A Guide to Men’s Essential Intimate Products

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Key Points

  • Feel new stroking sensations with male masturbators such as Fleshlight STU, TENGA FLIP Zero, or Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo.

  • Invest in long-lasting prostate pleasure with the LELO HUGO, We-Vibe Vector, and Aneros Helix Syn.

  • Explore new textures from a stretchy elastomer with the TENGA Eggs — perfect for any size.

  • Experience friction-free pleasure without a sticky feeling by using a few drops of Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide or Pjur Original Bodyglide.

  • Enjoy hands-free shaft stimulation with the help of Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo.

Every man should equip himself with these essential intimate products. Enjoy phenomenal stroking sensations, prostate massages, and friction-free anal play. Play by yourself for increased stamina and pure pleasure. Add a partner for extra spice and magical feelings.

According to the Queensland Department of Health in a May 2023 article, frequent masturbation associates pleasure with bodily functions. This increases your confidence and satisfaction with your body. Overall, masturbation and orgasms release endorphins to relieve pain, reduce stress, and increase well-being.

Masturbation isn't just fun — it's good for your health and happiness! Find which toy speaks to you the most, and prepare to play. Whether you want new ways to masturbate or explore prostate pleasure, there's an intimate product for every man.

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Gentlemen, enjoy realistic-feeling pleasure while improving your stamina thanks to the Fleshlight STU.

This male masturbator has soft silicone inside and textures that replicate the actual feeling of vaginal sex. Adjust the suction with the external vent for a personalized experience. Add your favorite water-based lubricant and a sleeve warmer to your reusable masturbator for a complete experience.

Since the Fleshlight STU replicates actual sex, it improves your stamina and skills. Explore what pleases you the most and what you're capable of. Start lasting longer in bed as you get used to the feeling. This male masturbator doesn't just feel good — it makes you a better partner!


Treat yourself to a package of TENGA Eggs and discover new sensations. This pack of men's toys has six unique eggs. Each one has a design on the outside to show you the texture inside the super-stretchy elastomer egg.

Crack the egg open, add the provided water-based lubricant, and stretch it over yourself. These eggs are super stretchy to fit any user! They're discreet, as they look like a plastic egg, and they're disposable. The interior of these toys is super tactile for knee-shaking sensations. Use it on your own for a different feel than your hand, or sit back and relax while a partner plays with it on you. Just remember, it's for hand play, not intercourse!

Close up of six pack Tenga Eggs for men.

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Check out the toy that shows men the true power of personal play — the LELO HUGO.

This prostate massaging butt plug features smooth, body-safe silicone with a luxurious feeling. This shocking toy is completely waterproof for easy cleaning and playing in the bath or shower. The LELO HUGO stays in place during hands-free pleasure and has the perfect shape for pleasure.

Enjoy dual stimulation, as this prostate massager has one motor for your prostate and another in the base for your perineum. Experience the overwhelming sensations as you explore the six different vibrational settings.

Easily take complete control in bed with a remote. This remote control works from 12 meters away, allowing you to get your freak on in public, too. Surrender to dual stimulation with the LELO HUGO!

We-Vibe Vector

The We-Vibe Vector is another men's toy offering dual stimulation and hands-free pleasure. Feel powerful, rumbly vibrations in your prostate and perineum. It's whisper quiet so you don't need to worry about others hearing your prostate massager during your solo session or partner play.

The We-Vibe Vector is adjustable to each unique body for stimulation exactly where you want it. Use the remote in the bedroom to control the intensity and vibrational patterns. Download the We-Vibe app for a partner to play with you from anywhere in the world.

This men's toy is fully waterproof for bath play and easy clean. The silky smooth silicone is gentle on the skin but durable for years. Use on your own to enhance your masturbation with prostate stimulation or use with a partner for toe-curling pleasure.

Close up of We Vibe prostate stimulator.

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Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide

Use Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide silicone-based lubricant for all your favorite anal activities. This perfect formula offers long-lasting lubrication for solo or partner play. Added natural jojoba oil is soothing on sensitive anal mucus membranes to keep you comfortable and smooth.

This silicone-based lubricant is safe to use with latex condoms. It's free from oils, fats, perfumes, and flavors for a trustworthy, body-safe feel. It feels good on your skin for moisturization, massages, and anal play.

Use just a few drops of Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide for friction-free pleasure without drying out or feeling sticky. This incredible formula leaves you soft and smooth without blocking your pores!


The TENGA FLIP Zero has a unique design with pressure pads for specified sensations and an internal vacuum. Enjoy the internal textures and intense suction until your eyes roll back. You're in control of the internal vacuum and waves of sensations.

This reusable masturbator has the most intricate and well-engineered internal details for new levels of pleasure. Add your favorite water-based lubricant to keep things gliding. You won't believe the level of detail here to please you!

The TENGA FLIP Zero opens like a book for easy insertion and cleaning. Hang it on its casing to dry thoroughly. Put it back together and discreetly display it on your nightstand. Maybe that's a mini air purifier?

Close up of Tenga Flip Zero for men.

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Aneros Helix Syn

If you want to test the world of prostate stimulation, look no further than the Aneros Helix Syn. This slim prostate massager is smooth and easy to insert for anyone.

Sex therapist Janet Brito, Ph.D. states, "The prostate sits around 2 inches inside the rectum. A person can insert a clean, lubricated finger into the anus, with the finger pointing toward the navel. The prostate is sensitive to pressure which, if correctly performed, can generate sexual pleasure. To stimulate the prostate, a person can apply pressure to the perineum, which is the area between the scrotum and the anus."

The shape of this toy makes insertion pain-free and leaves you feeling good without any intense pounding or filling feelings. The head has the perfect angle to stimulate your prostate. Enjoy the male g-spot before even adding vibrations! When you're ready to feel chills up and down your spine, play with the vibrations.

The external arms are set up perfectly for external stimulation too. Feel the glorious world of dual stimulation for men with this intro-level anal toy. Pair with your favorite water-based lubricant for friction-free pleasure from your new favorite men's toy.

Pjur Original Bodyglide

Drip some Pjur Original Bodyglide onto your bits and enjoy friction-free pleasure solo or with a partner. This silicone-based lubricant is safe for polyurethane, polyisoprene, and latex condoms. The lubrication and glide last a whole session.

Since there's no sticky feeling, use it as a massage oil for slippery foreplay. Pjur Original Bodyglide has zero fragrance or flavor to protect you and your body. The formula is neutral to agree with anybody!

Use this silicone-based lubricant for personal play, massage, and partner anal play. It's sure to be your new go-to lube for slippery fun.

Pjur Original Bodyglide Personal Lubricant.

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Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo

Try the best-selling Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo. This vibrating sleeve masturbator has a unique design that takes control. You sit back and relax while the "PulsePlate" does all the work for you and transports you to another world of pleasure.

Enjoy hands-free pleasure from a reusable masturbator. The design allows a customizable fit to accommodate men of any shape and size. The silicone wings expand to ensure a snug fit where you want it. Explore six vibrational patterns to find a new kind of orgasm.

Add some water-based lube to take the reigns and stroke yourself. This brings a whole new experience — like your hand has superpowers. The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo even works when you're non-erect, ensuring men with erectile dysfunction enjoy the pleasures too.

Treat yourself to this completely waterproof, extra powerful, vibrating sleeve to orgasm with no effort!

Play With Yourself

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Everyone loves getting a new toy. Treat yourself to a gift that keeps giving — a male masturbator or prostate massager!

Try the Fleshlight STU, TENGA FLIP Zero, or Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo if you want a device that overtakes your penis and sends you to a different planet of pleasure. Play with a pack of TENGA Eggs to feel new textures and explore disposable toys.

Equip yourself with Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide or Pjur Original Bodyglide for top-rated silicone-based lubricants. Perfect for massages, solo, and anal play.

Explore the magic of your male g-spot with help from LELO HUGO, We-Vibe Vector, and Aneros Helix Syn. These toys are sure to give you the prostate stimulation of your dreams.

Find the toy that excites you most, and make yourself cum!

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