Our Time Review – A Stellar Dating Platform for Mature Singles

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Key Points

  • Dating when you're over 50 is scary enough, and dating apps somehow seem even scarier.

  • Utilizing a dating app helps you find compatible, age-appropriate singles and eliminates the struggle of finding a needle in the haystack in the real world.

  • Our Time is a dating app intended for mature individuals, aged 50 and older.

  • This app is perfect for mature singles who are serious about dating and excited to meet someone online in a hassle-free way.

Find the love you deserve later in life through Our Time. This dating app is a safe and simple way for singles over 50 to make meaningful connections online. Don't let the thought of meeting someone online intimidate you — this app is easy to use for all levels of technical skill and offers impressive safety features to ensure your security and comfort.

According to clinical psychologist Christina Pierpaoli Parker, Ph.D., "Despite the interest among many older adults, opportunities to develop salubrious (and sexy) relationships may diminish in later life, particularly as retirement, relocation, death, and disability shrink the size of, and access to, social networks. To compensate, many adults have turned to social networking and, increasingly, online dating to satisfy needs for companionship, intimacy, and sexuality… Reflecting this growth, as of 2014, 56 percent of people age 65 and older used Facebook… Since 2013, online dating rates among adults age 55 to 64 have nearly doubled from 6 percent to 12 percent."

According to a survey in May 2023, 73 percent of seniors believe it's never too late to find true love and 37 percent have tried online dating. This goes to show seniors want to find love no matter their age. With apps like Our Time, online dating makes that possible.

Dating Apps For Those Over 50

When shopping for a reliable dating platform catered to mature singles, there are several essential factors to consider. First and foremost, search for a website with a large, active user base to maximize your chances of finding compatible matches. Be sure that the platform emphasizes age-appropriate connections and has a reputation for fostering meaningful relationships.

It's crucial to find a site with an easy-to-navigate interface, so users of all skill levels can enjoy the platform without confusion. Prioritize safety and security features, as well as responsive customer support, to ensure that your online dating experience is as seamless as possible.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can confidently explore dating platforms for older generations and find a compatible match.

Challenges of Dating Apps

As a single over 50, you may be experiencing some unique challenges in your search for companionship. It's often difficult to find age-appropriate individuals to connect with, whether due to limited social circles or geographical constraints. This can lead to feelings of isolation and discouragement in your pursuit of meaningful connections.

Other concerns may include safety and security when engaging with online dating platforms, or challenges in navigating complex websites, leading to a frustrating experience. If you find yourself struggling with these issues, know that you're not alone, and a specialized product like a senior dating platform can alleviate some of these concerns and facilitate meeting like-minded individuals.

Mature Dating Site for Singles Over 50

by Ourtime

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Our Time

Our Time is the perfect platform for singles aged 50 and above seeking to build genuine connections with like-minded individuals. Its user-friendly interface, advanced search capabilities, and focus on mature singles make it an excellent choice for those who appreciate simplicity and functionality in a dating website.

Our Time is the top choice for mature singles looking for an age-appropriate dating platform. The platform's pros, including a large user base, robust customer support, and excellent security measures, outweigh its cons. Give Our Time a try if you're in search of a reliable, safe, and efficient way to connect with others who share your interests, values, and desire for companionship.

Key Highlights

  • There's a large user base of mature singles, increasing the chances of finding meaningful connections with compatible singles.

  • Advanced search capabilities help you efficiently find matches based on your preferences and desires.

  • A user-friendly interface and simple design make the online dating experience accessible and enjoyable for users of varying technical expertise.

  • Our Time emphasizes safety, security, and customer support, ensuring a reliable and protective environment.

  • There are various plan options, catering to different budgets and expectations.


When signing up for Our Time, the registration process and profile creation are straightforward to navigate. The intuitive design allows you to connect with other users quite quickly. The dashboard features large text and photos of potential matches, making it easy to explore singles. Profiles are simple to set up, and the app is available on Apple and Android devices.

The advanced search features provide tailored matches according to your preferences, streamlining the process of finding potential dates.

There's a substantial level of safety and security measures in place, as well as responsive customer support available.

One of the most significant benefits of Our Time is its extensive user base of mature singles aged 50 and above. This increases the likelihood of finding compatible individuals who share similar values, interests, and life experiences. Through this user base, Our Time creates a supportive environment for building genuine connections with others at this stage of life.

Another outstanding feature of Our Time is its advanced search capabilities, which allow users to find matches based on various criteria. These tools help you efficiently find individuals who genuinely align with your preferences, saving time and effort.


One limitation of Our Time is the price for the different membership options, which might be off-putting for some users. Unfortunately, users must have a subscription to get good use out of the app. You can sign up for free and get a taste of the platform, but you can't communicate with matches unless you have a paid subscription.

Although it's frustrating to pay for this service, it significantly limits the number of fake profiles. Since users pay to be there, it's more likely that they're serious about finding a compatible match and getting to know you. This means less chance of someone wasting your time!

If you live in a rural area without a lot of users, Our Time will still provide you with matches, but they may be quite far away. There's no indication on the app to tell you how far away a user lives, but hopefully, there are enough singles near you that this isn't an issue.

Despite a few shortcomings, Our Time is a worthwhile platform for mature singles searching for meaningful connections. The user-friendly interface, advanced search capabilities, and focus on fostering genuine relationships with an age-appropriate demographic offer an inviting and effective environment for dating as a senior.

Mature Dating Site for Singles Over 50

by Ourtime

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Give It a Try

Our Time is a beneficial investment for mature singles seeking a reliable and efficient platform to connect with compatible matches. Its combination of a large user base, advanced search capabilities, and straightforward design make it a top choice for singles aged 50 and above. Give Our Time a try if you're looking to explore the world of online dating in a safe, secure, and age-appropriate environment.

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