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Key Points

  • Christian Mingle is a tailored dating platform for single Christians seeking like-minded individuals who share their faith and values.

  • The platform offers an extensive user base of sincere Christian singles, increasing the chances of finding a suitable match.

  • Advanced search filters and denomination-specific preferences allow for personalized and faith-oriented search results.

  • Christian Mingle emphasizes spiritual attributes in user profiles, facilitating deeper connections based on shared beliefs.

According to research psychologist Dr. Brian Collisson, Ph.D., "Religion… tends to foster greater psychological support via spiritual, social, and emotional connections amongst couples and with members of a church, for example. So being in a relationship with someone who is similarly religious may benefit each partner’s physical and mental health."

Dating as a Christian

As a single Christian seeking a life partner, you may find it challenging to find a compatible partner within your community or faith. Your church and community events probably have a limited pool of singles, making it difficult to find someone that you're attracted to and compatible with. This lack of eligible partners is frustrating and likely leaves you feeling discouraged to find a partner.

Maybe you've tried popular dating apps or other websites, only to discover that they lack focus on faith and shared values. This can lead to frustrations and disappointment as you browse through numerous profiles without finding someone who shares your Christian lifestyle and perspectives. Most dating apps provide a space to add your religion, and perhaps even swipe filters to narrow your search, but how do you know if your practices are compatible?

A tailored Christian dating platform can become a valuable solution, offering an opportunity for you to connect with like-minded individuals who share your beliefs and goals in life.

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Choosing a Christian Dating Platform

When searching for the ideal Christian dating platform, pay attention to the size and quality of the user base, because a platform with a substantial number of Christians who share your values increases your chances of finding a suitable match.

Assess the safety and security measures taken by the platform, as a secure environment promotes trust and encourages genuine interactions. Of course, you should always implement your own safety precautions when meeting someone online.

Consider denomination-specific search filters and other faith-oriented features that allow for tailored search results. It's probably not enough to just find someone Christian, and interrogating someone about their religious practices isn't the most attractive ice-breaker. Use filters based on your specific religious beliefs and practices.

Weigh the pros and cons of free and paid membership options, keeping in mind your personal budget and the platform's ability to meet your specific dating needs. While it's frustrating for many to pay a subscription to a dating app, paid platforms tend to offer a better overall experience.

Here's an in-depth review of Christian Mingle, a platform that emphasizes faith-driven connections and stands out among other dating platforms due to its unique features and dedicated user base.

Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle is for single Christians searching for meaningful relationships built upon their shared faith. With its emphasis on faith-driven features, this platform caters to individuals seeking committed and genuine connections with fellow Christians, rather than casual flings.

This dating site and app offer the largest user base of single Christians looking to establish a long relationship.

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Key Features

  • There's an extensive user base of sincere Christian singles, improving the likelihood of finding a suitable match.

  • Advanced search filters and denomination-specific preferences allow for personalized results.

  • Robust safety features and proactive moderation maintain a secure and respectful community.

  • Profiles emphasize spiritual attributes, encouraging deeper connections with compatible partners.


The main draw of Christian Mingle is the niche opportunity to connect with people based on your faith. What sets this app apart from similar Christian dating apps? The extensive user base makes Christian Mingle the best option for any devoted single seeking a partner.

The large number of users significantly improves the likelihood of finding a suitable match, ensuring that your time and effort are not wasted on fruitless interactions. This allows for faith-driven experiences that surpass many alternative dating apps and websites.

Christian Mingle emphasizes its advanced search filters and user profiles, which allow for personalized, denomination-specific preferences to find an ideal partner sharing your religious beliefs.

If meeting people online isn't your cup of tea, Christian Mingle also hosts in-person events to meet like-minded individuals face-to-face. See how you get along with someone in person, without wondering whether or not your faith is a deal breaker.

The platform's safety features and proactive moderation foster a secure environment where users feel comfortable and protected. Users can also report and block profiles they deem unbecoming to ensure a respectful community.

With all these benefits in mind, Christian Mingle is the go-to solution for single Christians seeking genuine, faith-based connections and lasting relationships.


The cons mainly revolve around the need for a subscription to access advanced features, which may be a turnoff for those on a tight budget. However, a paid platform typically attracts more serious daters and removes the clutter of inactive users or fake profiles.

Unfortunately, inauthentic users and spam are still possible on the app. When you come across one of these profiles, report them to the support team. The Christian Mingle support team seems to address these complaints quickly to remove annoying spam for the platform.

Although Christian Mingle offers the largest user base of Christian dating apps, it may be lacking in rural areas. It's still worth a shot to start a profile and check out the available singles near you, but there are likely fewer options if you live in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps you can find a lovely long-distance romance!

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User Experience

Users have found genuine, respectful singles on Christian Mingle to have deep conversations about shared spirituality. The robust search filters and denominational preferences allow you to find highly compatible individuals. This way, you can focus on how you vibe with someone rather than worrying about the logistics of your relationship.

The limited features for non-subscribers are frustrating, and a paid membership is necessary to use the platform. This often isn't an issue, but the membership seems to be higher than similar apps. Keep in mind that your membership renews automatically.

Even with a steep membership fee, there are inactive users and spam on the platform. It's limited, especially compared to other dating apps, but it still exists. While this isn't a big deal for some, it can be frustrating for others.

The thorough set-up of profiles on Christian Mingle provides more information about the singles you're viewing. Some users complain that you must provide at least one photo to create a profile, but typically this is a positive aspect.

In July 2023, Forbes explained the sign-up process: "While you don’t need to complete your profile fully upon registering, Christian Mingle does require you to provide your denomination or religion and level of education. When filling out your profile, you’ll share additional details about your appearance, lifestyle, personal interests and hobbies, how often you go to church, preferred first date and more. You can also write a few paragraphs in the profile summary box to show who you are and what you’re looking for."

Christian Mingle understands the importance of connecting with a compatible partner in faith and personality!

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Start Mingling

Christian Mingle offers a unique and effective solution for single Christians seeking meaningful relationships built upon their shared faith. With its extensive user base, advanced search filters, and commitment to safety, this platform stands out among other dating apps.

Christian Mingle remains the go-to choice for genuine, faith-driven connections. So why wait? Start mingling on Christian Mingle and find your perfect match who shares your values and beliefs.

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