Plenty of Vegan Fish in the Sea: Best Vegan Dating Apps

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Key Points

  • Many vegans dream of dating other vegans who share their love for food, animals, health, and the environment.

  • Mainstream dating apps are implementing an option to add your diet to your profile, but this doesn’t quite narrow down the scope for dating vegans.

  • There are many dating apps on the market designed exclusively for vegans in search of other vegans.

  • Veggly is one of the best vegan dating apps since it offers free services on a user-friendly platform.

There are now vegan-exclusive dating apps to help herbivores find a partner who shares their values and lifestyle. Vegans and vegetarians around the world can join these communities to find friends, lovers, and new recipes. Veggly is considered one of the best vegan dating apps thanks to its free and easy platform, a large community of vegan singles, and dedication to spreading the veggie love!

Vegans Loving Vegans

Most every vegan has experienced the awkward situation of a hottie asking them on a date to a restaurant that doesn't serve any vegan options other than a measly side salad or a side of steamed broccoli. The only thing worse than scarce vegan options on the menu is your date questioning your decision to be a vegan. Because of this, dating a fellow vegan is the best solution!

Vegans and vegetarians wish to date a fellow herbivore to enjoy delicious meals together and to build a relationship with someone like-minded. Diet and eating –not to mention morals and values! – are important parts of a relationship, so having this as a commonality with someone is a huge plus.

In a recent survey, 56% of vegans said that they wouldn’t even consider dating a meat eater. Non-vegans may find this to be dramatic, but it’s not a matter of telling someone what to eat or not. If you’re a non-smoker, you likely don’t care whether or not other people smoke.  However, you don’t want to taste smoke in your partner’s mouth or smell it on their clothes for the rest of your life.  Similarly, vegans do not want to smell animal fat cooking or open the fridge to see a chicken carcass.

Beyond the peace of mind of sharing a diet with a partner, most vegans hold the choice to be animal-free close to their hearts because of the morals and lifestyle that come along with it. Only vegans truly understand the importance this lifestyle has on the environment, the body, and the other animals in the world. Dating someone who shares your values is crucial to building a deeper connection.

Two hands reach for vegan snacks on a plate

Traditional Dating Apps

The classic way to meet dates has transitioned to dating apps – especially since the pandemic. In the digital age, it is nearly expected that singles create a profile on Tinder, Hinge, or Bumble to find singles they may be interested in. Of course, it can take some patience to find someone you are compatible with on these apps.

Some mainstream dating apps have started implementing a section to declare your diet on your profile. This is an important step in the right direction of showing the world just how important dietary choices are to some people.

There are plenty of fish in the dating app sea, but it is difficult to find vegan fish on Tinder. A non-vegan match will likely overlook this part of your profile or perhaps question your decision. As important as it is to spread the word about the amazing vegan lifestyle, this is certainly not the goal of matching with people on Tinder.

If you prefer the largest pool of potential matches and have stellar patience to date non-vegans, try adding your vegan label to your regular dating profile. It is totally fine to date an omnivore and adopt a “you do you” philosophy in your relationships.


Tinder has a new feature to add passions to your profile, including hobbies, music, politics, and now also has a label for plant-based. It's great that Tinder is recognizing the vegan community, but it’s listed more as a hobby than a diet or lifestyle.


Bumble has the option to include "vegan" as one of your five allotted interests on your profile. Include a proud vegan title alongside your proclamation of love for the gym, yoga, music, and coffee.


Hinge does not currently offer an option to include a vegan label on your profile even within their extensive vitals, virtues, and vices display. However, there are several spaces on your profile for written prompts which leaves the chance to mention your vegan lifestyle.

A vegan enjoys a salad

The Best Vegan Dating Apps and Websites

There are now vegan and vegetarian-dedicated apps, so herbivores can start matching exclusively with one another! This will save you time hunting (or gathering) for the few vegan profiles that come up on Tinder and give you a whole pool of people with whom you already have something in common. 

Many vegan dating apps don’t have a ton of popularity yet, so the number of users in your area may be scarce. The only way to fix this is to spread the word about this amazing new way to meet people and to get yourself swiping on these apps.


Veggly is one of the best vegan dating apps as it provides the most modern interface and has a constantly increasing amount of users. Their mission is to help you find a partner who thinks and eats just like you. Imagine enjoying a vegan meal in the peaceful knowledge that your date shares your values for the environment, health, and animals.

Veggly is available in 181 countries, so vegans around the world can fall in love! Give it a try regardless of where you live, and spread the word to your local vegan community to find new lovers and friends. At this time, you can only search for people in your geographical location, but some reviewers have requested an option to change their location to other places around the world.

This app has sufficient safety protocols for its users and only allows you to receive messages from people you mutually match with. This will cut down the number of spam profiles and messages you see compared to other similar dating apps. You can certainly get what you need out of this app with the free version, however, there is an option to upgrade to a paid version which has more features.

A cool feature on Veggly is recipe swapping. This is a great way to try new foods, break the ice with a match, or get a feel for other people’s taste in delicious plant-based foods. Even if you’re not interested in finding a vegan partner, Veggly can be used to find friends within the vegan community to swap recipes with!

The only complaints from users about the app are some occasional technical bugs and the inability to sort profiles by distance. The developers have assured reviewers that this will be corrected and that they are always open to more suggestions for improvement.

Two vegans go out to eat at a vegan restaurant

Veggly is the most established vegan dating app out there, providing the best experience and the most opportunities to match.

Take it from Nathan, who found his wife on Veggly: 

“I just want to say how happy I am to have found Veggly. I had enough with dating women who just couldn’t understand my ethical concerns regarding animals. Me being vegan and them being non-vegan was something that became a recurring issue […] I decided to search for a veg-friendly dating app in hopes of finding a better match. I got an account with Veggly and was happy to know that there were others out there who cared about the things I cared about."

Veggly is free to download from the app store and has an easy setup. Give it a try and start going on dates to your favorite vegan restaurants!


Grazer is an established vegan and vegetarian app for finding dates and new friends. They boast of having a platform “by plant people, for plant people.” They share the mission of other vegan dating apps to bring together herbivores for love.

Unfortunately, users have reported many technical difficulties. Profiles are logged out suddenly with no option to log back in other than creating a new profile. After this happened several times, users started giving up on Grazer. Grazer has assured reviewers they are fixing these issues to make this meatless dating app its best.

Users that have had success with the app report finding relationships and enjoying the app! They are happy with the features that are available for free and are hoping for a larger user base. Its feature for finding friends has proven especially successful.

Grazer doesn’t seem to have many veggie lovers logged on at the moment, but more people are constantly downloading it. Grazer’s mission and purpose are aligned beautifully with the vegan community, but it appears it hasn’t worked out for them just yet. Keep an eye out for their rise to fame in the future!

Two vegans enjoy a meal at home

Green Singles

Green Singles is one of the longest-running vegan-niche dating sites – though not an app – as it started up nearly three decades ago in 1996. This site is intended for spiritual and eco-friendly dating amongst vegans. Unfortunately, there is no app at this time so you will have to do it the old-fashioned way on a browser.

You can make a free profile on Green Singles with just two photos and a video. You can also browse profiles, send likes, and send five pre-written messages per day. There’s an option to pay for a subscription to write and send personalized messages. Free accounts can reply to all messages from subscribers for free. This inability to speak freely creates a small barrier with new matches, but of course, you can exchange information with someone you like to start connecting on a third-party app.

Green Singles has a large, active, vegan community.  Whether you’re looking for a date, friend, or recipe to convince your family to go vegan, this site is sure to provide what you need. 

There is a compatibility feature on this site that sets it apart from other vegan dating sites. Users answer “match questions” to determine their compatibility percentage with other users before matching. This helps to ensure you have more in common with them than just the vegan diet and liking each other’s photos!

Green Singles may require a paid membership to get sufficient use of their site, but they donate 5% of their earnings to non-profit organizations supporting social and environmental causes. At least you’ll be supporting a good cause while getting your flirt on!

This site seems to be slightly outdated from its interface and absence of an app.  However, they have been in the business a long time and have quite an active community.  If you’re willing to sit at your desktop to search for fellow hot vegans, Green Singles is a fantastic choice!

A vegan couple enjoy a breakfast at home


Vegpal is another up-and-coming vegan dating app you should check out! This app was created by an animal rights activist to help vegans build a life with people who share their values.

This app is designed to build a feed of what you’re really interested in to reflect your real feelings about the vegan lifestyle. This optimizes matches by helping you find people you are most compatible with. This also allows you to find users that you have things in common with to make new veggie friends.

Every time you like a profile, you must specify why you are interested in matching. This creates a technique of finding matches you are more likely to get along with. Users report that the support team and even CEO really care about the mission of this app, and it shows as you use it.

Users have complained about minor bugs and limits on swiping, but developers have reassured them that they will fix these issues. There may not be many users on the app depending on your location, but hopefully, word will spread and the app will get more popular, so vegans around the world will have one more place to unite.


TofuTogether is another newer vegan dating app. After downloading for free, you create a custom profile and start swiping to match with dates and meet friends. Users report that they are happy with the features that are free to use on this app!

TofuTogether has an emphasis on building a community which they accomplish through a feed of posts and discussions. You can swap recipes with other users or debate which brand of oat milk is simply the best, all on a beautiful interface.

This app doesn't seem to have a large user base other than in major cities, but it is still worth a shot to try it near you if you are looking to love fellow herbivores. Hopefully, more people will join and vegans everywhere can talk tofu together!

Older vegan couple make dinner at home

The Bottom (Pick-up) Line: Swipe for the Love of Animals

Vegans have an unmatchable compassion for animals, the environment, and their own health. Dating someone who shares these values is the perfect stepping stone to building a relationship.

As veganism is becoming more popular, the community is growing larger and more diverse. This means vegans can be pickier about who they date and can utilize niche dating apps to look exclusively for like-minded herbivores.

Not only can vegan dating apps lead to plant-based love, but they can connect like-minded people for activism, conversation, ideas, and friendships. Once you match with a few veggie cuties, send them your favorite recipe or use this quiz to help you find the perfect pick-up line to secure your future date.

Go make a killer profile on Veggly, or all the vegan dating apps, and start swiping to find your veggie-lover.

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