Definitive Guide to Public Sex

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Let’s be clear, having sex in public is illegal. Every state has laws regarding indecent exposure. Some people may think letting others see your tatas and whoo-haws is unfit for public discretion. But as a very wise person once said (or likely a very unwise person), it’s only illegal if you get caught. Public sex is a kink for many people, and many have gotten away with it. But what is it about having sex in public that turns so many people on, and is it something you and your partner should try?


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What Is Exhibitionism?

Exhibitionism is someone engaging in extravagant behavior intended to attract attention to oneself. In a sexual context, exhibitionism is a sexual kink in which someone finds arousal at being seen naked or engaging in sexual activities under the watchful eye of others. According to surveys, 81 percent of men and 84 percent of women are turned on thinking about public sex. Why would someone find pleasure in having sex in public? Because sex in public comes with the added risk of getting caught doing something “bad,” which is pretty exciting. Many people may be drawn to public sex because they have exhibitionist tendencies or enjoy the thrill of being risky. Public sex is taboo in most cultures (presumably for a good reason), making sex in public more entertaining. Some people may think the idea of public sex is gross. They would never want to watch another couple going at it in public, let alone let anyone see them having sex in public. But public sex, or experimenting with your exhibitionist tendencies, doesn’t necessarily mean re-enacting a porno scene in the middle of the grocery store. Most couples who engage in public sex do so discreetly. For them, it’s more about the thrill of doing something naughty in front of people without them knowing or seeing anything. Sex in public can be hot if you do it right.

How To Have Public Sex

Public sex takes some careful thought and preparation. You need to be careful when and where you choose to engage in sexual activities, as getting caught could technically make you a sex offender. Yeah, the law doesn’t like the idea of adults showing their privates off in public. Go figure. But public sex is totally doable and super exciting when you go about it the right way. If you're going to break the law and have sex in public, make sure you do it right. Just remember, it’s only illegal if you get caught. So, please don’t get caught.

Car Sex

Car sex makes for a semi-private way to engage in public sex, though the stakes for getting caught can still be high. Public sex in your car is best suited for those who are ideally smaller framed and have extra room in the backseat to engage in a little naughty time. First, note that you and your partner should never have sex when the car is moving. Distracted driving can lead to accidents, and getting your public sex fix isn’t worth endangering yourself or others. Instead, make sure the car is securely in park and turned off. How you and your partner choose to have sex in your vehicle is up to you, but you’ll likely find you have more space in the back seat. If that’s not possible, try reclining the driver or passenger seat and climb on top of your partner cowgirl style. Car sex is likely to be one of the least comfortable places to have sex in public due to limited space. But public sex is less about the quality of sex than it is about the thrill. Make sure to park your car somewhere no one will easily see you. A busy grocery store parking lot isn’t ideal, nor is the parking lot of a playground or park where kids are present. Park somewhere more remote that still has the potential of getting you caught, like an empty parking garage. The idea is to get off on the thrill of potentially being caught, not getting caught.

Quick Tip: If you don’t want to have penetrative sex in your car, you can still engage in public sex by having oral or non-penetrative sex. You and your partner can take turns pleasing each other below the belt with your hands and fingers. Try giving one another a quick hand job while in slow traffic for the most thrill. No one will be able to see what you and your partner are doing. Meanwhile, you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of people as you discreetly reach climax. Just be sure whoever is driving isn't so distracted they are an unsafe driver.


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Hotel Window

Are you planning a vacation anytime soon? If so, hotel rooms, specifically hotel rooms with wide windows or balconies, are the perfect place to have sex in public. There is freedom in being in a new place where no one knows you. You can do or say what you want without worrying about people in your hometown finding out. Public sex in front of a hotel window is ideal for couples who want to get a little freaky but remain anonymous. You can have hotel window sex two ways. You can open the windows or blinds as far apart as they’ll go and press your naked body against the glass as your partner takes you from behind. You’ll be giving anyone below you who happens to be looking your way quite a show. But it will be near impossible for them to recognize your face from so far below, meaning you don’t risk being identified by anyone later. The second way to try hotel window sex is by having sex on your hotel room’s balcony. A balcony may be a riskier way to have sex in public as you’re more likely to be noticed, but it will be more exciting. Just be sure to pick the right time to have sex in public on a balcony. If there are too many people around, there’s a higher chance someone may see and possibly complain. Also, be sure to stay safe. Don’t engage in crazy sex positions that may lead to you or your partner accidentally flipping over the balcony railings. Again, getting your socks off with sex in public isn’t worth hurting yourself.

Quick Tip: Do not try public sex at a hotel or tourist destination that caters to families. It is inappropriate to expose children to public sex, but there’s also more chance of an angry parent complaining. You’ll be more likely to get away with having sex in public in hotels in locations known for wild shenanigans, like Miami, New York, or Cancun, for example.


Does the idea of getting down and dirty in the dirt make you hot? If it does, having sex in public while camping in mother nature may be just the thing for you. There is nothing more primitive or natural than having outdoor sex. The birds and the bees go at it in the woods. Why shouldn’t you? Next time you and your partner plan a camping or hiking trip, don’t forget the condoms. Having sex outside in nature can be fun and make you feel like a character from your favorite romance novel. If you’re shy, try having sex in your tent on campgrounds with other campers. No one will be able to see you, but you’ll still have the rush of knowing people are just outside your tent and could barge in at any moment. However, if you’re looking for a more earthy experience, find a secluded spot on a hiking trail. Pull your partner behind a large rock and get to it like two bears on their honeymoon. Public sex in the woods does have some disadvantages. There are bugs, dirt, and possibly critters that might get in the way of your romp session. But if you don’t mind getting a little dirty, public sex in the woods makes for a hot story to tell your friends later.


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In the Water

Public sex in public water is hardly a new idea. We’ve all heard of couples getting steamy in a hot tub or a pool. Public sex in the water likely happens more often than you think. When you and your partner are half-naked in your swimsuits, hormones will start racing. Having public sex in water is more easily accessible because you and your partner will be less clothed. It’s easier to slip off your bikini bottoms without anyone noticing because your lower body will be underwater. If you’re having public sex in the ocean, go out far enough to avoid bumping shoulders with other swimmers. You may want to do your best to steer clear of the lifeguard towers, just in case they get suspicious. The buoyancy of the water will make it easy for you to mount your partner and engage in some hot, watery standing sex.

If you and your partner will have sex in public in a pool or hot tub, make sure it’s clean. Having sex in dirty water can leave you and your partner vulnerable to harmful bacteria and germs. Sexual intercourse makes it easier for these bacteria and germs to enter your body and cause infection. Ensure the pool you’re having sex in is heavily chlorinated and visibly clean. If the pool looks icky, it’s likely not safe for water sex. Find a clean, empty pool or hot tub and go at it. Stay in the shallow end and hold onto the pool's edge for support while your partner takes you from behind. If you’re in the hot tub, you’ll find it easier to do public sex if you’re on top. Be careful how much noise you make. Sound travels faster in water. If you want to remain inconspicuous, tone down the sex noises.

Sex Clubs

For those of you who are risk-takers, private sex clubs take public sex to another level. Yes, we are talking about sex parties Eyes Wide Shut movie style. Private sex clubs are professionally run sex parties involving consenting men and women who like to get together and have sex. Professionally run sex clubs are common in major cities like New York City and LA, but a quick Google search will let you know if any are in your area. Typically, sex parties are held in discreet locations to protect guests’ privacy. A well-run sex club will often vet participants before allowing them to purchase a ticket for the safety of all guests. They should also provide security just in case someone gets out of hand. Most sex parties start like any regular party, with drinks, snacks, and a cool atmosphere. When and how the guests decide to have sex in public is up to them. Some couples attend sex parties to have sex in public with each other. Other couples go to sex parties to join in group sex or swing with another partner. Sex parties are the ideal space for exhibitionists who want to engage in public space without the threat of being caught and legally apprehended.

Quick Tip: If you and your partner attend a sex party, do your research beforehand. You want to ensure the people who run the sex club are professional and consider guests' privacy and security. If they don’t do any guest vetting, or if their parties are in sketchy parts of town, that could be a red flag. Make sure you and your partner feel completely safe before having sex in public with other strangers.


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Swinger Parties

Like sex clubs, swinger parties are sex parties where group sex or swinging is encouraged. Swinger parties are often between friends or acquaintances who are open-minded and sexually adventurous. Usually, it’s a small group of friends who know each other well enough to have public sex in front of one another. Finding a group of swingers in your friends’ circle may be more manageable. Many couples are interested in jazzing up their sex life by trying something risqué. However, you know your friends and acquaintances best. Be careful about broaching the idea to just anyone you know. Make sure they’re open-minded. If you bring up the idea of sex in public with sexually conservative friends, they may take it the wrong way.

More Tips for Public Sex

Wear Easy Access Clothing

When you’re having sex in public, you want to be able to get “in and out” as quickly as possible. Trying to pull on a pair of tight skinny jeans before someone turns the corner and finds you and your partner naked is tricky. Wearing clothing that makes public sex easier to take off and put back on is preferable. Flowy dresses and skirts are perfect for having sex in public because they allow easy access. You can much more quickly readjust a dress than you can tight pants or other clothing. Men should also consider wearing loose-fitting pants or shorts that are easy to zip up should both of you be suddenly interrupted.

Safety First

Public sex is risky enough without worrying about unwanted pregnancy or STDs. Be sure you and your partner don’t throw all safety precautions out the window when engaging in sex in public. Plan to have a condom ready ahead of time so you can stay as safe as possible having sex in public. Nothing, not even the thrill of public sex, is worth endangering your sexual health.


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Talk To Your Partner

Having sex in public isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. While you may think the idea of public sex is sexy, your partner must think so too. Have a serious conversation with your partner about trying public sex. Please explain why you want to try it and see what they think. Never pressure someone to do something they don’t feel comfortable with, especially regarding sex. If your partner isn’t too keen on having sex in public, get your thrills a different way. There are plenty of other kinky sex ideas you two can try.

The Takeaway

Public sex can be a fun and exciting sexual experience to share with your partner. The thrill of someone catching you in the act can make for hotter, riskier sex. Exhibitionist kinks are common, and you don't need to feel ashamed. There are plenty of ways you and your partner can experiment with public sex without getting caught. Having sex in public can be risky, so make sure you and your partner take precautions. When you’re ready, get out there and show the world what you can do.

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