Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

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Key Points

  • Even though you should tell your significant other that you care for them every day of the year, a Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend is the perfect way to show your feelings.

  • A Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend should come from the heart and be romantic, thoughtful, unique, or sentimental.

  • The best present to give your girlfriend is one that is special to her — no matter what type of gift it is or how much it costs. 

Some people think they've got Valentine's Day figured out, and others panic when February rolls around. Finding the right Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend doesn't have to be a chore or cause anxiety.

The right Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend doesn't have to break the bank, either. Plenty of affordable options will save you cash — and stress — while still making a memorable gift.

Is It Important To Give a Gift?

Whether you're in a relationship or not, there's quite a debate about the authenticity of Valentine's Day. Many claim it's a day of romance to tell your special someone that you love them, and others claim it's a Hallmark holiday invented to make companies a profit.

Naysayers frequently ask, "Shouldn't you tell your significant other you love them 365 days a year?" or "Why do you need Valentine's Day to do it?"  

It's true — you should routinely tell your partner how much you love, value, and appreciate them. Let them feel that love in whatever love language(s) you two have. Whether it's made up or not, Valentine's Day is an occasion to remind your partner that they're special to you.

The 15th century saw the very first Valentine, which was long before Hallmark got its start. The Valentine was a short poem written in 1415 by Charles, the Duke of Orléans, to his wife, Isabella. Imprisoned, he wrote to her to express his love.

The truth is that life can get busy, and people get caught up in their day-to-day responsibilities, so setting aside a day to be extra romantic and loving to those you care about makes Valentine's Day worthwhile in its own right. 

If you struggle with choosing a gift for your partner or thinking of a unique, romantic gift, check out this list of the perfect Valentine's Day gifts for you to give your girlfriend. 

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Most Popular Valentine's Day Gifts — With a Twist

The most popular Valentine's Day gifts are flowers, chocolate, and jewelry. Flowers and chocolates have become a Valentine's Day staple. If it's your first Valentine's Day and you haven't been together very long, then a popular gift, such as roses, is lovely.

Some women, however, view these items as the bare minimum. They expect these gifts plus an additional something because the classics are common and don't seem as special or romantic.   

Just because a gift is popular doesn't make it lousy — you just have to spin it more thoughtfully.


Rosepop's Eternity Preserved Roses are a neat spin on the traditional V-day reds. Turn flowers from standard to sentimental by saying you want to preserve the roses you give her for your first Valentine's Day together. 


If you've previously gifted her roses for Valentine's Day, a step up would be the addition of chocolate. If you want to surprise her with a different treat, or if she has a sweet tooth but isn't into chocolate, consider a fun ice cream maker. Cool down after V-day dinner by making gelato together.

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While jewelry is one of the most shared Valentine's Day gifts, there's a way to make it extra special. Write her a personalized message, or engrave "I love you" on the inside of a necklace. Spring for diamonds if you're looking for a more expensive traditional gift.

Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts

The best way to make your girlfriend feel as if your gift is special on Valentine's Day is to make it romantic — after all, it's a holiday of love. The point of gifts like these is to spend time together and remove any of the responsibilities of planning or preparation from her. That, in and of itself, will feel like the best gift for her. 

Get Sentimental

An unexpected romantic Valentine's Day gift is Knock Knock's What I Love About You Book. This book contains fill-in-the-blanks about your partner and your love together that you can complete for her to read. You can make it as romantic, funny, or racy as you want. Making the fill-in-the-blanks flirty and fun is the perfect way to add a little zest to the gift for Valentine's Day.  

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Get Away Together

To many women, the most romantic thing you can do is spend quality alone time and reconnect as a couple. Surprise her by planning a romantic weekend getaway where she doesn't have to think about the itinerary, or you can excite her with a trip to a day spa where you can relax together.

Unique Valentine's Day Gifts

Capturing those special moments is important in any relationship, whether you've been dating for one year or ten. Consider these creative ways to tell your partner how much you value your time together.

To the Stars and Beyond

If you're looking for a unique Valentine's Day gift, you can't top a custom star map. Use the coordinates of the location where you first met and place the map of that night's sky on wall art for her to hang. You can pick any special day for you two and eternalize it on this poster.

Attach a note to the poster that explains all the reasons that make this date unique to you and your love for her. If it's the date you both met, write what made her stand out to you.

Memory Book

Another creative gift idea is a Polaroid camera for her to capture beautiful moments. If you want to make this gift even more special, purchase a scrapbook for her to collect all her photos in. Before gifting her these items, snap a few pictures with the camera of things that remind you of her or things you think she'd find beautiful and start the book off with them.

You can even write why you took these photos for her below them, so she'll never forget why that made you think of her.     

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Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gifts

Any gift that makes your girlfriend feel like you were thinking of her is thoughtful. However, picking a gift unique to your girlfriend's interests and hobbies or a specific gift she's been mentioning for a long time shows you're in tune with her personality and are a great listener. 

Dream Gifts

If she's been saying for months how much she wants the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer but just can't bring herself to buy it because of the price, then jump at this opportunity. Purchase something she's been dreaming about but wouldn't get for herself. 

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If your girl is a gym bunny, consider sprucing up her home fitness setup with a NordicTrack. Go big or go home, right?

Personalized Gift Basket

An easy way to "wow" your girl is with a personalized gift basket. Maybe she's always saying she's cold. If so, make her a special gift basket to keep her warm and cozy when you're not around.

Your "home is where the heart is" gift basket can include:

  • a chunky knit blanket,

  • cute (or sexy) pajamas,

  • a cozy pair of slippers,

  • an electric hand warmer,

  • aromatherapy bath soak,

  • and her favorite loose tea. 

A gift that lasts long after Valentine's Day is a great way to say "I love you" throughout the year.

Subscription Box

The gift that keeps on giving is a subscription box or service. Be sure to pick one specific to her interests. 

Most women would love FabFitFun. She'll receive beauty and lifestyle products every season with this subscription box. Another reliable option that works for many women is the Atlas Coffee Club Subscription Box. As the name suggests, she'll receive coffee from specially-selected growers every month with this subscription box.

Subscription gifts are the perfect way to remind her that you're thinking of her for months to come.  

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Make Valentine's Day Special

The truth is that no matter what gift you give, the purpose of Valentine's Day is to make your significant other feel loved and cared for. Make your girlfriend feel special and loved with your actions. Not every romantic and sentimental gift needs to cost money — sometimes, it's just the thought that counts. 

You can leave her notes around the house, write her a love letter, take care of a household task she hates, shower her with compliments and affirmations, or cook a romantic dinner at home and give her your undivided attention. Do little things you know will make her smile, and you've given her the best Valentine's Day gift she could ask for.

While gifts are meaningful, showing your partner love daily is critical. Relationship expert Kale Monk says, "The true key to a successful Valentine's Day — and a relationship as a whole — is not the big grand gestures, but the relationship building and maintenance on a day-to-day basis. Couples can come up with a few daily rituals that give both people in the relationship joy. It's important to celebrate your relationship continuously, not just during holidays."

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