaging after matching. Tinder offers features like Super Likes and Boosts to increase visibility and enhance the user experience. Upgrade your Tinder to see who likes you without swiping first.

Safety and Privacy

Tinder places importance on user safety. The app has implemented safety features like photo verification and integration with personal safety apps. On April 25, 2023, Tinder introduced AI verification for added security and efficiency.

Tinder encourages users to report any inappropriate behavior and provides resources on safe online dating practices.

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Swipe Through the Rainbow

The world of online dating provides an array of apps catering specifically to the needs of the LGBTQ+ community. Choose a dating app that aligns with your preferences, values, and safety requirements, and set up the perfect profile. Pick the perfect app for you and start mingling with other cool, queer people.

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