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    by We’re Not Really Strangers

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    02/19/2024 02:26 am GMT
    Connection Games
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Key Points

  • Question prompt games help you grow closer to friends, family, romantic partners, or strangers.

  • We're Not Really Strangers is a card game of questions for two to six players.

  • This game helps deepen your existing relationships and start new ones.

  • Answer questions together from three levels: Perception, Connection, and Reflection.

We're Not Really Strangers Conversation Game question: "What do you think my to go karaoke song is?"

Sydney Wheeler for Cupid's Light

If you have difficulty being naturally authentic, try a prompt game to get you in the groove and present an occasion to open up those floodgates in a way that doesn't feel totally awkward.

Explore vulnerability and create a deeper bond with anyone, from a stranger to a romantic partner, by playing the We're Not Really Strangers question (WNRS) game.

Card Game - A Conversational Adult Card Game

by We’re Not Really Strangers

Buy Now
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/19/2024 02:26 am GMT
Connection Games

Question prompt games have become increasingly popular for people looking to deepen connections with friends, family, romantic partners, or strangers. These games provide a platform for meaningful conversations and offer a unique opportunity to gain insight into one another's thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

According to psychologist and researcher on human connection, Dr. Dave Smallen, Ph.D., "Discussing our struggles openly actually often makes us feel worse in the moment, but helps to build closeness in our relationships. So if we feel like we want to — or tell ourselves that we should — be vulnerable in a situation, we can ask ourselves, is this a person I can and want to build a closer relationship with? We take a risk when sharing personal and emotional information, so we are our own advocates when we consider whether there are decent odds that we will be received with respect and care."

Approach someone you want to foster a closer relationship with, offer a tool to open up to one another, and share vulnerability. Setting aside time to share emotional thoughts when you aren't struggling is a great way to establish an emotional rapport with someone. A perfect tool to open up is a connection game.

One game that has garnered attention is WNRS. This card game, designed for two to six players, enhances existing relationships and creates new ones through a series of thought-provoking questions.

We're Not Really Strangers

WNRS is more than just a card game — it's an experience that transforms relationships. This game has three levels of questions: Perception, Connection, and Reflection. Each level delves deeper into understanding one another, fostering a sense of empathy and intimacy.

The game facilitates honest, genuine connections between friends, partners, and strangers. As players engage in heartfelt discussions prompted by the game's questions, they experience a new level of understanding, empathy, and appreciation for one another.

This captivating card game isn't just about entertainment; it can potentially transform relationships.


The Perception level sets the stage, presenting players with questions that challenge their assumptions and perceptions of each other. These thought-provoking queries serve as icebreakers, gently nudging players to reveal aspects of themselves that may have remained hidden. This allows you to start being vulnerable with one another in a way that isn't overwhelming or uncomfortable.

As you become comfortable sharing with the other person, they become more comfortable sharing with you.


Moving on to the Connection level, players delve deeper into personal insights and shared experiences. The questions in this stage encourage vulnerability and facilitate a profound understanding of one another. You'll also learn about yourself, as you probably haven't even asked yourself these questions.

Authentic connections between players solidify within this level, and new bonds develop. There's something extraordinary in learning about yourselves together.

We're Not Really Strangers Conversation Game question: "Are you lying to yourself about anything?"

Sydney Wheeler for Cupid's Light


The Reflection level provides an opportunity for introspection and open communication. By asking questions that prompt self-reflection, players gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how others perceive them. This level allows individuals to express their thoughts and feelings, nurturing a space of authenticity and emotional growth.

We're Not Really Strangers Conversation Game question: "What do you think my weakness is?"

Sydney Wheeler for Cupid's Light

User Reviews

There are raving reviews about WNRS! Some buyers report this game completely changing their existing relationship, their views on themselves, and turning a friendship into a romantic relationship.

In June 2023, verified buyer Giorgia said, "It is life-changing, as other reviews say. This game changes your life and relationships but changes you as well. You get to really know yourself and others and everything seems just to perfectly fit. It is THE game… I finally started to understand my sister and her silences, my mother's inner thoughts and emotions… We wrote beautiful words, we said grateful things, got emotional and laughed."

This game boasts a 97 percent five-star rating! That's pretty impressive. Of the few reviews that only scored a star or two, buyers mostly complain about delayed shipping. With a bit of patience, this potential con won't ruin your whole experience. If you want it faster than the two-week shipping, you can buy it now at Target as I did!

One negative review claims the questions in this game led her and her boyfriend to break up. Make sure you play safely and have a mutual goal of growing together. After all, that's the only way to win this game.

My Experience

I bought WNRS a few years ago to crack open the shell of my romantic partner. We'd been dating for a few months and had known each other for years. I knew he had an emotional side that he wasn't showing me, and neither of us knew how to expose this vulnerability comfortably and build deeper trust.

I brought this game to play when we took a weekend trip away. The Perception round starts with easy yet meaningful questions like, "Do I seem like someone who would get a name tattooed on me? Why or why not?" and "Do you think I've ever been fired from a job? For what?" These beginning questions playfully break the ice and expose personal things about each of you.

The next stage of the game is Connection, asking questions like "If you could get to know someone in your life on a deeper level, who would it be and why?" and "What's the best compliment a stranger ever gave you?" I found this chapter of the game fascinating as I was answering questions I never even thought about myself. We got to learn about ourselves and each other simultaneously.

The final stage is Reflection. Questions like "How would you describe me to a stranger?" and "What do you think I should know about myself that I'm unaware of?" These questions revealed how my partner saw me and truly felt about me.


Before playing, we hadn't verbalized our feelings for each other as clearly as the game forced us to do. It was so special to gain this insight into his head and heart. I was also happy to have prompts that helped me to discover and vocalize my thoughts and feelings. Our relationship progressed to a whole new level just by sitting down together one evening and answering these questions!

I highly recommend WNRS for conversation starters and relationship depth. You can play this game with a stranger or someone you believe you know inside and out. I intend to bring this deck of cards with me next time I visit my mom's house so we can have meaningful conversations, which our relationship desperately needs. I'm excited to be vulnerable with one another and get to know each other more deeply.

A friend of mine keeps WNRS on her coffee table, and when she has people over, she will pull a random card and spark a deep conversation. It's a great way to break the ice with a group and bring everyone closer together. Bring this game anywhere to play with whomever you want to bond with!

We're Not Really Strangers Conversation Game closeup of maroon cards, levels 1 (perception), 2 (connection), and 3 (reflection).

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Card Packs

Beyond the original set of WNRS cards, there are many extension packs. Explore their website shop to find packs catered to friendships, couples, anxiety, self-expression, break-ups, kids, family, forgiveness, sex, and more!

I own the sex extension pack to inspire discussions with friends — I love breaking this social barrier! If you also want to break the sexy ice and discuss desires or experiences with friends, purchase the XXX extension pack with your WNRS game.

Some questions from this pack include "Do you think I've ever made a sex tape? Explain." and "What are you attracted to that you know isn't good for you?" These help you to discover more about yourself and start discussing potentially taboo topics. Promote sex positivity while you get to know each other in a non-physical, intimate way.

Worth Your While

This game is perfect for anyone interested in deepening relationships. Whether you want to break into someone else's shell or you want to break out of your own, this tool will help you do just that. Even if you don't have a shell to break out of but want to get to know yourself and your partner more deeply, it'll get you there. Maybe you'll even overcome a hump of relationship issues and misunderstandings!

I highly recommend that everyone play this game with romantic partners, friends, family, or anyone else to explore vulnerability and connection. I've even flipped through the cards to use as journal prompts! Try it and prepare to view yourself and your relationship in a whole new way.

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